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FIN/SWE – Tenth Date

wp_20161219_15_18_01_proWe had decided to have our last meeting in the same place we started – Fazer Café. We drank mulled wine (glögg – glögi) and talked. Since this was the last time I took one last chance at talking Finnish, since that was my goal with this course.

I was a little rusty at the start, having spoken mostly Swedish and English for a few weeks, but soon got back into it. As usual there were words I didn’t know, but compared to the first time, I think I have improved a lot. The barrier I have concerning the Finnish language is getting lower and lower. Hopefully I will break it completely at some point, but there is still a long way for that to happen.

The only new word for the last time was “jykevä“, which means “stabil” in Swedish or that something is stable in English.

I can definitely say this wasn’t our last meeting! We will meet again. Already we have plans for a day in Turku with Room Escape. It is going be awesome!

FIN/SWE – Ninth Date

This time we met at the lunch place in the basement of Sokos. Such amazing salads for under 10€!


We talked about everything between heaven and earth, me in Swedish and Elli in Finnish. It went really well 🙂 It had been quite a few weeks since we’d met, but thanks to living in Tampere and having a Finnish course has kept my Finnish hearing skills up and running. Elli had no problems at all understanding when I talked Swedish, I just had problems remembering to not speak as fast as I usually do when speaking with Swedish speaking people (which I had done a lot over the last few weeks).

After we had covered everything between heaven and earth we translated a few words:

  • Svärmor – Anoppi – Mother-in-law
  • Svärfar – Appi-ukko – Father-in-law
  • Julafton – Jouluaatto – Christmas Eve
  • Julgran – Joulukuusi – Christmas Tree
  • Annandag jul – Tapanipäivä – Boxing day
  • Julklapp – Joululahja – Christmas gift
  • Tomtegröt/Julgröt – Joulupuuro – Christmas porridge (rice porridge)

That was all that we did. We also decided to go for mulled wine at Fazer Café for our last meeting 🙂

Until next time!

FIN/SWE – Eight Date

This time we went to Vohvelikahvila, and it was my first time ever going to a place like that. I loved it!

This time we focused more on Swedish, and Elli started talking 😀 She does know how to say stuff, it is just to climb over the barrier that always is there, keeping you from trusting yourself.

I do think that is the main problem with Finns and Swedish, the feeling that they can’t say anything and that they are bad at the language (schools, DO something about the language learning system!). That and some attitude problems probably learned from a very young age. At least it’s been that way for me trying to learn Finnish.

But back to our meeting. We sat there for a bit over an hour, eating amazing waffles and drinking something warm (it was so cold outside). I spoke Swedish the entire time and Elli changed between Swedish, Finnish and sometimes English when I couldn’t figure out a word from Finnish. I learned a new word as well (that I remembered to write down): uuvuttaa = dåsig/sliten = drowsy/worn out

We have no idea what we will do next time, but I think it might very well be food related. Because who doesn’t love food?


FIN/SWE – Seventh Date

This time we went to one of the best pizza places in Tampere (according to rumour), Napoli. We arrived just before 11:00, a few moments after they’d opened, and we were lucky enough to be there just before the queue started forming.

This time I spoke Swedish and Elli Finnish. I think she’s getting really good at understanding Swedish, and I think she’s getting close to talking. So, a lot of discussion and amazing pizza!


I don’t have a list of words this time either. So bad of me. Next time I’ll remember to write something down! But my talking is getting better, and that was my goal with this course so I am happy.

We don’t know what to do next time, but I’m kind of hoping for a little more Swedish. I think we’re ready for that.

FIN/SWE – Sixth Date


This time we had decided to treat ourselves – with a spa night! Pie, wine and face masks. It was wonderful!

The whole night we used Finnish, and it feels like I’m getting better at finding the words. It might be that I’m getting more and more comfortable with speaking Finnish with Elli. Still there are some words here and there I don’t understand (I forgot to write them down so I don’t have a list) but that is just to expect.

There isn’t much more to tell. It was a very Finnish-heavy evening. We need to take a more Swedish-heavy meetup soon to make up for it.

Until next time!

FIN/SWE – Fifth Date

Our fifth meeting already! This is going well.

So, this time we met at my place for a Baking Night. Well, we met at Kaleva Prisma to buy blue berries and vanilla sauce. Then we went to my place to do the baking.

I think this time around our meeting was a little bit more Swedish heavy, since the recipe we followed was in Swedish. However, I have to say I am impressed of how interested and motivated Elli is to learn. She translated the whole recipe, and even though not all of the words were familiar (it’s not every day you “skär smöret i bitar“) she didn’t give up!

Myself, I almost never use recipes in Finnish whilst baking but maybe I should start. I surprised myself with how many words I actually know so it wouldn’t be a complete disaster at least (with the Finnish recipes). Of course a few words came up I didn’t know:

  • Mututuntuma – Ögonmått – “Gut feeling”
  • Leivinpaperi – Bakplåtspapper – Baking paper
  • Pelti – Bakplåt – Baking sheet
  • Taikina – Deg – Dough
  • Voidella – Smöra – To grease

I think there were some other words as well, but I can’t remember them (and I forgot to write them down..). Elli also pointed out some grammar mistakes when I spoke a little bit Finnish. Thankfully she  doesn’t need to correct everything I say (or she’s just kind and lets me think I’m better at Finnish than I am).


This was a really nice night. And the blueberry pie (mustikkapiirakka, blåbärspaj) turned out amazing! Next time we’ll probably have a spa-night with red whine or something equally as fancy.

Until next time, Hej då!

FIN/SWE – Fourth Date

Already we had our fourth meeting. This time we met at Ruby and Fellas, which is near the Hämeenkatu Bridge. We went there for their Hobbit’s Treat – deep fried chocolate with ice cream.


This evening we also decided to use both languages equally. Elli spoke Finnish and I spoke Swedish. I think this is a concept we will continue with. Since we both have the basics in the language we want to learn we focus more on the understanding than learning new words and phrases.

I have to say that I’m proud of Elli, she does understand almost everything I say! And her being from eastern Finland, where Swedish-speaking Finns probably are considered fairy-tales, I am impressed. You are incredible!

After the yummy chocolate we walked to Torni, to sit down at the top floor and watch the sun go down over Tampere. I enjoyed my Irish Coffee and the view a lot.

WP_20160922_18_34_27_Pro (2)

Three hours after we’d begun the evening we said good bye.

Some words we translated today:

  • Study Counsellor – Studiehandledare – Opinto ohjaaja (Opo)
  • To get engaged – Att förlova sig – Mennä kihloihin
  • Like a place/Feel at home – Trivas – Viihtyä
  • Maple – Lönn – Vaahtera
  • Lecture – Föreläsning – Luento
  • Equation – Ekvation – Yhtelö
  • Dusk – Skymning – Hämärä
  • To dusk – Att skymma – Hämärtää

We also decided to start using the language we want to learn when texting. Which means I will only write to Elli in Finnish and she will reply in Swedish.

That was all for this time. No idea what will happen on our next meeting.

FIN/SWE – Third Date

Boardgames – Lautapelit – Brädspel.

Me, Elli, my boyfriend and her husband had such a great night on Saturday. The focus was on talking Finnish, and to have something to talk about we played board games. We played and talked for about 4 hours before we realised what time it was.

WP_20160917_20_23_21_Pro (2)

I really appreciated this evening. Because I think the easiest way to learn is to talk. Now we just have to pick out a Swedish evening as well.

Next time we’ll eat some yummy stuff 😉

FIN/SWE – Second Date

On this beautifully sunny day we (me and Elli) went on a sightseeing trip around the city centre. We walked the pink route on the “Walking Tours in the City Centre of Tampere” map you can get from the TAMKO office (not all of it, we skipped 1 and 2 since they were the furthest away). So we walked around and talked in Finnish and Swedish, and some English when we didn’t remember the words. To hear about the last week was interesting and I have to say, I amaze myself every time I listen to Finnish, I understand so much more than I think I would! The same with talking.

To tell about my week in Swedish was actually difficult, since I don’t speak book-Swedish. Dialects can be tricky to get rid off.

This is what we saw on our little Walking Tour!

Our first stop was The Hämeensilta Bridge, then we kind of skipped Koskikeskus since we both had been there many times. This means our next stop was Kehräsaari and Laukontori. The place after that was probably our favourite stop! The Market Hall. It was so beautiful! And a mouth-watering experience. After that it was off to the Central Square, the Old Library, the Tammerkoski Rapids, The Satakunnansilta Bridge and finally the Central Fire Station.

Then we picked number 5 (The Tampere Sculpture) from the yellow route and number 6 (The Former Business School) from the blue route as well, just because they were so close by.

Words we translated:

  • Background – Taustalla – Bakgrund
  • Mouth watering – Herahtaa vesi kielelle – Det vattnas i munnen
  • Factory – Tehdas – Fabrik
  • Fire Station – Paloasema – Brandstation
  • Statue – Patsas – Staty
  • Lost – Eksyksissä/Kadoksissa/Kadonnut – Borttappad
  • Do you manage – Pärjäätkö – Klarar du dig
  • Are you able to – Jaksatko – Orkar du
  • Presentation – Esittely – Presentation

It felt really good today. Not as much English used and we had a great time!
Board game night tomorrow evening!

FIN/SWE – First Date

I wrote this last Friday (9.9.2016) but since the course blog hadn’t opened yet so I upload it now instead.

I just came home from the first EOTO meeting and I have to say it went really well. Always in the beginning you’re afraid you won’t click with the other person, now I feel really good.
We met at the Fazer Café over tee/coffee and introduced ourselves. We then focused on planning our next meetings and throwing ideas back and forth about what to do, and I have to say we’ve got quite a few amazing ideas (starting with a city exploration since we’re both new to Tampere).

Then we talked about cultural stereotypes, which might sound ridiculous since we’re both from Finland, but there are differences between Finnish-speaking Finns and Swedish-speaking Finns. I think the main things we discussed was the “richness” of Swedish-speaking Finns (I’ve heard it many times, we are supposed to have a lot of money..). The height of Finns was as well a discussion topic. I’ve noticed that Finns along the west coast (where most of the Swedish-speaking Finns live) are often taller than the ones in, for example, Tampere.

After discussing we looked around the café and translated a few words

  • Assiett – Asetti
  • Sked – Lusikka
  • Choklad – Suklaa
  • Lampa – Lamppu
  • Sallad – Salaatti
  • Kaffe – Kahvi
  • Café – Kahvila
  • Kyckling/Broiler – Kana/Broileri
  • Soppa – Keitto
  • Servitör/Servitris – Tarjoilija

I think this was a good first session. We are both new to the course and have some background in the other language, and now we know each other a little bit and have been able to actually plan stuff. Next time will be sightseeing in two languages! (If the weather allows it…)

– Ida Smedlund

I completely forgot about taking some pictures! Next time I’ll remember…