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10th meeting: Last time

This is our last meeting and because it was such a nice weather we decided to meet outside so we met in the park that is in front of Kaleva’s church. We thought that because this is our last time we are not going to talk about anything ”serious” anymore like not any vocabulary or grammar things. We just talked about this course and what it have taught for us. It was nice to hear that this course completed Renata’s finnish knowledge. Also we learned with Tiiu something new about Portugal like more some cultural things than vocabulary but it was nice to listen to portuguese and at least we learned how difficult the pronounciation is:D I found it really interesting to learn about Portugal because I didn’t know much about Portugal before this course. I think that it would be really nice to visit Portugal some day because in my opinion it seems very interesting country. We also talked something like what we are going to do in this summer and something about driving school and so on. And we also asked about Renata’s experience here in Finland and it was nice to hear how much she has enjoyed. This was a good ending for this course. I’m glad that I joined this course!

9th meeting: Sayings

Time flies and this is already our ninth meeting. I think we have all been quite busy lately and at least it makes me really tired so we chose to talk about finnish and portuguese sayings. In my opinion this was a very fun meeting and it was interesting to hear portuguese sayings. I think it was also fun to try to think about some most popular finnish sayings. We found out how difficult it was to try to explain those sayings in english. And we also found out how grazy some sayings sound when you try to explain those. It was interesting to notice that there are some same kind of sayings between Finland and Portugal. Again we didn’t focus on vocabulary that much this time but however I think that we learned also some vocabulary at the same time.


8th meeting: Seasons

This time we met at Tamk and we chose a basic subject: fours seasons in Finland and in Portgual. We wanted to see how different seasons are between Finland and Portugal. We talked about what kind of seasons we have and what you can do for example during summer and during winter and so on. There were many similarities between finnish and potruguese seasons but as you can assume seasons are not totally similar. Winter is the one that has the biggest difference. It was interesting to hear what kind of things you can do in Portugal. And it was nice that at the same time when we teach/learn information about seasons we can teach/learn new vocabulary. Again we wrote some of the information on the paper but we also talked much more. 


7th meeting: Tv series and movies

This time we decided not to talk about that much about vocabulary because we have done that already sooo much so we chose to talk about finnish and portuguese tv series and movies. I thought it was a good idea to talk abot something else than vocabulary because I have been quite tired lately so my brain isn’t working that well. This was a very interesting meeting in my opinion because it was both fun to tell about finnish tv series and movies (a little bit their storyline) and hear about portuguese movies and tv series. I haven’t heard about any of those portuguese tv series or movies so it was nice to hear what kind of movies and tv series they have made in Portugal. I found out that there were some similar tv series between Finland and Portugal. Maybe one day I’ll watch a portuguese movie or tv show.


6th meeting: Time vocabulary

Again we wanted to learn some new vocabulary and this time we decided to learn time vocabulary. This is so useful vocabulary. We learned also months. I was so tired that it was difficult to remember months even in finnish so it was definitely difficult to try to learn those in portuguese. But at least it is always nice to listen when Renata speaks portuguese because I think that it is a very beautiful language. So it doesn’t matter that much if I don’t learn many words cause I just like to listen. The pronounciation is still a total mystery for me because I have no idea how Renata pronounces each word. I think it was quite easy to teach time vocabulary and months and so on in finnish. At least for me those are so simple:D and once again we decided to write everything down on the paper because we think it’s a good way to teach/learn.


5th meeting: Groceries

We decided to teach/learn some vocabulary again and this time we talked about groceries. I made with Tiiu a finnish shopping list and Renata made a shopping list in portuguese. We tought that this would be a simple way to teach/learn groceries vocabulary. So we listed some basic stuff that you usually buy when you go to supermarket. I think this vocabulary is very useful and you’ll probably need it if you travel to an other country. It was quite easy to make a list in finnish and teach it but it was definitely not easy to try to learn a shopping list in portuguese. It is just too difficult language for me and Tiiu:D especially pronounciation is so difficult but maybe I just need to practice it more.

4th meeting: Holidays

This time we talked about finnish and portuguese holidays. We chose New years, Easter and Christmas and talked about those like what we usually do and what kind of food we eat and so on. It was interesting to compare our traditionds and we found out that we have quite many same traditions between Finland and Portugal but again there were some differences and it was nice to get to know portuguese traditions. And at least food is a little bit different between Finland and Portugal. We also taught each other for example how to wish merry christmas and so on. This was nice meeting because at the same time we taught/learned some vocabulary and then some cultural things. It was both interesting to teach Renata some finnish stuff and learn some portuguese stuff. Again I learned so many portuguese words but I’m not sure if I remember any of those:D but it was nice that we wrote everything down on the paper so we can look at those later.

Third meeting: Vocabulary and grammar

This time we decided to study a little bit finnish and portuguese. I taught finnish with Tiiu and Renata taught portuguese. Again I have to say that finnish feels so much easier than portuguese in my opinion:D I think it was quite easy to teach finnish but it was definitely not easy to study portuguese. Almost every portuguese word was too difficult to pronounce. It is not that difficult to write down portuguese but the pronounciation is way too difficult for me. Even though Renata replayed some word five times it was still too difficult for me and I think that for Tiiu too:D and one thing that I found out very difficult is the accents. There are like four different kind of accents in portuguese. So yea, we taught some basic words like greetings, colours and animals. I like different languages so this was interesting. It was also fun to compare portuguese to italian (i study italian). And I feel like I learned something new, I can remember at least some word in portuguese. It is so cool to study portuguese when you can face to face discuss with Renata who is from Portugal. I also hope that Renata learned something new.

Second meeting: schoolsystems

  1. Today we met at Tamk and we decided to choose one subject and talk about that. Our subject was schoolsystems in Finland and in Portugal. I think that it is really interesting to hear about different kind of schoolsystems and compare those to the finnish one. I found out that there are many similarities between finnish and portuguese school systems but also some differences. We put those systems on the paper so it is easier to tell about it to each other and also it is easier to understand when other person explains it. We also talked about some other stuff consering to school like school uniforms, vacations and so on. I realised that it is a little bit difficult to talk about some certain things that are common in Finland because I’m not sure if there even is an english word for that. But I’m glad that I could just ask Tiiu uf I needed help with english because she is so good in english:D
  2. Finnish schoolsystem

    Portuguese schoolsystem

Our first meeting: Getting to know

I’m a little bit late because we already met a long time ago with Tiiu and Renata but I just totally forgot to write about it. So we decided to go for a coffee and we went to Sokos, there’s a cafe in 4th floor. We just wanted to get to know each other so mostly we talked about some basic things like our families, Renata’s experience here in Finland, something about our countries and so on. I think it is good to first just get to know each other before we really ”start” this journey together. We’ll i already know Tiiu but I was interested to hear something about Renata and why she decided to come to Finland and so on. Now it’s easier and more fun to start to plan next meetings and do stuff. I also already realised how difficult language portuguese is because Renata taught some words but it was just way too difficult. I think with Tiiu that finnish is so much easier language 😀 but afterall i think that it was really nice to speak in english after long time because i mostly hear english but i don’t have opportunities to speak it. I realised that I have forgotten so many words already and i really hope that this experience will improve my skills. But anyway we had fun and i’m looking forward to the next meetings.