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last meeting at the Pyynikki-tower (fin-ger)

We had our last meeting within the course at Pyynikin munkkikahvila. It has been a while for me to visit there last time and I actually have never been at the tower!

We all had traditional munkki and coffee with it. Martin had just came back from his trip to Lapland and we talked about that and also upcoming Christmas and how we are going to spend it.

It have been nice, and I wish to meet te guys again. This course haven’t been too much of a language learning for me, but more making friends from different countries and learning about the culture.  Maybe we are going to see Vilma in Vienna at her exchange next semester. 😊


kauppi sports center (fin-ger)

Our second last meeting took place at the trampoline park in Kauppi sports center. The booing system was a bit confusing, and I wasn’t  sure if I needed to book the time beforehand or not. I ended up booking it, but I’m still not sure was it mandatory :D. 

Trampoline jumping was super fun way to start the day (we went there pretty early, so Vilma was able to join from her group projects). We all were quite exhausted of the workout, who would’ve known, jumping can be hard workout. Or maybe we are just way out of shape. 

First we went at the freestyle trampoline area, just fooling around, but quickly we moved to the airbag-trampoline and the foam cube -pit area. There we had a chance to jump away from the trampoline and try (note: try) to make some tricks. 

We talked about studying , how our studies at this period have gone, how they differ from countries and also the grading systems. We didn’t have much time to discuss a lot about cultural things, but at least we had fun at the park.

meeting at pella’s cafe (fin-ger)

We met at Friday evening at Pella’s cafe. This time I wasn’t there to see how my students ordered their beverages, because I was too excited of my teapot, but I heard that Martin tried to order his food and coffee in Finnish, but apparently the barista couldn’t understand him. Apparently mine and Vilmas teaching is not that effective then.

No, but I’m proud of Martin because he dares to try. And I guess that’s the best way of learning, via trial and error.

We also talked about traditions before Christmas in our countries. Maybe next time we’ll be talking a bit more of them.

I had written down some words that we used and is related to the ice-skating meeting and the breakfast meeting. I feel like that phrases would be more useful than just some random vocabulary, but in my opinion it’s harder to create and figure out the most useful phrases to teach. Because honestly, who needs a phrase that we all have learned at some point in some language; Excuse me, how to I get to the library?

breakfast at tullin sauna (fin-ger)

For our seventh meeting we decided to meet at Tullin Sauna for a breakfast. Unfortunately Vilma got sick, so she couldn’t  join us at this meeting.

At the breakfast we talked cultural differences concerning breakfast, and didn’t find too many. I guess we are quite similar in that case. Nothing too extreme like Italians with their croissant and cappuccino breakfasts, we like bread with cucumber and tomato and a cup of coffee.

Martin also tried to teach me the weekdays in German, but it was rather difficult when I didn’t have them on paper. I’m sure I’ll learn them much quicker when I write them down.

ice-skating and studying at TAMK (fin-ger)

For our fifth meeting we went ice-skating in Hervanta.  Had never heard of Hervantas ice-skating hall so I was excited to go. Also it was the first time this winter to go ice-skating.

I met the others at the entrance and I was surprised of the size of the place. On ground there were only small brick-building and a door that leads to elevator that goes underground. There we found two ice-rings.

While ice-skating we talked about typical sports that we do in our countries. I said that in Finland ice-skating and cross-country skiing kind of divides the people. I could be wrong, but thats my take on that 😀 Martin said that they don’t have that kind of division in Germany, because it’s so much bigger country and the weather changes depending where you are (north/south), and obviously you can’t really do winter sports, if you don’t have proper winter.

We had fun at the ice-rink and I might go there again now that I know it existing and having open hours too.

Our sixth meeting took place at Tamk. I was actually fresh from my German lesson so I had some questions from the grammar. Otherwise we were asking some questions that we had talked on previous meetings.

Because we all had had a long lay, the meeting was a bit unsuccessful on the learning side. Although it was nice to meet each other and chat a bit. We are all busy people, so sometimes it’s hard to find a time to meet all, but we are trying.

baking (fin-ger)

Yesterday we had a baking evening. I was teaching how to make traditional Finnish pastries. We made Karelian pies (or rice pies, for all of you who are going to come at me with ”it’s not real Karjalanpiirakka if you haven’t done in Karelia and withthese specific ingredients”) and cinnamon buns.

I had wrote down the recipes for these two and also for an egg-butter that’s traditionally eaten with the Karelian pies. The recipes were in Finnish, but I also wrote a word list for the recipe, so you can try to read it and if you can’t, you can find the hard word at the list. I also included some words from the hike last week.

Martin gave us a very helpful list (at least for me) of baking words and some basic phrases for everyday life. Vilma also had written down some phrases and numbers.

The day went super well and we had fun. I am so proud of my students, they really nailed the Karelian pies! (Today’s hard word to pronounce: verquirlen (to whisk/whip))

hiking (fin-ger)

Last friday we went hiking to Kintulammi nature reserve. It was a beautiful day for a hike, sun was shining and the air was crisp. I wasn’t even aware of this amazing place before I started looking for places to go for a hike near Tampere.

We weren’t studying much of the languages, but we talked about our traveling cultures and how it has changed in our time of living.

Martin had wrote down some phrases for us again, and me and Vilma studied them a bit at the car drive to Kintulammi. While hiking we pointed out some trees and plants to name them in Finnish.

The meeting wasn’t too much of learning the language, but more of the experience in Finnish nature. I think it was very successful day, and we had fun! I might go there by myself someday to stay overnight.

Part of our group stayed overnight! (I got inspired)

The beginning (fin-ger)

I’m writing about the first two meetings at this post. (I know you were supposed to write from each meeting individually, but I’m bad student like that)

Our EoTo-group consists four members, two Finns; me and Vilma, and two Germans; Martin and Marian. Our first meeting took place in Salhojankadun pub where we taught how to order in a bar. We also went trough some numbers in Finnish and discussed about cultural things as well different dialects in our languages.

We also studied numbers in German and tried to pronounce German words that we found in the pub, for example beer names and advertisements from the coasters.

Our second meeting took place in the Fazer café. I had prepared some basic Finnish phrases and numbers that I gave to Marian and Martin.  We also went trough how to order in a café and it went really well, until the barista started to ask more questions. (Like for example: Hi, I would like to have a coffee, please/Hei, yksi kahvi kiitos. And then the barista would ask would they want dark or light roast, and our great students were be in trouble.)

Martin had some sentences for us too and we tried to say them. The pronunciation is the hardest part so far, I mean, I still haven’t had to try to write them down (without cheating).