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Wife-carrying and sayings…

It has been about 2 weeks and 2 meetings since my last update.

Our third meeting took place Thursday 23.2. in a very mysterious place inside F-wing of TAMK main campus. Claudia tought Heta and me subject pronouns (I, you, he/she…) in “I am” and “I have” sentences. Now we only have to learn vocabulary to say what we are/have.

After learning some German grammar we went ahead and started discussing about Finnish ways to spend freetime. Seeing this is basically more or less same in every country we focused also on the weird competitions made in Finland. The “normal” ways to spend your time included lavatanssit (pairdancing on a platform), ofcourse karaoke and avantouinti (ice swimming). The peculiar stuff happening in Finland consisted of competitions like Eukonkanto (wife-carrying), Paskanluonti (filling wheelbarrow with horse shit and moving through obstacle course) and Saappaanheitto (rainboot throwing) etc.

Fourth meeting took place in Y-campus today (10.3.) and we went through Finnish and German/Austrian sayings (to rain cats and dogs etc.) while eating some salmiakki aka salty liquorice. It’s really interesting to hear what phrases people use in different countries to describe something. But I´m going to save myself the trouble of writing them all, translating and trying to explain the meanings. I leave it for you to think about the straight translations of your sayings and ask around others to compare them.

Until next time! Tschüss!

Quick meeting at TAMK

So Claudia, Heta and I had our second meeting 15.2. In difference to the last one (that accidentally took 3 hours) we only had 1 hour to spend with each other.

Claudia had prepared us useful sentences when ordering something at a cafe or restaurant as well as airport themed words and sentences. After going through how to pronounce these quickly we went back to telling Claudia about finnish holidays. In the end we had gone through them all as well as agreed on the next meeting!

After the last meeting I haven´t had enough time apart from school to study german language as much as I would have liked, but I´m planning on studying independently more during winter holidays (Hiihtoloma).

Till next time!

First (official) meeting!

In my group we have three people:

  • Claudia (Austria)
  • Heta (Finland)
  • Me (Finland)

We already met after the KICK-OFF info 25.1 for approx. 2 hours and went through our learning goals and got to know each other a little bit.

But now on the lovely rainy Wednesday afternoon we kept our official first study session (that accidentally took 3 hours due to having too much fun)! We met at the school and navigated ourselves to the Y-campus where we found empty space for our session without raping anyone’s ears with our German R´s.

Claudia had prepared a list of useful sentences mainly about introducing ourselves and we went through the list learning how to pronounce them. For a Finnish person apparently the best way to pronounce correctly is to move your head like an idiot to avoid sounding monotone…

We learned for example:

  • Ich heiße Veera. — I am Veera.
  • Wie heißt du? — What is your name?
  • Ich komme aus Finnland. — I am from Finland.
  • Ich bin … jahre alt. — I am … years old.
  • Wie alt bist du? — How old are you?

After this we spent the rest of our meeting discussing about some of the Finnish holidays (Christmas and Easter) and also a little bit about upcoming J.L. Runeberg´s day and Laskiainen. Discussion was mostly based on how Heta and I are used to spending the holidays and we did find a few differences (due to where we live).

Till next time!