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Last Meeting

The last meeting I went to was the Each One Teach One Christmas party. It was nice to see everyone there and talk to other people about these experience and how the groups went, what they did, what they learnt. They were all very friendly. There was food and we played some games. I played Cards Against Humanity which is a pretty funny game and very dark humored which was great. I think I was one of the few people that had played the game before.

Overall I’d like to say that this whole experience was great, I’ve learned quite a lot about Finnish culture and its people. It was also really nice to new people and I hope Anni learned some Spanish too.

Hockey Match

On saturday we went to a Hockey match. It was actually the first time I saw a sports match in person because I’m not a sports person. The match was between Ilves and Kalpa (Kalpa ended up winning 3-0 and I think that the Tampere people were not very happy about it). It was interesting but a little bit too long for my liking. Also I found very funny the girls dancing every time music was on, they even danced to commercials.

Hockey Match

Anyways, we did another list, this time about sports:

Ice hockey – jääkiekko – hockey sobre hielo
Soccer – fútbol – jalkapallo
Football – rugby – amerikkalainen jalkapallo
Basketball – baloncesto – koripallo
Swimming – natación – uinti
Tennis – tenis – tennis
Handball – balonmano – käsipallo
Ball – pelota – pallo
Racket – raqueta – maila
Stick – palo – tikku
Tracksuit – chándal – urheiluvaatteet
Sneakers – bambas – “lenkkarit” = lenkkikengät
Swimsuit – bañador – “uikkarit” = uima-asu

Black Friday Shopping

This Friday we decided it was a good idea to go shopping since it was Black Friday. We went to Ratina and looked around some shops to see if there was any good offer or discount. We ended up going to the clothing shops to see if there were any good snow pants because some of us are going to Lapland soon. We soon discovered that they are pretty expensive so we didn’t get any. We also went to H&M because I needed some gloves and a beanie since it’s getting colder. We all tried some silly hats on as you can see in the picture. It was so much fun.

Black Friday Shopping

During this shoping day we thought that we could do a list of vocabulary about clothes. I believe that these lists of vocabulary are a good way to learn and help us a lot when it comes to know a new languaje. This is what we learned:

Shirt – paita – camiseta
Trousers – housut – pantalones
Jeans – farkut – tejanos/vaqueros
Jacket – takki – chaqueta
Dress – mekko – vestido
Skirt – hame – falda
Shoes – kengät – zapatos
Woolen socks – villasukat – calcetines de lana
Socks – sukat – calcetines
Villapaita – woolen shirt – camiseta de lana
Scarf – huivi – bufanda
Gloves – hanskat – guantes
Beanie – pipo – gorro
Hat – hattu – sombrero

Bunny Cafe

For our seventh meeting we went to a cafe called 3D crush. This cafe at first looks a little bit bizarre, because they serve coffee but there’s also 3D printers inside. They offer a variety of flavoured hot chocolate with whip cream that looks delicious.

The best part of the cafe is inside a hidden room where they have all these bunnies that you can feed and pet. They all have awesome names like Sirius, Leia, Hermione, and are the cutest thing ever. I was so happy because I love animals.

Since we went to pet the bunnies we thought that it would be a good idea to do a list of vocabulary about aninmals. These are the words we learned:

  • Pupu
  • Kissa
  • Koira
  • Kala
  • Karhu
  • Poro
  • Ankka
  • Kana
  • Lehmä
  • Hevonen
  • Lammas
  • Norsu
  • Leliona
  • Kirahvi
  • Sammakko
  • Apina

I think we are really getting a lot of vocabulary from these meetings which is a great base to learn a languaje. All in all it was a great day and I will 100% recommend this cafe just for the experience.

Castanyada day

This Halloween evening we decided to cook some traditional food, but instead of celebrating Halloween we went with a catalan tradition: Panellets to celebrate la Castanyada.

The recipe is pretty simple and the end result is delicious.


  • Sugar
  • Crushed almond
  • Potatoes
  • Coconut flakes (decoration)
  • Almonds (decoration)
  • An egg yolk (decoration)
  • Cocoa powder (to make chocolate ones)

The first step is to boil the potatoes, peel them and smash them. In a crusher we crush the almonds until they look like powder. Then we add in a bowl the same amount of sugar, crushed almonds and mashed potatoes. We mix it until it looks like a paste.

The preparation process

Now its time to make the panallets. There are different times but we made almond, coconut and chocolate ones. For the almond ones just take the paste, make a small ball and put an almond above it, and before you put them in the oven put a thin layer of the egg yolk above it. For the coconut ones, same thing: make a small ball and then cover it with coconut flakes. Leave a bit of the paste to mix it with cocoa powder to make chocolate flavour ones.

Put everyting in the oven at 200ºC for 5-10 min, take them out and let them cool down a bit. This is the final result: typical catalan sweets for la castanyada.

The Panallets done!

Making these was so much fun because we could show not only Anni but also the rest of the girls that don’t live in Catalunya something that reminded us of home.


Movie Day

This Sunday we decided that it was time for us to chill out a little bit, so we met at Anni’s appartment to watch a movie.

We thought that we could watch something that ilustrates our cultural background so we decided we could watch pixar’s Coco, because it’s almost Halloween and in Mexico that means it’s almost El Dia de los Muertos, which is the festivity represented in the movie.

Prepared for the movie

Before the movie we talked about a little bit of cinema vocabulary like genres of movies, cameras, actors. Soon we found out that it’s difficult to find a movie in spanish with english subtitles because normally it’s the other way around so we struggled a bit with that.

During the movie we made a list of vocabulary based on family because it’s the main focus of the film and we also did this fill the gap thing with the main theme of the movie “Recuérdame”.  All in all, it was a good day and it was great to see these movie with mexican people that can explain to you how they celebrate this day.


Study Day-Day 2

So after our first study day, the girls and I met again last monday to continue with our basic vocabulary and greeting.

We spend the first half of the “class” going over what we learned last time to refresh a bit and to see what could we do next. We went over days of the week, numbers, greetings and added colours and months to the ist. After that we thought that we could try to learn in a momre dynamic way. We come up with the idea to try to translate simple songs into each others languages, so Anni choose a Finnish lullaby for us, and we showed her a traditional spanish kids song.

This was Annis choice:

And we showed her Susanita tiene un ratón (which means Susanita has a mouse):

We moved on to some other music and kid shows like the Moomins, to end up sharing mutual songs but in different languajes such as Hakuna Matata from The Lion King. It was son funny to listen to songs we already knew in a complete different languaje.

Over all, I think this day was more of a relaxed study day but also interesting because we could see each others culture based of the music we listen to as kids. I realized that it’s easier for me to learn a languaje if I listen to music and try to translate the lyrics than trying to memorize all the vocabulary. So I think I’ll keep doing some research on my own about Finnish music to help myself with the pronunciation and vocabulary.

Study Day

Last Wednesday the girls and I decided that we should have a regular study day so we can learn the basics first to then biuld up our vocabulary in the next meetings. We met at TAMK campus and sat down trying to figure out what the basics of our own languaje were.

We tried doing some grammar and the verbs conjugations but we realized that’s kind of difficult for a first session, at least in Spanish. After that we figured out that we could start with some vocabulary such as numbers, days of the week, and then we created an alphabet where we put a word in each language for each letter. We also created a list of greetings that could be useful in everyday life or to introduce ourselves.

For our next meeting we thought we sould continue with a second study day, but planning a little bit more before the meeting so we know what we want to learn. We also thought that it would be fun to try to translate songs into each others languages.

Study Day 1

Market Day

This Monday, the girls and I went to Prisma, a big supermarket to shop together and learn a little bit about food. I was really looking forward to ask Anni about some dishes I’ve seen in the last month which were kind of a mistery for me.

We went around the different sections and learn how to say some of the tipes of food such as: Hedelmä, Banaani, Sipuli, Salaatti, Tomaatti, Avokado, Liha, Kana, Kala, Lohi, Kalkkuna, Juusto, Makkara… The teaching part was also great and interesting because I could see the differences between not only Finnish culture and gostronomy, but also Mexican and Spanish.

The hardest part I think it was to try to remember each word, that’s why we decided to create a list so it would be easier for us.

Our First Meeting

Last Monday the girls and I had our first meeting. We went to a cafe and I had a piece of carrot cake, which was delicious but really expensive (I’m not used to these kind of prices yet).

During our meeting we talked about what kind of thing we would like to do during this course and we came up with some great ideas mainly focused in trying to show each other different aspects of our culture. Because we’re four spanish talking girls and one finish, we thought we could share with Anni the differences between each one of our cultures. We also talked about what do we want to learn about each language. I think these course would be so much fun and the girls seem so kind already.

Now I leave you with a picture of the leftovers of our amazing meal:

The leftovers of our first meeting