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German- Korean : Fifth meeting – Last meeting

Group: Jeongmin Kang, Clemens Ebeling, Rosa Koch

For our last meeting, I had some cookies left from a birthday party the day earlier. I made Vanillekipferl which are German Vanillin Christmas cookies. We ate those and talked about the other Triggers and about the course in general. I had a lot of fun meeting the others and also trying out some more baking because I haven’t done much of that before coming to Finland. I think I will definitely try to learn some more Korean next year. I learned so much the past for months and I am always pretty proud when I can read the Korean but I still don’t know what the word means yet.

German – Korean : Second meeting – Spicy Chickpea

Group: Jeongmin Kang, Clemens Ebeling, Rosa Koch

For our second meeting, we decided to cook something while we start to discuss the triggers. I found a recipe for a chickpea vegetable rice online which after eating we realized isn’t traditionally Korean food but we used what we had and it was delicious. While cutting and preparing the vegetables, we talked about culture differences in food. We translated each vegetables to our mother tongue which is always fun in my opinion. Then we started with the beginners Trigger. 

German – Korean : First meeting – Apple Pie Time

Group: Jeongmin Kang, Clemens Ebeling, Rosa Koch

For our first meeting, we decided to learn the Korean and German Alphabet and baked a vegan Apple Pie. Because the Korean alphabet is so different from the latin alphabet, we started simple with the letters. Min showed us the letters and then started a game for Clemens in which she wrote down words and he had to find letters in it. Meanwhile, because I already knew how to read, I began with the dough for the apple pie. We also prepared a similar game for Min in which she had to try to read out loud some longer German words for us. And soon the apple pie was finished and eaten by us. It was a successful first meeting with language practice swell as delicious food.