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The last meeting Romania and Russia

Hello! Privet! Bună!

The last meet came which is very sad. We had a video call where we tried to recap everythig we leaned in the 9 meetings we had. Even if we were sad that we finished the meetings we had a fun time as usual. Me and Cristina are hoping that Yulia will come to visit Romania and meet us in our city, Bucharest. Also, we want to visit her in Russia and explor her city. In the beginning of the course when we were still able to meet face to face it was very fun to spend time together, we found a lot of things that our countires have in common which makes everything more interesting. I thought having online meetings will make the learning procees difficult, but it was simple. We had fun video calls and have the oportunity to see a little bit of Yulia’s home and city. For sure, me and Cristina will call her from Romania to show our city. I find it very interesting that Romania in Russia have many similar traditions and words, even the food is very similar.
I hope we can meet soon and spend some time together again.
It was a nice experience to learn Russian from Yulia. Also, i was glad to teach her the basics of Romanian and show her my country and culture.
We had a fun time!
Good luck girls!!!❤

9th Meeting Romania-Russia

Privet! Privet!

For the 9th meeting we decided to make pancakes, as Yulia told us that in Russia this is a national dish. In Russian the dish is called blini, in Romania the name of it is clătite. Yulia explained us that in Russia they have a holiday, Maslenitsa, which last a whole week.

In the first day, as I understood from Yulia, Women are baking blini(clătite), and people are having scarecrow that is like a symbol of the past winter. On the 2nd day, people are visiting each other and taste the food they made. On the 3th day, the tables are always full with pancakes, because on this day it is said that the more pancakes people eat, the better. On the 4th day, people are riding horses and have many games, and eat the famous pancakes. On the 5th day, is all about mother-in-low that bakes pancakes for guests. On the 6th day, girls are spending time together for having fun or visit relatives. The last day of Maslenitsa is called Forgiven day, where people are getting ready for a new spring in a new year.

I found this tradition interesting because people must eat pancakes for the entire week.

8th Meeting Romania-Russia

Hello! Privet! Buna!

For the 8th meeting me and the girls decided to start a new topic about summer and learn new words in each language again. Talking to Yulia and Cristina was fun as usual and we had a chance to discuss about when me and Cristina will return to Romania.

I started to like Russian language more than i was expecting and every word that i learn it sounds intreresting to me. Also, the fact that we have many common words it is nice!

Some of the words I learned in this call are:

  • Summer – leto
  • Flowers – tsvety
  • Sea- More ( which in Romanian is Mare)
  • Traveling – puteshestviya
  • Sun – solntse
  • Swimming – plavaniye
  • January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August,  September,  October, November, December – Iyanvar’, fevral’, mart, aprel’, may, iyun’, iyul’, avgust, sentyabr’, oktyabr’, noyabr’, dekabr’ ( which are again very similar to the Romanian language)

7th Meeting Romania-Russia!!!

Hello! Hello!

For the 7th meeting we had a video call to get to know each other culture much better. Because me and Cristina cooked for Yulia while she was in Tampere, for this call we decided that she will teach us how to make a traditional Russian soup called Shchi. With this call we had a chance to learn more words in Russian too. The ingredients are:

Beef – govyadina

Cabbage – kapusta

3 potatoes – kartofel’

1 onion – luk

2 tomatoes – pomidory

1 carrot – morkov’ ( which is again a similar word in romania, morcov)

2 garlic cloves – chesnok

Dill – ukrop

Sour Cream – smetana ( in romanian is smântână)

We had a nice time learning new things! Can’t wait the next call with the girls!

The 6th meeting Romania-Russia

Hello! Hello!

We had our first online meeting because Yulia went back to Russia so there is no chance for us to meet for learning face to face. 😔

Me and Cristina will go back to Romania soon so we will be able to show her more of our city. Yulia showed us and told us more about Yekaterinburg, her city. The city is very beautiful and the weather it was very nice, something that is rare in that part of Russia.

Even if the meeting was online we had fun talking to Yulia as always. We hope we can meet her again as soon as possible and practice our languages together.


5th meeting Romania-Russia



We decited this time to invite Yulia to our place again. We made her some brownies using my mother’s recipe and we  were glad to see that Yulia really liked it. Because we did not learn something new for a while, we had a recap to remember what we leaned before. We were surprise because Yulia remembered almost everything. With Russian it was easy to remember the words we have in common. We had a nice time again enjoying the present of each other after a long time. We are planning to have some online meeting soon.

The 4th meeting Romanian-Russian

Privet vsem!

For our 4th meeting, we decided to inivte Yulia to visit us so we can make for her some romanian traditional food, so she can experience the taste of our country. We cooked for her some mamaliga, which is a dish made of corn flour . She told us that they have mamaliga in Russia as well, but is not as popular as is it in our country. My mom sent me some traditional food made home by her, so me and Cristina prepered them for Yulia. We were very happy to see that Yulia enjoy our food and that she was very excited about it.

We had the chance to talk more about our countires and our cultures and little by little we find out that Romania and Russia have some similar points.

The 3th meeting Romanian-Russian

Privet! vsem!

Our 3th meeting happened a long time ago, even if i didn’t have a chance to post about that back then, i would like to do it now. The meeting was on the 17th of February, where me and Cristina learned about the family memebers in Russian, and we taught Yulia the same things in Romanian, it was a nice experience to see that we have a few similar words. Also, we tried to learn a few basic verbs so we can try to make some sentences, even if might be difficult.

I found in my pocket some money from Romania, so me and Cristina decided to give them to Yulia, hahaha. Unfurtunatly she didn’t have any with her, here in Finland, but she showed us a lot of pictures of the money from her country.

First meeting Romanian-Russian


Yesterday, on the 4th of February, we had our first meeting where we got to know each other much better and share our experience about being a student in Finland. Me and Cristina had the chance to teach Yulia some basic greetings in Romanian, and she taught us the baisc greetings in Russian. It is a nice oportunity to learn Russian, also to know more about each country. We found out that we have a lot os similar food and that we have a few similar words such as: yes = Da, mother = mama.

6th meeting Spain and Romania

Our 6th meeting was yesterday on 7th of November. Me and Cristina invited Sara to our place again to discuss about the triggers and what should we do about it.

In the beginning the task was a little bit confusing because we didn’t really undersatnd what we should exactly write to the final task but we hope that we understood well the instructions.

We started with names of some places  for example: school which is spanish is escuela, food and emotions. We will do a dialogue based on the words we have already learned and some sentences.

We had a fun tim with Sara again, we showed her a few songs from Romania and she did the same thing with songs from her country. We discovered that in Romania a lot of singers have songs in spanish.

We are planning to have another meeting to record ourselve when having a basic dialogue in spanish and romanian.