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First meeting Romanian-Russian


Yesterday, on the 4th of February, we had our first meeting where we got to know each other much better and share our experience about being a student in Finland. Me and Cristina had the chance to teach Yulia some basic greetings in Romanian, and she taught us the baisc greetings in Russian. It is a nice oportunity to learn Russian, also to know more about each country. We found out that we have a lot os similar food and that we have a few similar words such as: yes = Da, mother = mama.

6th meeting Spain and Romania

Our 6th meeting was yesterday on 7th of November. Me and Cristina invited Sara to our place again to discuss about the triggers and what should we do about it.

In the beginning the task was a little bit confusing because we didn’t really undersatnd what we should exactly write to the final task but we hope that we understood well the instructions.

We started with names of some places  for example: school which is spanish is escuela, food and emotions. We will do a dialogue based on the words we have already learned and some sentences.

We had a fun tim with Sara again, we showed her a few songs from Romania and she did the same thing with songs from her country. We discovered that in Romania a lot of singers have songs in spanish.

We are planning to have another meeting to record ourselve when having a basic dialogue in spanish and romanian.

5th meeting Romania and Spain

Participans: Ramona, Sara and Cristina

We had our 5th meeting yesterday at Sara’s place where she cooked for us some  huevos rotos con chistorra which means “broken” eggs with chistorra sausages.

It was the first time when i tried some food from Spain and  i loved the taste of the chistorra sausages.

Sara made as a dessert, torrijas which is toast with cinamon and milk. Delicious!

What she cooked for us is something that she usually eat for lunch with her family on a saturday.

Every meeting with her it’s a new oportunity to learn something new about the spanish culture which is fascinating.

This time we talked about traditions in Spain and Romania. Also, we had a talk about the possibilty of living to another country beside Romania or Spain.

The 4th meeting Romania-Spain

Participants: Ramona, Cristina and Sara

For our 4th meeting me and Cristina invited Sara to our place. We cooked for her romanian traditional food named “mămăligă cu brânză și ouă” which in english is mămăligă with cheese and eggs.  Every new meeting with Sara is such a nice expirience and we are getting to know more about each other.

After our dinner we drank some hot chocolate and had a talk about what happened with us during this exchange in Finland and how is the finnish culture for every of us. Sara told us about her experience with her finns friends and we talked about ours.

In our next meeting we will learn more things which will help us to have a baisc conversation in spanish and romanian. I’m so excited about it


The 3th meeting Spain-Romania

After our courses me and Cristina met Sara in the cafeteria to have lunch together. We had a great time eating and talking about what we did during the week.

After lunch we went to the y campus to study more. Spending time with Sara it’s always fun and we get closer each time we meet. 😊

Today we taught her basic verbs in romanian,  human boday and prepositions and Sara taught us basic verbs in spanish, prepositions and clothes. After our lesson we gave her,as a gift, romanian money and she seems to be happy about it. It’s a nice experience to spend time learning a new language in a class which is not actually a class, with friends.


Taikapapu coffee shop meeting

Participants: Sara Campos, Cristina- Maria Dumitru, Ramona-Andreea Ion

  We had our 2nd lesson today at the a coffee shop. We learned family members, weekdays, months of the year, colors, etc. Sara taught us the accent in spanish and how to read the words correctly. We taught her the same in romanian.  We had a good talk about Sapin and Romania when we were drinking coffee.

We already feel like we are getting close to eatch other, talking about our life in our home countries.

On the next meeting, if the weather is good, we are planning to go to have a picnic somewhere. We want to share more about our cultures and we want to practice what we already learned.

The first meeting at the University

Participants: Sara Campos, Cristina-Maria Dumitru, Ramona-Andreea Ion

We met at the y campus last friday, 13/09, for the first course. It was easy for us because we knew each other already. Me and Cristina taught Sara the basics of romanian and Sara taught us the basics of spanish. Our first lesson it was very interesting and we had a chance to know each other better..