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My knowledge on Finns

Quiet/a little bit Shy

Almost no one talks with friends or families on buses, trains etc. Finns are indeed shy, but this rule never works on all Fins, as the Finnish people I have met so far are fine, they are not that talktive but they do talk with you.

You can never get rid of Finns if they really consider you as their friends.

Honest and super helpful

I think Finns are prety honest, cheating is never allowed for Finns, although you are their very good friend, Finns will never support you to cheat on something although your behavior will not cause any harm to anyone else. This is really admirable!

If you need help, Finns are always ready to help you, so always remember to ask for help but not freaking out when being abroad.

Finns like Sauna, lakes and forests

Finns do complain if the Sauna is not hot enough (>100 celsius degree), mixed Sauna is normal here in Finland, so never be shocked if your friends propose to have a mixed sauna. But don´t worry, you can tell them directly if you don´t like, that´s not impolite to say that. In some public place, such as swimming poor, you can not go to Sauna with wearing swimming suit, some grandma probably will tell you don´t do that in Finnish language.

The lakes and forests are really beautiful in Finland, Finns like to swim in the lake in both summer and winter, it´s amazing for me to see they jump into the lake after Sauna in winter time, I was afraid of doing that in the beginning, but now I really love to do that. It is very easy to see Finns jogging in the forests throughout the year. They really know that how to take care of the nature, I hardly see the trash in forests or lakes.

Fluent English speaking

Finns are really well educated, foreigners can always survive in Finland without speaking any Finnish language, but Finns are really happy if you try to speak a little bit of their language, that makes them don’t feel shy anymore.

Salmiakki and sisu

The very special and typical Finnish candy-Salmiakki is the favourite candy of most Finns. It is very interesting to see that and you should taste that candy if you come to Finland.


Finns like simple design, products with high quality

The finnish home brand such as Marrimekko, Iittala always fusion the elements of forests, lakes and the cartoon image of Munin into their design, which can represent the typical things that Finland has.

Seems they rarely complain and flexible with everything

Finns are very flexible and open, most of the time they are fine with a lot things. As being a foreigner, you can totally relax when hanging out with Finnish friends.

Many others..

Having knowledge in sorting house trash, cares about nature, animals, there are a lot things Finnish are doing very good for the world!


1st Feb Sunday Learning Spanish from 11:00 am to 12:00pm and 21:00 pm to 22:00 pm


Today I learned Spanish alphabet and the articles. Alphabet is not difficult for me to learn, however, I found the pronunciation of some letter is really hard for me. I guess it is because I am from Asia, the same problem will come to me when I try to pronounce the letter of “ r ” in Finnish alphabet. I learned some articles today from Lucas, which is shown below:


Female and singular: La

Male and singular: El

Female and plural: Las

Male and singular: Los

Female and some: Unas

Male and some: Unos


When you mean plural nouns, the articles and the nouns should be plural together, for example:

Un/Una dentista  = A + Male + Dentist / A + Female + Dentist


Unos/Unas dentistas = Some + Male + Dentists / Some + Female + Dentists


El dentista = The + Male + Dentist


Los dentistas = The + Male + Some + Dentists


La dentista = The + Female + Dentist


Las dentistas = The + Female + Some + Dentists


In addition, I learned two sentences today, which are:


  1. Hay un muchacho en la piscina

There is a guy in the swimming pool

  1. Hay una persona en la sala.

There is a person in the room


And when letter “ h ” is at the beginning of one work or even one sentence, you should not pronounce this letter.


Something else;

Gracias = Thank you

De nada = You are welcome


The last but not the least,

I learned the meanings and pronunciations of all the example words during the lessons.

Spanish is not a easy language to learn, but I am on the way to learn it.