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Last Russian meeting

This meeting was the last last one and we studied Russian culture.

Basically, we went through the same aspects as with Korean culture. Also we took a look on traditional costumes of both countries and compare them. They are so different!

Jihee was very enthusiastic about cinematography and i told her about one famous soviet movie ‘The IRony of Fate’ which is usually watched on New Year’s eve

So our EOTO course has ended and it was a great experience! And we still have some time to spend together.


Last Korean meeting

Our last Korean lesson was dedicated to the culture of this counrty. Girls told me a lot about daily habbits. I discovered many pecularities of life in Korea. Moreover, Jihee and Yura told me about big national holidays and festivals: dates, that is celebrated, what is the history of the event, traditional food and so on.

That was  fascinating and I learnt a lot. This meeting was pre-last and actually it is really sad that our class has approached it end.


Russian dinner with my Korean girls

The time for Russian food has come. I decided to cook cabbage pie and my Russian friend had an initiative to cook traditional Russian sup Borsh with beetroot.
Cabbage pie is made from vegetable and yeast pastry. Cabbage is quenched with milk and sugar. Girls said that they really enjoyed such interesting combinations for sweet vegetable.
Additionally, everybody was so pleased with Borsh. And I understood how I am missing my mums food:))
Have a look on the photos!

russian eotorussian eoto 2

Korean dinner

Hey! So each one teach each is not simply about learning vocabulary and grammar? Yura, Jihee and I decided to have national food days : Korean and Russian. We will cook to each other and try the food!
Firstly, my girls decided to introduce me to their cuisine. The dishes were Pajeon and Bullgogi. First one remains pancake, it is made of mixed water, eggs, flour, spices  and vegetables. Delicious. This became one of my favorite dishes. I was told that pajeon is a traditional food for rainy days in Korea. Soya source is an additive. But from my point of view, these pancakes are even tasty by themselves.
Bullgogi is pork with vegetables and souces. Tasty as well! Really interesting mixture of spices.
Here are the pictures. Gamsa hamnida (=thank you) to Jihee and Yura!

korean eoto 3korean eoto 2korean eoto

One more Russian tale

Our last meeting was for Russian. Girls were reading a tale once again. This time they were given “Kolobok”. In Russia all children read this.  This was very funny and they learnt such an useful sentences as

I will eat you = я тебя съем (ia tebya s.em)

The take fos for refreshing. Then we moved to vocabulary. Jihee and Yura studied numbers, days of the week. We build couple of phrases as well. So now they can say the date of their Birthdays.

Korean tales and crabs

After such a long break, finally we met. This was about Korean reading. Girls brought me a couple of Korean tales and songs. They were for children and quite funny. And about a young crab and his mother! You can see a very cute illustration below. Anyway, that was a very good practice pronunciation. Still my reading skill is too bad, I’m orientating in hieroglyphs not as good as I wish. Well, will train more.

Ivan Tzarevich and grey wolf

Concerning Russian, I hope everybody does understand that my alphabet is not Roman. So, for my girls I decided to make a text. The idea was to help them to orientate in Russian spelling. Moreover, they were going to a trip to st Petersburg. And that would be a good training so that they could read posters and advertisements. The text was the old Russian tale : “Ivan-tzarevich and grey wolf”. I included translation direct in the text. Yura and Jihee and doing really good! I enjoy teaching my language and they motivate me more and more!

nice korean session

Two days after first meeting, on last Thursday we had first Korean lesson.

In group we decided that it would be better if girls teach me the language not simultaneously but alterating. Following such concept, studying will be easier for everybody.

Honestly, my first Korean session was amazing. I mean, it was mind blowing of course, but still great.

Jihee was discusing the korean alphabet its pecularities and pronunciation.

Quite hard. sometimes I just do not see the difference between some vowels, but desperately trying. Nevertheless, I discovered that some sounds in russian and in korean are absolutely the same! And this simplifies spelling them.

Also Jihee showed me different matches of vowels and consonants and the sounds they produce together. And she presented the concept of writing. Depending on a symbol its writen right or down.

korean alphabet

beginning of ru

Hey hey

We are a group of three girls : Jihee, Yra and Daria. Languages we learn and teach are (South, of course) Korean and Russian.

For the first meeting, we decided not to create anything outstanding and we had lesson at tamk library. This session was for Russian. Since it was an introduction lesson girls were styding the alphabet.  I was reading aloud and they were repeating.  After they become quite fluent in letters and sounds, girls wrote their names using russian letters. In the end we just went throug basic words :

Hi-  привет (privet)
Good-хорошо (harasho)

We will focus on alphabet and pronunciation  on future meetings.

I like the way how my girls are interested in learning Russian. This is my biggest motivation to prepare materials and to search for ideas of teaching.

and here we are on the picture. I have no clue why but our faces are shining11992272_818460111602161_183630868_n