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9.6 Tenth meeting

So because I had estimated my schedule badly, I arrived 25 minutes late to the meeting and had to leave bit early. Well besides that, this meeting was at Tiia’s place again and we talked about stuff like how to say “Are you going to see that movie” and stuff. Basically, same as usual, this wasn’t exactly the dramatic “Oh, the tenth and possibly the final meeting!” type of stuff. It was nice to see people from group again and I’ll probably see them passing by at Tamk at least.

I should probably have some kind of epic and beautiful “Final post” speech here, but I’m not really good at that sort of stuff. And I already tried that reflecting thing in last post, so… Yeah, not sure what to say. I didn’t manage to improve my Russian much, but it was fun to recap it and these meetings were fun. So good time was had and that is enough for me.

27.5 Ninth meeting

Wow, its been a month since the last meeting huh. Everybody has been rather busy since last time. Well, anyway, this meeting was at 11:00 AM at Tiia’s place. So yeah, super early. I think everyone was so tired that we didn’t end up doing much of studying, mostly just exchanging news and stuff. I guess that makes this good post for that self reflection stuff I should have probably done more in previous posts… Well, besides that now after a month’s break its kinda hard to remember stuff.

Well, I guess that is a good segway to reflect about learning Russia(since I have really hard time remembering how to speak Russian :’D)… I probably would have much easier time with that if I had figured out a way to use it everyday and otherwise be more active in terms of studying it at home. Though that probably applies to all courses during this spring, I’ve been rather passive and felt really down during whole spring. Well, at least now I have decided to ask professionals opinion on matter, would be nice to get self esteem tips even if I don’t have depression. Well, anyway, I did manage to recap some really basic things, so thats nice. Now on teaching side of things…  Well, I did try my best when it came to explaining Finnish stuff and ways to say stuff, but I did have that problem in that my way of speaking is less casual than most people’s, so I had to be corrected a lot in terms of “What people would actually say”. Umm… Well, thats about what I remember right now about eight last meetings in terms of that subject .-. Guess thats about it for now, maybe by next time I have remembered something else to ponder about. Next meeting should be 6.6 if I remember right.

Eight meeting 23.4 Cafe Europa

So today’s meeting was at Cafe Europa.. I was today feeling particularly down and anxious so I was for most of the time just sitting silently in the corner. I’m not sure why, I guess this is just one of those off days? Just feeling tired/stressed/depressed/anxious like… Not sure what is non swearing way to emphasize that(“a lot” doesn’t feel like its enough to describe). Anyway, Tiia borrowed me Russian textbook I read for a while, but I don’t think we did much studying this time around. I think we were just relaxing for most part my gloominess notwithstanding.  I did get more lively when we started playing Alias. I somehow won at Yatzi despite not really understanding rules well and being last in scores until I got Yatzi. Diana’s friends apparently had a gig at Herwood at  22:00 so I think rest of the group is going there, I can’t go there since I have stuff tomorrow to do that requires for me to be well rested. Its probably for the best anyway considering my current mood…

15.4 Seventh, or is it eight meeting?

So half of the group wasn’t able to come to previous meeting, so I’m not sure whether to count this as seventh or eight meeting. Well, regardless, this was rather short meeting after school at Tiia’s place. I don’t actually remember much about it, but I think we went mostly over the basics, or at least I did, I’m really bad in learning languages. I still struggle with saying and responding basic stuff in Russian…

Sixth meeting 1.5 Exhibition

So Diana invited us to INTAC(International Art Collaborations) Exhibition at Nykyaika. Apparently some of her friends at Mediapolis had their works up there? Anyway, it was photograph art exhibition with theme of “Desire” and… Well to be honest, I’m kind of anxious about crowds and that place was crowded with artsy looking folks. Never seen that many art student looking like people in same room before. Anyway, I couldn’t hear what we were talking about there for most part because of the noise. And I don’t have much of an opinion on exhibition itself as my taste in art is more into paintings and such.

Anyway, afterwards we went to bar next to the place. That was also pretty new experience for me as I don’t drink alcohol at all. We discussed terms related to exhibition and ordering stuff in bar in Russian/Finnish, but afterwards we mostly went through misc phrases and such.

Fifth meeting 24.3 “Waffles!”

This meeting was at Vohvelikahvila. I’ve never been there before, but it was nice place. I had ice cream waffle there, whipped cream and warm waffle with ice cream on top of it was sweet and tasty. Anyway, we went through vocabulary related to questions like “Do you have plans for Eastern?” and such.

10.3 Fourth meeting “блины!”

So this is probably my favorite meeting so far simply because I like pancakes. Well, I like ohukaisista/letuista/lätyistä/räiskäleistä, I don’t like pannukakuista, its so confusing that we have so many words for different types of crepes/pancakes. Anyway, yeah, we were making blinis. I haven’t eaten those before, so nice to learn that salty pancakes are still tasty 😀 Anyway, so each of us brought some ingredients for them. I brought salmon roe I just happened to have in the freezer. (Don’t ask why, I don’t actually know why)


Tiia's chalkboard table thingy is pretty great place for recipe :D
Tiia’s chalkboard table thingy is pretty great place for recipe 😀

I think we mostly went through words and phrases related to making food. Anyhoo, blinis were great! I even tried once with the roe, but I learned that I indeed prefer whipped cream to seafood.

After we were done eating blinis, we tried playing some weird card game that was kinda similar to Uno. I think it was “Skip-bo” or something? Anyway, we were really tired at that point, but managed to finish that anyway somehow. We were supposed to say numbers on the cards in Russian/Finnish, but I kept forgetting to do that on my turns :’D

5.3 Third meeting “Я устал”

So this meeting was at Pala Cafe at Finlayson and… Honestly, I don’t remember much anymore. I had hectic day that day and I came half hour late to meeting(though we were still talking for hour so at least I didn’t miss half of the meeting :’D) and I was really tired that day and so I was mostly just distracted by bright light(that kept turning on & off) in table where we were sitting. I do remember how we planned about making blini on next meeting… And well, thats the meeting I remember more about, so stay tuned for fourth diary where I actually remember a lot of things to tell about :’D

Second meeting Thursday 18.2

And this is why you should always write diaries right away, especially if you have a bad memory about things that happened week or two ago(and have hard time writing diaries(or writing anything in general :’D))…  Well, anyway, second meeting was held at Tiia’s place. I don’t remember much anymore about this meeting, besides that Tiia had a paper from her Russian course that had basic phrases both in Finnish and Russian so we were going through those that day.  I did have to leave little early because of school work(but hey, I did arrive little early too!).. Oh and she had same Russian textbook I had in high school, so that brought up memories and that book was helpful with relearning Russian. Well, two more diaries until I have caught up. Hopefully after that these diaries will have more to them. I do remember being really tired at days we had second and third meeting, so that probably doesn’t help with my problem of “I can’t remember what subject we were talking about”…

Looking back at first meeting month late

Soo yeah, writing about the meeting two weeks late.  And then posting this thing I wrote month late.*sigh* I haven’t even finished writing pre-eliminary yet. Well, anyway our group teaches/learns Finnish/Russian to/from each other and our group consist of me, Tia, Diana and Alisa. We had our first meeting on Friday 12.2 at Tamk at 15:00 and it lasted for hour because Tia had to got work. So we mainly just introduced each other and did the planning of how we want to do these meetings and what we want to learn and stuff. We did also cover basic stuff like how to introduce ourselves in Russian/Finnish and some random things like wall, ceiling, floor. I only remember стул and стол now though out of those words.