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We met for the last time with our RU-FI group on Friday. We decided to go to Keskustori and get some joulutunnelmissa.


Joonas also invited his girlfriend Iris, so 3 finns only for me 🙂 We used her as a photographer. We started our walk with conversations in Russian and Finnish. Then we went to Joulutori. It was so nice, I liked it A LOT. I’ve never been in such places before. It really makes you to feel Joulu ja uusi vuosi on tulossa.


While walking between narrow streets of this market I was reading and translating inscription with products and goods. The smell there was so good and we were allowed to try some sweets. For example: omena suklaa, suklaa, pähkinät. On mistake I tried dry valkosipulia 🙁  I tried to speak with sellers, for example: Paljonko se sa:mpyla: maksaa? Onko pulla tuoretta? voinko kokeilla ta:ta:? I really have learnt much with guys and feel more confident in markets or shops. Then we went to the kahvio. I answerd some questions and again we had to discuss reading and writing rules because they are difficult.


Afterwards, Joonas and Rulis helped me to build some phrases which can be useful when you want to find a job. I am planning to apply for some job after New Year (when I come back form Russia). Here is a fragment: Mina: olen ulkomaalainen opiskelja ja mina: olen etsima:ss: to:ita: muuta mina: ei puhu Suomea paljon. I am sure that showing basics of Finnish will help me to find a job.

Unfortunately, our group meetings are over now (Rulis is going to the exchange next year) but Joonas still can help me. I didn’t make everything I planned because it is appeared to be harder than I thought it would be. But still I am very glad and happy for taking this opportunity of studing language and culture from native speakers. It is also good that a lot of finns are interested in Russian, because we are close neighbors and have much in common. I really liked this experience of teaching. Thanks for organazing this Each One Teach One course!!!


After the official ending of EOTO we still have something to do, that is why we’ve met today. We started our lesson with dialogues and short conversations. Joonas and Rulis spoke Russian I had to answer in Finnish. It was difficult to start but then we opened our minds and made a good conversation full of meaning 🙂


Afterwards, we made a digression and talked about differences in Finnish and Russian saunas. Russian sauna is called БАНЯ and we concluded that it is much better than Finnish electrical saunas. Баня is not just way you can wash yourself, it is something you can not express in words, it is part of culture, it has its own spirit. You can not make electrical баня and put it into your flat. It should be separate wooden building with a stove.

Than we wrote dictations. Guys told some not very difficult sentences to me in Finnish than I tried to translate and the same thing for them but in Russian of course)


It was difficult. All those endings, double letters and vowels with dots above 😐 i felt frustrated after the dictation as I made stupid mistakes after almost 3 month of studing Finnish. But guys said that I was doing well and there are some significant improvements in my language. As usual, we asked some random stuff from each other. It is very cool when Rulis asks something from me, but Joonas answers (because his Russian is more advanced, he has been studing it for 3 years or 2 🙂 )

The last official meeting

So, EOTO comes to its official end and on the 2nd of December we had our last official meeting. We didn’t want to learn much, just discussed all the previous things and tried to make dialogues. I really can see the difference, I have learnt much during this course, however I did not succeed to learn all the stuff from my preliminary plan, but still THANKS A LOT to Joonas and Rulis for teaching me and thanks for organazing this course. It is great opportunity to study language in easy and informal way.


I asked guys to train me before the Finnish exam I had this week. Reading and understanding texts is the most difficult for me because of poor vocabulary. Also it seems to me that there are a lot of similar words in Finnish and it confuses me a lot. For example: tuli-tuuli-tulli (fire-wind-customs). Also we trained listening tasks: they were reading text and I was supposed to answer whether the statement after the text is true or false. After having a cup of coffee with Finnish sukla Fazer, we decided to play word-game. One person should name some word and another have to name the word which starts from the last letter of the previous word. Quite intresting, actually. Need to try it once again with better vocabulary 🙂

Efficient week

Sorry, I didn’t have time to write in the blog during week, that is why I will tell about two meetings now. We met on the 17th of November in the TAMK’s library.



We were discussing food once again.  But this time we took new words to learn, because topic RUOKA includes a lot of things. This time we did not choose random words, but separated them in topics: for example, vihannekset, hedelma:t, lihat, juomat and so on. At each topic we have learnt no less than 7 words (except of “kalat”. Only lohi, kirjolohi, siika and katkarapu in this theme). Also I asked guys to pronounce different numbers (not just “kolme” or “seitsema:n”) but combined difficult numbers, and I was supposed to write them down. It was not very easy, I have to admit, especially when they started to name “tuhatsataviisikymmenta:viisi” for example 🙂

Aslo we met on Friday 28th.


We decided to discuss some grammar and reading aspects. I told Rulis about Russian vowels and how to read them, because in different cases such letters as “е,ё,я,ю” are  read in different way, and pronounsiation of some things I could not explain 🙁 because I don’t know the rule, I just know how it shoud be and adviced them just to memorize difficult cases. We canged endings of verbs as well, but only in present simple (because neither me nor they know any other tenses yet). It happened so, that I told to Rulis and Joonas about Michail Bulgakov – one of the great Russian writers. I asked to explain how to differ when I need to put “lla” at the end of the word and when I need “ssa”. True to say I didn’t quite understand the difference. But “my teachers” told me about endings “a”, “ta” and “tta” and how to use them. I am very glad of the last week, because it was very productive! Thanks to Joonas and Rulis!

Better and better

When I was in the bus on my way to university I accidently heard the talk of two finnish ladies. And to my big surprise I understood part of the information they were talking about!!! I was really happy and glad for myself. And it gave me new portion of motivation to study Finnish. We are a little bit overloaded now that is why we met again at TAMK and only for hour and a half. But we are trying to make our meetings as more productive as possible.

We tried to read finnish old comic books and actually it is quite interesting. There is not much text but some short phrases. It is easy to accept and understand the information and content.


I advice everybody who is just starting to learn Finnish language try to read comics. It’s really fun, easy and useful!

Also soon it is time of Christmas sales in shops, that is why I asked Joonas and Rulis to teach me some clothes in finnish (I hope you can understand the link 🙂 ). And true to say I got this idea from previous posts. I saw that somebody leart a lot of pieces of clothes:) So here is a list of my finnish friends’ achivements and of mine:

банный халат – aamutakki

ботинки, сапоги – kengät

брюки – housut

ветровка – anorakki

джинсы – farkut (quite surprising btw)

кардиган – villatakki

колготки – sukkahousut

кофта – villapaita

перчатки – käsineet

платье – mekko

футболка – t-paita


Moving forward

Thanks to my EOTO Finnish teachers Joonas and Rulis. We started compulsory course Finnish for foreigners 1 and I have some advantages. At first, I already know alphabet. Secondly, I trained my pronunsiation. And the most pleasant part, that I know numbers, colours, basic phrases, some food and family members. I can answer to teacher’s questions and understand her (sometimes 🙂 )

Now, when this course has started, my learning of Finnish language would be more productive. When we met yestarday with our RU-FI group, we were talking about VOKAALIHARMONIA and now it is clear when I have to put dots under a and o.

Christmas is very soon, that is why we decided to talk about wishes.

Päivää!  Hello!

Hauskaa iltaa!  Have a nice evening!

Hauskaa viikonloppua!  Have a nice weekend!

Hyvää matkaa!  Have a nice journey

Hyvää ruokahalua!  Enjoy your meal!

Hauskaa joulua!  Merry Christmas! and  Onnellista uutta vuotta!  Happy New Year! (I wanted to ask only these two, but guys insisted on learning all of them)

In my turn, I have tought them all these phrases in Russian.

Btw, I have to admit that their pronunsiation is getting better every session! 🙂


Rest from studies

Learning Finnish is getting harder and harder. Different endings of the words are really diffucult to remember. That is why we decided to have a rest from studies and visit an observation tower.  The view was really great. Almost all Tampere was in front of you. Lake is great and you can see that Tampere is a very green city.


At the same time I understand that Russian is much more difficult for my finn-friends as there are a lot of rules and letters are unfamiliar to them. Explaining grammar rules is much harder than I expected. I am a native speaker, it means that nobody tought me to speak Russian, that is why I meet problems in explaining some things. I think we need to borrow some teaching books from library to make understanding of the material easier and then just practice with each other.


Tampere’s anniversary

Sunday was a perfect day for a walk and our RU-FI group didn’t miss it. Thanks to Tampere’s anniversary a lot of facilities during weekends were free. Perfect for curious students 🙂 Sunday automatically became a day of Finnish culture. First of all we visited city building (on keskustori).

20141005_133254 20141005_132146

A lot of people were there and we were among lucky ones who managed to get inside. Nice interior I must to admit. While standing in the queue we talked in Finnish and Russian what had we done in the morning. People looked at us with interest.

After this we went to the Mumintroll museum. Making photos were not allowed but true to say it wasn’t the best museum (even for free). So if anybody is going there you must be real fans of mumintrolls (just my personal opinion). The best thing there was a mumin-house. Howerver, the day was really very good and productive.

Time with pleasure and profit

So, on Sunday we had the second meeting of our RU-FI group. We decided to go to Kotipizza but then suddenly changed our mind and went to another place (the name of which I don’t remember). Unfortunately, Vera couldn’t join us 🙁 That day we decided to dedicate more to culture and national peculiarities than to learning new words, because my memory refuses to work so much. However, I’ve learnt some VERY useful phrases and exprassions, but I can’t write them here as it wouldn’t be polite 🙂

Generally, we talked about how you should behave yourself in different situations in Russia and in Finland. And learnt common phrases for these situations.

I really liked the fact that Rulis and Joonas taught me to make an order in cafe. And I talked with waiter and cashier by myself!  We revised words from previous topics and “food” was to the point. I don’t know why but I can’t remember the word “potatoes” in Finnish. I remember how it begins and from which letters consists but can’t pronaunce it correctly! PERUNA PERUNA PERUNA (now i should remember).

We made some photos but they are not very good, so sorry. Hope Rulis has the same opinion about them and will not post them too (he has them on the phone).

We’ve he heard that these weekends Tampere celebrates anniversary, and I really want to walk in the centre during this event. Hope we will be able to organize our meeting in full staff and have fun


Well, the first meeting of our “RU-FI” group was on wednesday in students’ cafeteria. We   got to know each other and were trying to undestand “what would be interesting for all of us”. It was not so easy as there are 4 people in our group with different timetables and hobbies. But after talking for some time we understood that have much in common. And it’s really great!! Here we are btw 🙂


Moreover, it was decided to make “focus groups”. First part of our meetings Vera and I teach Russian to Joonas and Rulis, than Vera is practicing her Finnish (as she already know something) and I learn basics. From the first meeting I have learned basic numbers and how to form difficult ones + weekdays, seasons and months. and… want to say that finns have VERY DIFFICULT  months. But I’ve learned them and proud of myself 🙂 And true to say I was quite dissapointed when Rulis told me that’s not the most difficult part actually.
We chose words to learn for the next time. I am really looking forward for the next meeting, I ve never participated in such things before and like it very much!