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Sehr gut Schinkenkuchen!

Last time we met was at Hanna’s place in Kaleva, Tampere. She had cooked some delicious ham pie! This time we tried to make a little introductions of ourselves in foreign language. It went quite well!

“Hallo, ich heiße Antero und ich komme aus Finnland. Ich wohne in Tesoma, es ist ein Stadtviertel in Tampere. Ich bin siebenunddreizig Jahre alt. Ich wohne mit meine Zwillingstöchter. Sie sind 10 jahre alt. Wir haben viel spaß und wir lieben einander, ich möchte win guter Vater sein.

Ich habe elf Jahre LKW gefahrt und fünf Jahre Taxi gefahrt. Jetzt studiere ich Intelligent Maschinen in der Fachhochschule in Tampere. Es ist sehr interessant! Ich habe also ein bißchen Deutsch studiert. Ich mag das!”

Okay okay, that was not the actual introduction what I said. I’m a bit shy and even I had that previous speech in my mind, I only said those first two sentences. 😛 But after all it was a nice meeting (again) and I’m sure I’m going to maintain my German skills for the rest of my life. Thank you for this experience!

Playing Alias

The tenth meeting was at Café Europa. It was really fun, we played Alias! We had two teams, Finnish and German. Me and Hanna explained words in Finnish, and Cindy and Melanie explained words in German. So our team had to understand what the other team is talking about and vice versa. It was very fun and it was nice to notice that I really could understand what the other team meant! Or at least 50% of it, but it was fun!

I also noticed that the listening is an important part of learning a language. I have been told that the best way to learn a language is to talk with people who speak that language. Go to that country for a vacation and force yourself to speak it. German language is very interesting language and I would like to try again that Alias game sometime!

Sorry, no pictures, I was so focused on the game. 🙂

Meet the Moomins

Our ninth meeting was with the Moomins. We had a tiny pre-Christmas party in Cindy’s place with some glögi (non-alcohol) and cinnamon biscuits and we watched a Moomin cartoon episode in Finnish and German. It was funny, although I didn’t understand much of the German version, even I did notice many words from here and there.

I also had watched the Men in Black -movie in German, but there is one annoying thing: The spoken language does not always meet the subtitles (even with the very same language), so it’s very difficult to follow what the movie characters are talking.

Anyway, we had a great time, and this meeting actually inspired me to look for more Moomin episodes (;D) and watch more movies in German! As soon as the Christmas holiday begins, I will focus to that more. Now I have a bit busy time when this semester is about to end in a few weeks. A lot of tests and other work to do.

Die Mumins auf Deutsch:

Phrases ready? Fire!

Again. Tamk main campus, building B, second floor, green box. This is starting to be a tradition for us! This time we wrote down some useful phrases, which we translated in both German and Finnish. We didn’t stay for long, but the outcome was quite useful. Even you had a ton of wordlists in your backpack, they aren’t going to help you if you don’t know how to use the in a sentence. So this is very important part of learning the language.

Because I had been studying German language for several years in the nineties, I had a hunch how to form a sentence in German. This meeting was good for recalling those rules!

And a Star Trek joke:
What did captain Kirk say just before our meeting?
– Are the phrases ready?

Two similar meetings

I will squeeze two meetings in to this post, because we had two very similar meetings on two consecutive days in the same spot. We met in TAMK on 8.10. and 9.10. and me and Hanna learned German and Finnish verbs and conjugations. Melanie had prepared a paper with some verbs and their conjugations, some more verbs without their conjugations (so you have to write them down yourself), and more empty spaces for more verbs. Meetings were quite short, so we continued to fill the paper on the other day.

Cindy and Melanie also learned Finnish verbs and conjugations. I think we all noticed some kind of logic in singular and plural persons, in both Finnish and German language. But still I think both languages are not always very logical, and you just have to remember a lot of words and grammatical rules. More words to memorize. I have already learned a lot of words (and some phrases), but still it feels like there is an enormous amount of words to memorize. But I really wish to learn German as much as possible. Worse thing would be that I won’t have enough words to learn, so I have to think positive! 😉  I can do it! Ich kann es tun!

P.S. I have changed my computer language to German (it forces me to learn words), and yesterday I wached the first Men in Black movie with German audio and subtitles 😀 (one of the very few movies in my collection, which includes the German audio and subtitles). Didn’t understand much though, because the German speech was really fast, and not every word was written in subtitles. But I’m looking happily forward to learn more! Gib mir mehr Deutsch!


Nur ein bißchen Finnisch

We had an extra meeting (again) with three participants on 28.9.2018 (me, Cindy and Melanie) in café Siilinkari. Purpose of that meeting was to teach some (useful) Finnish phrases to Cindy and Melanie, so I wasn’t learning German that time. And we thought it would be fine if only part of the group meets, but it turned out it’s not that simple. After all we all live under the same sun and we should take care of others.

So, humanity overpowered our previous thoughts about meetings, and we were a bit worried that Hanna won’t miss anything. That’s important to keep our learning/teaching processes running smoothly in our group, and therefore we decided that we won’t meet anymore with only three people to keep our group whole. That was a good and an unanimous decision. But of course unofficially anyone can feel free to meet anyone anytime anywhere. 😀

After all it was a nice meeting just before octoberfest! Later that night when I was having a nice time in Plevna with some friends, and I noticed this on the table, and instantly took a picture:


Word list number two

We met the fourth time at Pella’s Café in Koskipuisto, Tampere. Melanie’s idea about a wordlist inspired me to write one too. First I wrote the word in Finnish, then in English and at the meeting we wrote the words in German. We discussed a lot of the wordlist. There was a few translation problems, because you can not translate every expression directly. Also the case suffixes in Finnish language is a very weird.

Cindy found a great Youtube-video, where the rules of articles in German language is explained. Still it is not very clear (for me), but the video helps a lot! And in the end you should just have to try to memorize them. In German language the gender of a word (a noun) affects to the rest of the words in the sentence, so you really should know them.

Extra meeting for the new member

We had like an extra meeting last week, because a new member joined our group! Her name is Cindy and she is from Germany.  We met at the library in TAMK.

Melanie had made a wordlist and we studied the words. I knew I had learned many words back then, but I couldn’t have remembered those words without help. So I think these kind of wordlists are very helpful, thanks to Melanie! But then the German articles really are something out of this world, and I’ve had difficult times when I’ve tried to remember the article of every word. No, I still don’t remember. But I try…! Also it helps me to memorize them when I say the words out loud. (Sorry neighbour stalkers, I have no guests here.)

Unfortunately Hanna didn’t make it to this meeting, but our group has planned to meet quite a few times, so I don’t think it’s very dangerous if you miss a meeting or two during the semester. And of course we try to arrange our meetings so that everyone can take part, but sometimes it seems to be quite challenging. Anyway, happily looking forward to meet again! Auf Wiedersehen!



Ein langer Tag

It had been quite a long day (ein langer Tag), when we met the second time in Ratina shopping mall. It was six o’clock in the evening. Me and Melanie were quite hungry, and Hanna was in desperate need of coffee. At last we found a place to meet our needs in Classic Pizza Restaurant, very quaint place.

I wanted to learn German alphabet, so Melanie teached them. Very many letters are pronounced just like the same in both languages! Also we learned/teached numbers, weekdays, months and some colours and some ordinals. The meeting was a little bit busy because of the time schedule, so we didn’t take any long teaching lessons this time.

Time went by very fast, and eventually I had to go home to take care of my children, it was already half eight. On the way home I noticed a strange need in me to listen to Rammstein. I did, and funny thing was that when I opened TV at the evening, a German TV-series was on! It was very interesting to try to listen that language, but (of course) it was quite difficult. I wish some day I could do that fluently.

I also forgot to take photos at the meeting, but I will try to remember that next time!


At first I must say that I’m very interested in German language but still it has been a huge step for me (a really shy guy) to get in to a thing like this. There was a big iceberg in front of me before I decided to sign up for this course. But I did, and I’m never going to regret that decision! I have been studying German for 7 years, but it has been a long time ago (in the last millennium). So I know the basics, but I have forgotten German words quite a lot.

At the first meeting we talked a lot in English and we did take short German lessons every now and then, it was actually quite fun! We also talked about ourselves so we get to know each other. We were in a lunch bar and we ate some breakfast (das Frühstück). I did learn some German words and some grammar rules, and they started to come back in to my mind. I can feel my German skills going up, but on the other hand I noticed my English skills are not so high what I thought. ;D

I think the best way for me to learn German is to just conversate in German as much as possible. They say that you can’t put any information to anyone’s head by using force, but you must grab the information willingly and pull it in to the head yourself. This kind of meetings works for me, when I’m actually “asking” for teaching and therefore it’s me who is responsible for receiving it.

So the ice has started to melt, and I’m very excited about future meetings! The other group members are so nice and positive about this too! Ich möchte viel Deutsch lernen!