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The last meeting – Make-up and daily life

14th,Dec.          Yun ,Xia ,Min ,Kaikai

This is the last meeting for this course..:(

Today we talked about the make-up things in Korea and China.Yun told us that Korea nowadays has two major style for make up,including warm style and cold style.Warm style usually use pinl,yellow,saffro yellow…these kinds of colors.Cold style usually use blue,purple,grey .. colors. And also,we recommend some brands to each other for native cosmetics and some famous shopping areas to each other .

Then we talked about the living ,employment and education situation in modern life.We almost have the same daily life system except a big difference that the college entrance examination in Korean is in winter and China is in summer. Yun‘s younger brother had attend the important exam this winter ,hoping he can get a good grades!

Okay, then we need to see goodbye… Ten times is not enough for we four girls.And Yun will back to Korea soom.. But goodbye is for a better meeting!Hoping that we can see each other in the future whereever in China , Korea  or other good places!Farewell ,my friend!:)


The ninth meeting – Months ,weeks Learning

13th, Dec.           Yun,Xia,Min,Kaikai

Today we learned about how to say months , weekdays,weekends and time in Korean and Chinese.

We have learned from Monday to Sunday in Korean, January to December,and how to decscribe years. An interesting point is the weekdays in Korean has the same pronunciation with the five elements (metal,wood,water,fire,and earth) in Chinese pronunciation!Asian countries always have some common things hahah ^_^ ~

So I think I can express the exact day in Korean now!


The eighth meeting – Basic Number Learning

9th ,Dec.    Yun ,Xia ,Min, Kaikai

Today we met at schools’ cafe and learn the basic number in Korean and Chinese.

We both have prepared materials before meeting so it much eaiser to get start.I have learned how to pronunciation the numbers in Korean but cannot write yet.. Additionally,we also learned some quantifiers which will used when traveling.

The combination of Korean and Chinese is kind of similar for double-digit. And Yun told us in Korean ,the capital form of a Chinese numeral are also can be used!


The seventh meeting – 100 years! The Independence Day !

6th,Dec.   Yun,Xia,Min ,Kaikai

The 6th of December 2017 is 100 years independence day of Finland and so we went to the central square  watched the firework and shows together!

The groud piled up with sick fresh snow and the light brightly across it,everything looks so beautiful.We watched an awesome show and firework together ,besides,all of us are excited about the special evening!By the way,Isac is amazing pop singer!

We took many photos that day but due to the cold weather we back home right away when finished all these events..This was also my first time to see so many people together in Tampere 🙂

The sixth meeting -The Christmas Market

4th,Dec.        Yun,Xia,Min,Kaikai

We met at central square in the evening to hang out in the christmas market.The night scene is super just beyond description!The huge Christmas tree,the reindeer model,the log canbin with sparkling lights…Everything is like a dream!Girls are so crazy about this beauty!

We have took many photoes there and then wanna found some snack. We have tasted a kind of peanuts snacks and but forgot to took of photo of it..It tasted great. In China,only young people celebrate Christmas and just eat an apple and go out for dinner with friends or classmates.Yun said in Korea, they also celebrate Christmas and hold some parties. It is surprising that The Christmas in Korean pronunciation is like the English pronunciation!





The fifth meeting – Suana !

27th,Nov.  Yun,Xia,Min,Kaikai

Today we enjoyed Sauna in my apartment.

We have bought beer in advance cause a Finnish friend told us it is totally a pleasure!Actually, it’s my first time to be in a sauna..

At the beginning,I’m a little afraid of getting hot cause I am really not into high temperature.But after went through this experience,I totally fell in love with Sauna.It makes us feel those exhaustion and unpleasant have excreted from the body!

Yun told us she often went to Sauna with her families and friends,this events is very popular in Korea. And they usually eat eggs and rice wine in sauna house. In China,it is not a common entertainment.

The forth meeting ~ “song”ney day!

15th, Nov. Yun,Xia ,Min and Kaikai

We have learned two songs today!

During the first meeting,Yun has told us that the Chinese song <Tian MI MI> is very popular in China and that was also the reason why we taught her this song!And also we loved an episode from a Korean drama(picture below)called ,<걱정말아요 그대> which we really wanted to learn.

Both of us are familiar to the tune of the songs,the problems is the pronunciation of the lyrics.But with the help of each other,we can read the lyrics by ourselves,although,only one paragraph..

I really love this songs so that I have used half an hour to remember it!This songs reminded me of the warm pictures in the drama!

Our third meeting!Chinese delicacy weekend~

Our third meeting on 28.10.2017. Yun sungin,Kaikai Ji,Min Song ,Xia Chu.

We invited Yun to our home and cooked lunch together.The menu contained Chinese patties,Tofu,Scrambled egg with tomato,vegetable soup.

All the dishes was easy to cook except the patties. Honestly,I was not good at dealing with flour but luckily Min was!I cooked filling and then we made patties together. Korean also have similar food so Yun could do patties very well~We called the Chinese patties “Big dumplings” jokingly..LOL…Tofu is also a traditional chinese food which is made of beans.But that day,the dishes with tofu we cooked was a little bit salty T T !As to the Scrambled egg with tomato,I bet all the Chinese people can cook it and love it very much!

After lunch,we continued learning basic Korean and Chinese for one hour.We taught each other some word can used when eating and how to described weather.

Moomins Museum And Shopping

Last Friday we have been to Moomins Museum together!(Sungin Yun,Kaikai Ji,Min Song,Xia Chu)

Moomins museum is free to public from 3pm to 7pm on the last Friday of each month so we met each other at 3pm in front of the museun.We have took many group photoes which were helped by another cute Korean girl.Then we have looked around in the museum.Yun knew a lot about Moomins so she introduced to us briefly.There also voice introduction on each exhibition stand in English,Finnish and Japanese. Besides,we talked about the comic 《Up》,cause a moomins’ castle in the museum let us thought about the castle showed in the moive which seems very cozy!At last,we found a room where we can draw Moomin and stick our painting on the wall.We all draw it but it seems I am not a good drawer..

After about one hour,we left the museum and went shopping in downtown area.We have talked about the trend in our own country also.

Hope to see you guys next time !

Our First Meeting (20/09/2017)

  We have met each other on Wednesday!

(Sungin Yun,Min Song,Kaikai Ji,Xia Chu)

We met in the café and this was our first meeting for formal studying. Yun has already printed a table of vowel and consonant for us and the table clearly showed that how to combine them.And then,Yun taught us how to pronounce vowel,consonant,as well as the combination of them.She said this is foundation of learing Korean.Firstly,it’s a little difficult for us to pronounce them accurately cause there exists many differences between Korean and Chinese and our tongue was just like.. embarrased.But I do believed that we can overcome it with the skills which were taught by Yun!

What’s more,we were been taught some compression for daily use like :hello,bye,brother and sisiter(differ from different gender),I love you,welcome and so on.

Korean is really an interesting language and it’s pronounciation is very cute! Looking forward to the next meeting!