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10th Meeting (Last Meeting)——Transportations

This is the last meeting and it is also the last time to learn the Slovenian. Today our topic is transportation. The follow words:

English Slovenian
Bike Kolo
Car Auto
Bus Autobus/bus
Taxi Taksi
Tram Tram
Subway Podzemna zeleznica
Airplane Letalo
Ship Ladja
Train Vlack
Motorcycle Motor

According to Timi’ saying, there are many transportations in Slovenian like bike, car, bus, taxi, subway, airplane, ship and so on. But there are not tram and highspeed train. Nowadays there are new four inventions in China like Alipay, online shopping, sharing bike and highspeed train. This kind of train can work at the speed of 350km/h, which can save people’ precious time and provide more people with comfortable conditions.

After EOTO, Timi will go to Korea after he finish his studies. Maybe he will travel to China, such as Shanghai, Beijing and se the language rather than only remember the simple words because the language is a kind of communication tools in our daily life. What a nice day! Thanks for Timi! Thanks for teachers! Thanks for EOTO!

9th Meeting——Fruits and Vegetables

Today it is 9th lecture in TAMK. We study the Fruits and Vegetables in Slovenian. The following is the common fruits and vegetables.We also introduce Chinese words about Fruits and Vegetables.

Apple Jabolko
Banana Banana
Watermelon Lubenica
Lemon Limona
Pear Hruska
Pineapple Ananas
Orange Pomaranca
Tomato Paradiznik
Grapes Grozdje
Potato Krompir
Eggplant Jajcevec
Cucumber Kumara

Fruits and Vegetables are the common food in our daily life, which contain the enough vitamins and minerals for our body. Timi like the bananas. And he says the watermelon belongs the vegetables because watermelon and cucumber are the same species. But we always think that watermelon belongs to the fruits. So we get the new knowledges today! Nice day!

8th Meeting——Months and Weeks

Today we attend the 8th meeting and the lecture is about dates. The main words are months and weeks. The following:

English Slovenian
January Januar
February Februar
March Marc
April April
May Maj
June Junij
July Julij
August August
September September
October Oktober
November November
December December
Monday Ponedeljek/Pondelk
Tuesday Torek/Tork
Wednesday Sreda/Srea
Thursday Cetrtek/Cetrtk
Friday Petek/Petk
Saturday Sobota
Sunday Nedelja/Nedela

I find that ‘August’—‘December’ in English is similar with the Slovenian. All languages have the common part and similar meanings in some contents.For the week, one is the whole word and another is the abbreviation. The word “Nedelja” in Slovenian also means “no working”. What a nice day to learn the language!

Seventh Meeting——Slovenian Numbers

Today topic is numbers. The Slovenian numbers’ rules is similar with the Finnish numbers.

Numbers Slovenian
0 nic
1 ena
2 dua
3 tri
4 stini
5 pet
6 sest
7 sedem
8 osem
9 deust
10 deset
11 ednajst
20 dvajset
21 enaindvajset
30 trideset
100 sto
121 stoenainduajset
200 duesto
1000 tisoo

For 11-19,number + najst

For 21-99,number +in +set

For 100,200……, number + sto

Sixth Meeting——Animals and Special Meanings

The sixth meeting is the animals. We talk about some common animals and introduce Timi some customs about twelve Chinese zodiac animals. And the follow is the animal ’words:

English Slovenian
Dog Pes/Ps
Cat Macka
Mouse Mis
Cow Krava
Horse Konj
Duck Raca
Chicken Kokos/Kura
Pig Prasic/Pujs
Goat Ouca
Monkey Opica
Panda Panda
Mosquito Komar
Snake Kaca
Ox Bik

“Macka” can be used to express the another meanings——beautiful girls. When you see a kid, you can say “Pujs”. And also the word “Kaca” means “lying girls”.Timi knows more about Chinese culture. He says his zodiac is Ox as same as mine. In Chinese traditional culture, Ox means hardworking and patient men.

Fifth Meeting——All kinds of colors

Today is the fifth meeting. Our topic is all kinds of colors. The following is the color words:

Slovenian English
rdeca red
oranzna orange
rumena yellow
zalena green
modra blue
vijolicna purple
bela white
crna black
zlata gold
screbnna silver
rjava brown

If you want to ask “What color is the table? You can say “Kaksne barve je miza ?” I ask Timi “what is your favorite color?”. He says: “Red color”. We know his favorite color is red and we also introduce the traditional color –red in China to him. Because there are many red colors, like lanterns in Spring Festival, the flags and other things.

Forth Meeting——Playing Pingpang

We do not have the learning goal for forth meeting. We just do some sports at the TUT gym to refresh ourselves. Timi plays table tennis with us for about 2-3 hours. I find that Timi has great potential to play pingpang better. And also, Timi says he often play pingpang at her childhood. It is the reason why he can control the balls better. In a word, I think if we want to learn some skills, it is not late for us. With one of our old sayings: it is never too old to learn.


Today it is raining and it is about 3℃ outside. What’ more, this is the first raining in Tampere this year. But it is even snowing last week. As we all known, P. B. Shelley said “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Spring is coming! What a nice day!

Third Teaching:Slovenian letter

Today we learn the Slovenian letter.The pronunciation is same as the Chinese Alphabets.Different languages must have common points.

By researching the internet,Slovene belongs to the group of South Slavic languages. It is spoken by approximately 2.5 million speakers worldwide, the majority of whom live in Slovenia. It is the first language of about 2.1 million Slovenian people and is one of the 24 official and working languages of the European Union.

Second Meeting——Direction and appellation in Slovenian

Today we learn the direction and appellation in Slovenian. The following is the words:

Slovenian English
sever north
sug south
vzhod east
zahod west
gor up
dol down
levo left
desno right
napres forward
nazas backwards
spredas front
zadas back
Slovenian English
mama mom
ata/oce dad
brat brother
sestra sister
babica grandma
dedek grandpfather
hcerka daughter
sin son


From this learning, I find that the pronunciation of mom is very similar in the word.Different countries’ languages have the common voice.

Nowadays more than 6,000 spoken languages of human beings are similar in pronunciation and have similar meanings, especially the terms referring to family members and relatives like Mom and Dad. One linguist says that because babies are likely to associate the first sound they would make with the person they first knew – parents.

First Meeting——Slovenian is a little same as Chinese

Today we talk about the outline about learning language at café. The outline learning Slovenian including self-introduction, numbers, dates, colors, foods, places, countries and so on. I believe that some Slovenian letters have similar pronunciation to Chinese Phoneticize. These are the basics greetings:

Hello—Dober dan (Zdrauo)

My name is—Moje ime je

What is your name? —Kako je ime tebi?

Good bye—Adijo

What’s more, we also chat with a Japanese friend called Character.He have stayed in Taiwan for three years and can speak  a little fluent Chinese.We also talk about Chinese culture together.What a nice day!