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I´m a mexican guy, 23 years old and I love to know people and share my experiences and ideas.

A lot of pizza! (Switzerland-Spain-Mexico)

In this meeting we went to Bianco Pizzeria on Tuesday to take our dinners. For us the Mexicans guys was little early to eat a whole pizza because we used to take our dinner after 9pm and the meeting was around 7pm. Sam and Jon were the more hungry guys and they ate very fast their pizzas. After the dinner we started to talk about religion. I thought that Switzerland was not a very religious country. Sam told us that is true but the old people are still so Catholics. This happens as well both Mexico and Spain. The younger generations are not so religious in our countries but maybe Mexico has still more young religious persons than Spain and Switzerland. I told them in Mexico the Catholicism is still present in most of the mentality Mexicans.

After, we decided to talk about what kind of government we have in our countries. Mexico and Spain have more or less the same kind of government. But Switzerland has a particular government system. They have 7 persons at the same time in the power, I think this kind of government is unique in the whole world.

The restaurant started to close so we decided to go back to our homes. But before we took the meeting photo what we were freezing

Coffee and videogames (switzerland-mexico-spain)

The fourth meeting was at Sam’s department since the day was pretty cloudy and cold wich was nice to go to his aparment to play videogames for a little bit and drink coffee. For this reunion I decided to take my mexican sausace called “Valentina” to put it on the chips. For Sam it wasn’r that spicy, but for Jon it really was. Later, Sam decided to show us an asian sausace wich ended up being a lot spicier even for us as mexicans. We also played for a little while Fifa and I was the worst player. Sam was invict, he’s pretty good at it.

Later on, we started to study the names of some fruits, vegetables, and Basic foods. This time we learned to tell them in three different ways since some of them were completly different in Spain than México. To help us a little bit, we used emojis and whatsapp as a didactic tool.

That was our last reunion until going back from our holidays.

Third Swiss-Mexico-Spain meeting

For this meeting we decided to go to the bar called “Rodeo” since while happy hour lasts beers are only one euro. It is an interesting bar because it has a lot of decoration and they play kind of like disco music. Being in a bar the fist thing we learned was to ask simple things for a bar, for example: where is the bathroom?, Could you give me a beer, please?, and of course, Could you give me your phone?

I need to add that I was se chosen one from my group to go with any girl who spoke german and ask her for her phone number. After a few minutes I found a girl who spoke german and I introduced myself then I asked her “kann ich deinen nummer haben?”, her first answer was “nein” (no) and ayer a few laughs she started to tell me her number in german. In that way I practiced how to introduce me in german, the numbers in german and the just made question.

After, we started to learn the colors in our languages and we realized that in spanish some colors have femenine but also masculine, not like german that just has femenines, masculines or neutral, not two of them in one.

We ended up that night dancing to the rythm of the best disco songs.

Meeting at lake!

In this meeting we went to the lake near from Rauhaniemen and we were talking about how you can introduce yourself in German and Spanish. The way that we did it was saying our name, the country that we are from, this we love to do and some fears. By the way this was a good idea to know more about each one of us. I did some mistakes in my pronunciation but Sam corrected me to do it right.

I could see that in Spanish we have a lot of way to say the same thing so I thinking it could be little difficult when someone is learning Spanish, in case Sam. But I’m very proud of him because he did it very well because he tried and tried to do it perfectly.

Also I learned that in German they used a few words in English because is easier to in German. For example they say Chips the most of the time than Kartoffelchips.

At the end of the meeting we took our first team picture!!! =D