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10th meeting!

Last Wednesday we had our last meeting at the Each one teach one course’s pre-Christmas party. We talked, played some games and eat some sweets. Also, we met other group’s members. I had a good time there.

I am happy with this course. I got to know another language and culture through this course. Actually, I wasn’t going to take this course. But for some reason, I changed my mind and eventually took this course. I think that was a good decision. And I’m glad I met Laura and learned lots of thing about Finland.

Even though this was our last meeting, we may meet one day in Finland or even in Korea. I hope to meet together in Korea. And Laura told me she is going to send me a postcard. I can’t wait for that.

Keep in touch. Take care!

9th meeting =)

Last Thursday we had our 9th meeting at Moro sky bar. It was my first time there. The tower was quite high and good. We ordered some drinks and overlooked a nice view. As usual, we studied Finnish and Korean. I think Finnish would easier than English for Koreans because Korean is grammatically more similar to Finnish than English.

After that, we talked a little bit like about differences between Finland and Korea such as teaching style in school, weather and so on. It was good.

We are going to meet at the pre-Christmas party in TAMK next time and That will be our 10th meeting and probably our last meeting. Time flies! See you guys there!

8th meeting :D

Last Thursday we had our 8th meeting at Pyynikki observatory. We met around 5 p.m. It was quite dark. When I first came to Finland, It started getting dark from about 10 p.m. but now the sky is starting to get darker from even 4 p.m. I can’t still get used to it. Anyway, I found the view really fascinating on the top of the tower. It was because many lights made the view more beautiful. And then we went to the café downstairs and got doughnuts and tea.

Gayeon introduced different kinds of Korean songs to Laura first. What made me surprised was Laura’s been quite familiar with K-pop. And then I also prepared some words, sentence about color and day. It’s still difficult to teach Korean, especially grammar.

I learned some verbs and grammar and some words about color and day. I started to study Finnish for the exam, so Finnish is getting easier for me compared to the prior meeting.

We had a good meeting. I’m looking forward to the next meeting.

7th meeting !

We met in Pyynikkisali last Thursday. This time before the performance we studied languages about school, teacher, things like that. Laura taught us some grammar of Finnish. I learned some things such as some differences between English and Finnish. There are no articles and words have no grammatical gender in Finnish. By contrast, we have words for him/her but there also are no articles in Korean. And we use postpositions instead of prepositions

for example: in + the car / auto +ssa / 차+안에

and then I taught Laura some words, and tense about past, present, future in Korean.

After studying we enjoyed the concert for about an hour. They performed a lot of songs that are musical, film music. I haven’t seen a performance for a while. It was really good.

I was given this one by her. Thank you for the gift.  See you guys next meeting.

6th meeting :):)

We went to Tullintori which is the kind of shopping mall. We’d first stopped by a place where I can look around some dresses in there, and then we went to an East Asia market that is in Tullintori. Gayeun bought some Korean food, and I bought nothing. So, in the meantime, I told Laura about something Korean we could see there such as snack, ramen, rice and so on.

And we went to a café to talk about something cultural and study languages. We introduced some Korean food such as Kimchi, Bibimbap, Bulgogi, things like that. It seemed like Laura was familiar with some things to some extent because Laura likes Korean drama. While talking about Korean food, I was craving for Korean food. Because It’s been a long time since I last ate Korean food.

We also talked about Finnish culture like art, music, movies etc. Laura introduced some Finnish pop songs and had us listen to some songs using a cellphone. It was my first time listening to Finnish songs. I thought rock music has been quite popular in Finland. I could’ve introduced some Korean pop songs, but I forgot to do that.

5th meeting

Last Saturday, we had our 5th meeting at Laura’s place. We ate some Finnish foods, desserts for lunch there.

I have lived in Finland over 2 months so far, but I have not had any Finnish foods yet. So this meeting was really good. I was satisfied with all of the foods prepared by Laura. I liked especially the steamed dish because there is a dish quite similar to the one in Korea. Also, the taste was really similar. I was pretty surprised on some level.

After eating, we studied our languages. I brought some words, sentence about food. And I learned some Finnish words on food and living. I recently started adding romanization under all of the Korean words. I taught Laura how to read Korean before, but to be honest I’m not sure it’s not difficult for Laura to read Korean. So, It would be quite helpful for her when she read and study these again.

For Finnish, I feel like I’m getting used to the Finnish pronunciation each time I study it. But the problem is I can’t remember words I have learned so far. I need some reviews.

Next week, we are going to talk about something cultural such as music, clothes and so on.

I’m looking forward to the next meeting.

Moi Moi!


Fourth meeting

We met in a restaurant in Ratinas shopping center for dinner last Friday. We each ordered different food. I ate pasta. This pasta was pretty good except it was a little salty. After dinner, we went to a café nearby to study. I learned lots of Finnish words about food and restaurant there.

Also, I taught Laura a conversation in cafes and how to pronounce Korean letter which is Hangeul. I thought the way to pronounce alphabet is the most important because we don’t use the Roman alphabet. I hope Laura find it easy although I thought her that poorly.

At the end of our meeting, I was given a gift which is a reflector from Laura. I was going to buy that, so I was really happy with that.

We will talk about our own food next time. I’m looking forward to our next meeting.  

Third meeting

I met Laura, Gayeon at the Moomin museum in Tampere-talo last Friday. We got to get in the museum because it is free on the last Friday of every month.

There were a lot of things about Moomin such as books, statues and so on. Everything was very cute and well-made. So I was pretty happy with the museum for the most part. But it was a shame that we were not supposed to take pictures insides. Moomin is not that famous in Korea. So I didn’t know Moomin in detail, but I am familiar with the name Moomin. I got to know about Moomin because Laura told us about Moomin’s story. In there, everything was written in many languages except for Korean. But I could found the name of Moomin in Korean which is 무민 on a column and some souvenirs. It was very interesting.

We had a good time at the museum. Although we learn about languages this time, we could experience about Moomin in Finnish culture.

Second meeting

We met at the Metso library and look around the library last Friday. I went there for the first time. The library had a lot of books and many sections where I can listen to music and play instruments which were very interesting. Also, the library was very clean and good.

While spending some time on the tour of the library, we found some books about Korea. They had a few books about North Korea. It’s pretty surprising because I’ve never seen books about North Korea in South Korea. After the tour, we studied Finnish and Korean at the café on the third floor.

I learned about cutlery and food in Finnish. I think the words that I was taught are going to be very helpful when I go grocery shopping. Learning Finnish has been quite difficult for me so far because it looks like English in mixed order and every single word is new to me. So I need to learn some words by heart.

The second meeting was very good. Hopefully, The next meeting will also be good.

First meeting

Gayeun, Laura, and I had the first meeting this Friday.

We met at Tampereen Vohvelikahvila which is a small café and stayed for about 2 hours there.

We taught our own languages to each other eating some coffee and waffles by using some handouts prepared for the meeting. Above all, the waffle and coffee were good.

we started off with basics such as the alphabet, numbers, and greetings or something. I was taught some words and expressions by Laura, but these aren’t familiar to me, so it wasn’t easy for me. Also, Laura probably felt difficult in learning Korean, because Korean has nothing in common with Finnish and English. We didn’t do many things at our first meeting, but it was a good start. I’ve never taught someone my mother tongue in English, so it was pretty awkward for me. I believe everything is going to get better over time.

I think we’d better talk about not only language but our cultures next time.

I’m looking forward to our next meeting.