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Meet at cats cafe! Niao!

Yesterday we met at cats cafe at 5:30pm, and my friend Lee and Jayce dicided that let our partners to meet together. So we invite them together to come there.

And we really enjoy the cats, they are so cute that we could not help us touching them.

We also took some pictures! We really enjoy our time and we make an apointment about today`s meeting.

9th meeting about Chinese Tangyuan!

Moe and me met at Sunday afternoon for the 9th meeting, cause last time I invited Moe to come to my house but I forgot to tell her that I am already at her apartment, so she went to my apartment in this so cold weather. It was ture that was my fault.

And Moe made tranditional Japanese food for me and my friend Lee, while we cook the Tangyuan for Moe.

Tangyuan is one of the tranditional Chinese dumplings but different form the normal one.It looks like 白玉团子. But we really enjoy our time.

After dinner, we discussed about some scared movie and story about Japan. And Moe told me that many sotries and moives may be not real. But I thought it is very interesting!


Different kinds of meeting_the 8th time

This  time we meet at TAMK canteen, it is a very wonderful experence to have lunch with different country`s friend!

Although I really miss the Janpanese food when we are having this lunch.(To be honest, I really miss the sushi and soup very much!!) But we still trying the European food.

And we also make some plans about our futher meeting,  not only for the each one teach one course, but it is beacause we are friends!

Although we just have two meetings left, but we would like to go to the Muming meseum,(cauz Moe is cute so she loves some cute things, I guess (〃’▽’〃)) the cats cafeteria, and the Christmas party, and wouderful Japanese restaurant!( I could not wait for that!!). I also invite Moe to come to my apartment to cook Janpanese soup, and maybe I could cook some Chinese dumplings for her!


And then we come to the libary, we seat toghter an enjoy our time! After some free talking, we start to take some photos, and Moe is so cute and I am good-looking,(ahhhh) it is perfect!

This time we also wear the ear rings togetehr, just look like that we are sister with good relationship! So good have some one to have fun with!

Lookfor ward to our next meeting!(`・ω・´)

Very excited 7th Meeting!!!

Yesterday, Moe invited me to her apartment  to cook tranditonal Japanese sweet “白玉团子”, it taste very good!! I could not describe by my English language, if Moe could understand Chinese very much,  I would speak to Moe how it is delicious for me!


And then we start our lesson, Moe found a video for me to understand the different experssion “I” in Japanese systerm.

At the end of our meeting, Moe sent me a little gift! So beatuiful these are! Moe said it made by her aunt, and her aunt said let her send the little gift to other countries` friends! And  I  am so glad to become one of her bset “foreign friends”!

I love Moe and I love Japanese! So nice they are!

6th meeting! At Moro Sky Bar

Last Sunday, I took Moe to the Moro sky bar, and that day is so good with a wondful weather, so we could took several good pictures with blue sky!

And we also enjoy the drink and learn something about “greeting”(it is different from the last one, it is more daily talking

But when we started learning something about “I” in Janpanese, I felt very confused cause there are so many different ways so express “I”, so i asked Moe tell me more next time, after of all, this is a good day for having a view!

First Japanese-Chinese meeting

We had our officalfirst Japanese-Chinese meeting at a  department store RATINA on September  14th. I forget to write this first meeting so I decide to re-write it now.

We heard that there are some sale that day, so we decide to go there.

And It is nervous to see new friends and we learn some country names.

But there are so noisy so we just learnt a little text there.

Pella’s bar

we went to the Pella’s bar last Saturday. And try some Finnish snacks.(By the way, maybe not suit me…

and that day we learnt some animal words.

After that, what suprise to me is that we met at the evening party!And we talk alot that day.

Sushi!Wonderful Japanese food!

This Monday, Moe took me to the itsudemo (A Japanese restaurant) to try some wonderful sushi! It is so delicious!!! Even now  I could not forget it. There are  many kinds of sushi we could choose, and there are also some sushi that Moe said is do not from the tranditional Japanese sushi.(such like some sushi with fruits, even I could not enjoy it..

And this Japanese buffet also have misao soup! It veeeeeery delicious!!

And I hope if we could have another time we could enjoy it again.

After dinner, we learnt some daily phrases such like greeting and also the family numbers.

By the way, Moe said that she did not eat anything that day before we meet, cause she wanted to eat as much as possible, so cute she is.(๑´ㅂ`๑)

I really enjoy that day.

Tranditional food is the best way to learn culture!

During the holidays, we decide to meet again to learn something about our table manners! So we choose Thursday night to have a dinner with each other, and I also take my friend LEE together to cook our tranditional food. (Because I AM NOT good at cooking, what a shame…)

And we invited Moe to my friend’s home and then we ate together,  I also tries the Japanese tranditional food named Miso soup! IT TASTED GOOD!! I couldn’t  describe the decilious smell use my own language! Maybe try it could learn how decilious it would be! We also cook “La-zi Chicken“(Moe said it’s a little spicy), “Candied sweet potatoes“, “Fried dumplings” and “Tea-Milk“. After all, almost of them would cooked by Lee.

And during the eating time, we talked about our diffierent table manners. It’s interesting that Japanese would say “いただきます(i ta da ki ma su)(I’m gonna start now)

And after that I came to Moe’s apartment and we learn the color together and a little daily talking together! What an amazing and happy night!

A Wonderful Study Day

Last Sunday, Moe and me go to the tower next to the amusement park, and we have a great seeview that time.(Although it`s a litte cold, Moe and me all became freezing after we get off the top of tower  😀

We also try the donuts there!!! It`s sweet!!! I also really enjoyed the cafe there.

And that day we learnt some cosmetic brand or companies from her country.*Such like Shiseido, Sony

Also some other brands from other countries.*Mac

And some citys from our countries.It`s very interesting that we have “Bei jing”,”Xijing”,”Nanjing”(north, west, south), but the east is in her country——”TOKYO”,  in my language is “Dongjing” (east). What an amazing thing!!