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The end of my each one tech one


It has been a long time since our group had our last meeting…maybe almost a month?! I have been doing a bunch of other stuff recently so I post boned this one.

I had a blast with my group. My goal was to learn the basic stuff in Spanish, be able to understand it better and widen my vocalbulary. I am happy to say that I made it to my goal.

Our last meeting was in Pyynikin munkkikahvila. We had ” a test ” by using Emmi’s Quizlet material and we all got full points on that!

I don’t regret participating for this course, it was a great experience.



9/10 almost over…


We had our ninth meeting at Diegos place. We decided to enjoy some of the tradition spanish and finnish foods. Obviously we brought along mämmi and cream. Diego taught us how to make a spanish dessert called salchichon de chocolata. There was this italian girl with us and she told us they also have this dessert in italy.

Our lesson for this meeting was learning about kitchen stuff and the recipe of this treat!

Receta – recipe

Cocoa – cocoa powder
Manteca – butter
Galletas – cookies
Azugar – sugar
Huevos – eggd

Bol =  bowl
Cuchara = spoon
Tenedor = fork
Cuchillo = knife

image image

We really have gotten to know each other during this course and I am happy that I have learned even something!! Kind of sad that the next meeting is the last…at least in this course.


8/10 at Tullintori

We had our 8th meeting at Tullintori at Brander cafe.
We decided to have a little bit more “playful” meeting and we started to translate childrens books. Diego found a spanish version of ugly duckling (at least I think it was that one…?). Here are some words and sentences that we learned from the book:

El mundo = world

Mas grande = more bigger

(Un cafe pequeno = one small coffee

Un cafe grande = one big coffee)

Mama pata pado de hablar = duck momma stopped speaking

Levantade = stand up!

I think this way of learning helped us remember the basic words we alrady knew, a little bit better. Because laughing to stupid phrases was a good memory tip to use the words we already had learned!

Vieja pata = old duck

Ella se asusto = she got scared

Perdon! Me podriad aydar. Estoy perdida. Por favor. = hello. Im lost. Help please!

We also learned something that you need in everyday life:

Right =oikea= dedeza
Left=vasen = izqierda
In front of = Edessä = enfrente
Behind=Takana = atras
Next to =vieressä= alado


7/10 bailandoo


Our seventh meeting was all about traditional finnish and spanish parties and celebrations!

We started out by telling Diego about finnish birthdays. We told that when ypu are a child, parents usually invite your friends over, bake a cake and buy lots of candy. Then your friends bring you gifts and you probably have some kinds of activities set up at the party.

In Uruquay, girls and boys have a little bit different kinds of celebration. Girls have their 15th birthday (quincenjera) which is a biiig party where there are all of her family, relatives and friends and its all about tradition.

Boys dont do that much partying in the age of 15, but when they turn 18 they go to a bar with their friends (guys) and party hard 😂

This session was interesting because of our culture differencies!


6th meeting

We had our sixth meeting at a supermarket in city center. We saw that some other group had done the shopping vocalbulary and decided to do it also.

We wanted to know some of the basic sentences that you could use in a supermarket, for example:

Can I pay by cash? Puedo pagar con dinero?

We walked around the supermarket and just talked about doing business there and what phrases to use.

After that we went to Minttu’s place to talk about groceries. I learned some food names, lets see what I still remember:






I think I learned these words easily because I am using them a lot. It is helpful to always try and remember the names for foods at home!




5/10 meeting


I have been a little bit busy with my schoolstuff, so I havent had time to publish here about our meetings. So I am just gonna write four in a row from my notes 🙂

Our fifth meeting happened at Tammela. It was such a lovely day we spent it outside.

We actually saw this cute little baby squirrel and that led us to talking about animals. I thinks its useful to know animal names in a language you are learning.

These are some of the words I learned (and still actually remember YAYYYY!)





I am happy to even remember four animal related words! Soon I will know more!


Dia soleado

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-13 at 15.59.11

Our Finland-Uruquay team had our fourth meeting at Minttus place. She made us some coffee (as she is a coffee expert) and we continued with some verbs.

We also got to planning the rest of our meetings. I think it’s good to schedule them early so there is no stress about getting 10-15 times ☺️

I am learning more and more every time, but my knowledge is still pretty small…maybe after a couple of times I will get better 💪🏻

Chau, nos vemos!


Third meeting


I am writing this blog post a little bit late because I had technical issues…

We had our third meeting at TAMK. We were eating at the same time so we got to talking about culture differences in Finnish and Spanish culture. We ate at 16:00 and I was calling it early dinner and our Spanish group member told me he just woke up recently so this is his lunch 😂

Finnish culture seems to be a little bit more wake up early – go to sleep early. Spanish is wake up later – go to sleep later.

Even in partying- us Finns go to the party at 11pm and go home 3:30 am when the club closes – Spanish people go to the club 1-2 am and leave the club at 6am and party until noon – then sleep…haha.

We also learned some new basic words for example: me, you, us, them, then, when etc…..also weekdays and months ☺️

2nd meeting – basics


We had our second meeting. First we were supposed to have our meeting  at Pala Cafe, but then Minttu asked if we want to see her school and we had it there, at Pro Akatemia.

Emilia had planned in advance what we were about to learn in our second meeting. We learned all the basic things from greetings to numbers and colours.

Here you can see some of the things we managed in an hour:


Some of the words were already familiar to me, but I also learned new things such as colours.

Terveisin, Ella

Dame un Cafe

The first meeting went really good. I met all of my three group members in Finlayson at Cafe Pala. We had scheduled an hour meeting and the time went by quite fast while we got to know each other. In my group there are two finnish girls besides me and one guy from Uruquay. We all got along right from the start which was nice.

First session was all about sorting out our Spanish and Finnish skills, what is our knowlegde level and what are our goals for this course and meetings (we started with as simple as ”hola” and ”moi”). Even though we had much to talk about, we still got to learn some spanish words/sentences like cafe con leche (coffee with milk) and como estas (how are you) And we taught how to say yes (kyllä) and no (ei) in finnish.

My group seems really cool and my expectations for these meetings are nothing but good!


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