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Meeting #10

Our last meeting was supposed to take place in Cafe Aitoleipä. Minttu went there first but it was too crowded for us so we changed our meeting place to Pyynikin munkkikahvila. There was just two people in front of me in the line but still it took 10 minutes to get a cup of coffee. All staff members just stood there and talked to each others. Little waiting did no harm for our meeting because Diego was lost and Ella was a bit late too… We had planned to test ourselves at the last meeting. We went through all our previous meetings and did some tests using quizzlet. Some of us remembered almost everything and some of us not so well. Diego participated also, he wrote words in Finnish that we said in Spanish. And he did very well!

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-17 at 13.17.38

Photo is really bad quality, but it says 100% correct, nice job our group!! <3

We talked about how we spent our easter. Everyone was just chilling and enjoying the life. Then we talked about traffic, how is it different in Finland and Uruguay. Diego told that busses are so much more comfy in Finland. In Uruguay busses are so crowded that you don’t even want to step in there.

This was our last meeting for the course, but we decided to keep meeting in the future ”off the record”.


Meeting #9

Finally we found the time to create some food! We met at Diego’s place. Diego lives at Rauhaniemi in a student apartment. We have never been in there so it was really odd and exiting experience. There were big hallways and lots of doors. Diego for example has in his room a bed and a bathroom, but whole building has only 4 kitchens. So the kitchen is often stuffed. When we first arrived there was just few people and we started right away doing some spanish dessert called salchichon de chocolate. We mixed all incredients and then we just waited it to freeze. While waiting we ate mämmi, traditional finnish easter food. Diego and his friend from Italy tasted it for the first time. They compared it to chestnut and plums, but the taste is really unique. I was really surprised that both of them liked it.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-11 at 20.11.07

Here is a picture of the salchichon de chocolate. It really looks like big pile of shit but it was tasty! While we were eating, kitchen was flooding with people. Everyone were exchange stundents, Italy, German, Belgia, Spain… They were all just hanging there, eating, drawing and talking to each other and music was played. Proper culture shock for us Finnish girls. We decided to go through this yummy recipe in our lecture.

resepti- receta                                                 ainesosat- ingredientes

kaakao- cocoa                                                 voi- manteca

keksi- galleta                                                    sokeri- azucar

kananmuna- huevo                                       pakastin- refrigerador

We also went through kitchen supplies and we taught one spanish girl some finnish sentences because she needed to learn those for her hobby. We had a really nice meeting, i could also live there, the mix of all cultures!

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-11 at 17.32.40

Sugar rush!


Meeting #8

We met in Brandos cafe at Tullintori shopping mall. There weren’t many people so we had to buy something because the café lady was giving us the “buy or go away”- look. I had already drank like ten cups of coffee so i bought little meatpastery and paid a fortune for it. I planned that it would be nice to translate children’s books. But I couldn’t find any free books online in Finnish. Diego found one in spanish so we started there. The book was about a duck family. First we tried to translate some words on our own, but there really weren’t so many we knew. Then Diego translated some sentences for us which made even some sense, not so many of those sentences either.

the world – el mundo

much more – muchisimo

more bigger – mas grande

El mundo es muchisimo mas grande. Indeed.

Our consentration went downhill and we were making animal noises, so we had to make up something more practical…

We were still sitting in the cafeteria, rolling our heads right to left and we just made up sentences what we would need in a new city. Minttu tought that this sentence was most important; I like hot boys, hot coffee is also fine  – a mi me gustan los chicos atractivos, el cafe tambien es bueno. After that Minttu was so blushed we named her Lady Colorada. We also went through directions and basic questons like where is the bathroom, where is my drink, where is the shopping mall/buss station/ train station etc.

oikea – right – derecha

vasen – left – izquierda

edessä –in front of – enfrente

takana – behind – atras

vieressä – next to – alado


The theme of this photo was sweaty, blushed and no make up.


Meeting #7

Our seventh meeting theme was parties. I was going to a student event and me and Ella were tasting some drinks, also enjoying the sun. We listened some spanish music while talking about birthdays in Finland and Spain. The mood was in the roof.

We told Diego that when a child has a brithday party in Finland all his or hers classmates are invited. Also that it was the “best day of ever” when you had birthday and you were allowed to bring candy in school for everyone to eat. After you turn 10 birthdays aren’t a big deal anymore. When you turn 18 you go celebrate with your legal age friends in the club.

Spanish way is different. Diego told that when a girl turns 15 her parents organize either a massive party or pays for a party holiday for the birthday girl and her friends. One of the party traditions is a father-daughter dance. After that every male relative gets a dance turn and after that her friends. Guys celebrate just their 18th birthday usually clubbing or go to see some stripdance.


Party mode is on!



Meeting #6

We read some new ideas from tabula for our meeting and one was just perfect for us. We met in little market at Tammela. There was opening parties so we had free cake, coffee and pesto. Yammy! After eating and drinking we started to make up some useful sentences in market. Example “Hola, donte esta la leche?”. Sadefully the Market was really small and it was pretty full of people so we decided to continue our meeting at Minttu’s place.

At Minttu’s place we went through some groceries that are most common and good to know. Here is some of them..

liha – carne                                                                 mehu – jugo

juusto – queso                                                           jogurtti – yogurt

vihannes – vegetales                                              mansikka – frutillas

ananas – pina                                                            kookos – coco

Sorry, no picture from this meeting, we were feeling too ugly for that…

– Emmi

Meeting #5


Wednesday we made our half way through. It was a sunny day and we were so thrilled about that we decided to keep our meeting outside. Of course first we bought some icecream. We were near Tammelan tori sitting on the pench. Birds were makeing noises and we even saw a squirrel. We didn’t have any good plans for the days meeting so we decided to learn animals. Here is few we learned.

orava – ardilla                                                                 lintu – pajaro

koira – perro                                                                    kissa – gato

hevonen – caballo                                                         poro – reno

sammakko – rana                                                          karhu – oso

kala – pescado                                                               kana – pollo

sika – cerdo                                                                     käärme – serpiente

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-13 at 18.41.55

Before we splitted up we took a photo in some random house yard swing… Till our next adventure…


Meeting #4

Again we had little time apart, because of the holiday and scheduling issues. We met at Minttu’s place. Minttu has a nespresso machine and she made us some good coffee. We decided to rehearse all the words we already have studied. We also need a lot of practise in English so we talked about training, work and holiday in between Spanish and Finnish.  Last time we started studying new verbs and this time we continued studying them. Here are some verbs we studied.

speak – puhua – hablar

sing – laulaa – cantar

walk – kävellä – caminar

pee – pissata – orinar

eat – syödä – comer

study – opiskella – estudiar

We spoke about the grammatical tenses but they were too hard for us in such a short period. We decided to study the present tenses of the words. At end of the session we scheduled the next meetings.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-13 at 15.59.11

Fresh coffee makes us smile.


Meeting #3

Again we had some timing issues. We were supposed to meet last week but Minttu was working late and she was also sick, so that didn’t happen. Finally we found some time at friday afternoon and we decided to meet at main campus in the campus ravita. Who wouldn’t like to spend a friday afternoon at the school? Some of us were hungry so they ate before we started. We had also quite a lot catching up to do, because of the long break. After last time I did quizlet(app) about our lessons, where you can test yourself and listen pronounce again and again. So I taught Minttu and Diego to use it.

I had done some plans for our lecture, so we started where we left last time and continued there. We studied weekdays, personal pronauns, queston words, some verbs and we created some queston sentences. There was some event at tamk because the diner was pretty full. People were staring us oddly when we repeated words as a choir. We stared them back and said “Quieñ es el? Qué estas haciendo?!” 


We forgot to take a picture, but atleast now nobody can say they look awful.


Meeting #2

After little schedule changes and awesome timing plan we managed to meet all together again for an hour. We met at Proakatemia because Minttu studies there and we didn’t want to go to the cafe we were last time. And I can just say WOW, that place looks nothing like a school. The whole school was full of rooms like livingroom. So cozy and chill, an awesome view and free coffee.

We had our lesson in a big room full of chairs with rolls. We used a flapboard to write words correct and Diego told us how some letters together should be pronounced differently. We studied like this: Ella writes numer one in Finnish and pronounces it and then Diego writes it in Spanish and pronauces it etc. till twenty and hundred and thousand. And after that we all say numbers out loud. We also studied greetings like good morning and good everything and colors. Our time didn’t last till learning weekdays so we decided that our next meeting has to be longer. Till that we have much repeats to do with todays material.


Here is better picture of my group without me.

Nos vemos!


Meeting #1

We had our first meeting yesterday. We met at Finlayson PalaCafe and talked little about ourselves. Diego is teaching Spanish to us three girls Ella (left up corner), me (left down corner) and Minttu (right) and we are teaching Diego some Finnish. Girls of our group don’t have much experience in Spanish and our goals are pretty similar. Okay, maybe my goals were bit higher but i’m starting to think that I was bit too ambitious… Diego actually already knew some finnish words, but he wants to learn more basics. We had only an hour to meet so we didn’t have much time to learn yet. We planned our schedule and decided to share our personal plans to eachother in onedrive before the next meeting. That’s how we can take all the good ideas from everyone and make perfect plan for our group.   WhatsApp Image 2017-01-30 at 17.42.24                                                                                      Here is an awful picture of us. Someone else is doing photographing next time, sorry guys…

-Emilia Vanhala