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10. Last meeting at Café Europa

Today we met at Café Europa. First we talked about our last week and I told how my practical training is going in ambulance and do I like it. Färhad told me how his trip went in Lapland. It was nice to hear what kind of things you go to see and test in Lapland. For example I haven’t ever been in dog sledding.

This time we used Word generator again to explain words. My opinion is that word generator gives really good words from easier ones to harder ones and that’s why we decided to used again! I explained words in Finnish and Färhad guessed. Färhads guessing was really great. I explained easy words harder and then gave little hints if he doesn’t guessed right. Then we changed roles and Färhad explained harder words in English and I tried to guess what those were. Some words were really really hard and few words I heard for the first time in English. These words were for example “icicle” and “peasant”. Färhad explained these words well and I guessed those words in Finnish rightly but I didn’t know them in English.

This course has been really good and Färhad has been good teacher. I checked my preliminary plan for this course and now after ten meetings I can say that I’ve become braver with speaking English. And also at the same time I’m good at writing English. I’m really glad that I don’t think where I speak English and I don’t have so high step to start speaking English than I had before. My speaking is also more fluently what it was before and I try to explain words in English if I don’t remember the exactly word. This has been great that I manage to get this point! And with the teaching Finnish, I did my best and Färhad said that he has learnt so much during these meetings. I know that Finnish is really hard language but I was merciful to mistakes because everyone does those including me.

9. Skype meeting

I have practical training in ambulance and that’s why we can’t meet face to face because I’m in Satakunta. But today we had conversations by Skype! I helped Färhad to find good layout to cv in Finnish. Then we translated Haloo Helsinkis song “Hulluuden Highway” in English. Färhad found that one already in English but I checked that it is okay translation. It is really strange to translate the songs in English because then songs meaning doesn’t always be the same what it is in Finnish. I helped Färhad to translate Zen Cafés song “Talo”. There was few sentences which was hard to translate for example “Ja joitain joiden ois pitänyt olla aivan erittäin ja aivan erilail”. This sentence doesn’t have any straight point what is my opinion. 😀 So hard and funny.

After the songs Färhad asked questions about the work in English and I answered. Some questions are in the picture and you can see those when you click the picture bigger! Questions were really good and hard but I answered to those. It was nice that questions were harder now and I had to think all the time I spoke. We had almost two weeks break with the meetings but I think that it was also good thing to our learning. Now I can see have I learnt something or not. I think this conversation were still really good to compare the conversations before. It wasn’t exactly fluent English but good English and I’m happy that I haven’t forgot everything yet. 🙂


8. Meeting at UTA

Today we met at University of Tampere. We were at library. We explained words and guessed them. Färhad explained in Finnish and I in English. It was fun like before. Färhad explained great. We used this word generator to help us to choose words what to explain. Our guessing and conversation led us to these Finnish phrases: “Koko Kokko kokoo koko kokkoa koko kokolla,
koko kokolla kokoo koko kokko koko kokkoa” and “Keksijä Keksi keksi keksin. Keksittyään keksin, keksijä Keksi keksi keksin keksityksi”. These were almost too hard to say quickly also for me. Färhad looked confused when he heard those. We also talked about current news.

I had this word “quilt” which meaning I didn’t knew and I explained it like word “guilty”. But it was still really good explanation. 😀 Today I was little bit tired because I had three night shifts before. But still my speaking was okay. We started with Finnish so it helped me to get used to translating again. These meetings are so fun and I’m not afraid anymore to speak English.

I forgot to take picture so we have to be without now.


7. Moro Sky Bar


Today we met in the Moro Sky Bar which is in Torni. There was very beautiful view. We talked about movies (also in Finnish), kindergartens and I told about inspecting patient. I thought it would be really hard to tell inspecting the patients because I had to use the specific words. I got through it well and I had smaller pauses when I spoke. My speaking was fluent today. It was really nice to speak about the subject I really knew and I had to explain those clearly because Färhad didn’t knew. I told F.A.S.T which we can use when we have the patient who may have a stroke. It means F= face, A= arm, S= speech and T=time. You can google it to get more information about it. I told also A B C D E F what we can use to support our memory. We use this all the time in the ambulance when we meet the patients. A is airway, B is breathing, C is circulation, D is disability (neurological status), E is usually exposure (look and touch the patient from head to toes) and F is family or friends or future or fetus (what you have to notice or you can have more information by asking it from friends or family). I really liked to talk about these! I thought today how much better I have become to compared my skills to last fall.

Färhad told me that year isn’t the same in all countries. I haven’t ever thought that. It is really strange and normal at the same time. 😀 Färhad told where he has been travelling in Finnish. And I told him what movies I like. Today our conversations were really great and I had fun!

6. More Finnish at Tamk

Today we met at TAMKs library. We decided to focus first in Finnish because last time we used English almost all the time. Färhad had text from Finnish course and we used it to start our conversation. I asked questions from there and Färhad answered in Finnish. Questions subject were culture in work. In the picture is questions what we used. We also talked about weather in Finnish. Färhad was speaking really good and he noticed his own mistakes for example the difference between words huone and huono. I think as a teacher I’m better if I compare myself to the first meeting because now my spoken English is much better what it was in the beginning.

After the Finnish part we went to eat and then we continued with English. I told what I’m doing tomorrow and why I wanted to go to Ideapark tomorrow but I can’t anymore. Färhad asked some questions about travelling and I answered to those. I told where I want to travel, where I wouldn’t travel and which country I most like. I told about McLeod’s Daughters series and that I want to go to the place where it is filmed. McLeod’s Daughters is filmed in Australia. And the country what I like most is Iceland! I have goal to get my speaking English more fluent than before and little by little I’m getting there. I still have small pauses while I’m speaking because I forgot what I was saying or I don’t remember word but it isn’t that bad what it was when we started. I just have to keep speaking to learn it.

We will see next time on Sunday. We didn’t plan next meeting but I think we will figure out something. 🙂


5. Ideapark

Today we went to Ideapark. I had two birthday gifts what I supposed to buy. But first we went to Burger King and Färhad ordered some food for himself. Also we tasted these really good Oreo shakes! Färhad ordered in Finnish and it went well. We talked about saluting for generally. It is really funny how many times some people gives a handshake during the day. In Finland we shakes hands so much less. And in France cheek kisses are really common. They could give four cheek kisses for a person. I haven’t heard from that before.  We had really fun during the conversation!

After Burger King we go to the shops to find birthday gifts what I wanted to buy. We talked all the time in English and my spoken English was good today! I explained words if I didn’t remember or then I thought longer other way to say what I wanted to say. It was really good meeting for that. Also I talked faster than before and I didn’t notice that did someone listen us.

When we drove back to home, I spoke Finnish because we noticed that Färhad didn’t spoke much Finnish during the meeting. I asked questions about evening and Färhad answered to me. Some sentences were hard. For example when I asked which way was better to go back home. But it went really good. I translated sentences to English if there was something what was hard to understand. When we meet next I thought that I could answer to Färhad with Finnish and translate sentences to English if needed. It can be hard for me because I have to think both languages but Färhad could learn more Finnish!


4. Game café Taverna

We met today at the game café Taverna in the Tampere city center. It was my first time there and the place was nice! There was a lot of games what to play. Definitely I will go again to Taverna. First we played Junior Alias because there was easier words to guess. I explain the words in Finnish and Färhad guessed. He understood my explanations well but some of the words I used was harder to understand because I spoke native Finnish. I think my skills at being teacher is getting better or Färhad is getting better to read me. 😀

We had also other game which name was “Mitä otsassa”. We used words from this game so we didn’t play with the real rules. We played it by asking questions and guessing the right word. First it was really hard to think right questions to get closer. But it got easier by asking more. Also I explained words in English and Färhad had to guess what the word is. So I had to use English also. When I was explaining words in Finnish and after that I used English it was really hard to remember basic English words because you had to think so much in Finnish. We changed these games after playing few rounds so both of us had to think.

It was really nice to play with Färhad and we had funny moments during the games. For example I tried to ask questions and I asked “Can you eat it?” and the word what I had to guess was a child. Haha, I can’t get over this one.

And about my speaking English, I have to say that it isn’t better but I have more courage to speak it in public. I don’t think it so much anymore what I’m saying. That’s a little progress.

3. Meeting at Tampere city center

Today we had a meeting at Tampere city center. We met at the railway station and walked first to Stockmann. It was pretty hard for me to talk and think at the same time we walked around the Stockmann. We decided to walk some café and we chose Pella’s cafe. It was my first time there! Färhad got the change to order something in Finnish. There was so nice lady behind the counter who used Finnish and English when Färhad ordered his hot chocolate. It went well. I took also hot chocolate and I have to say it was really good!

During drinking the hot chocolate we talked about horse riding and cultures. I showed few videos about my riding with Icelandic horse and tried to tell when I change gait. I helped Färhad to translate Finnish questions which he had from one game where you have word or picture on your forehead and you ask questions and try to guess what you are. Then I got the idea that we could play some game when we meet next time. It would help me to speak more English and Färhad could use Finnish as much as he can!


This time my speaking English skills wasn’t that fluent what it was last time. I think I was little bit tired and it felt really annoying that I didn’t remember all the words immediately. Next week we planned to meet two or three times. We could play some games and go to Ideapark!


Second meeting at TTY

Our second meeting was at TTY. Today was really sunny and beautiful day but we still stayed inside. We decided to begin with my English skills and after that we switched the language to Finnish. I asked did Färhad know some good videos about the speaking English and he showed really good videos. We watched two of those videos which told us how you talk when you are on phone and small talking in business meeting and conference. Videos raised few questions for me because there was words and phrases I didn’t knew or remember. Videos were really useful and I’m going to watch and use those more! Speaking English is so clear in the videos that you will understand everything. I really recommend to watch those! Here is link to the video which is about speaking on the phone. After that I thought that I would try to speak on the phone and use videos phrases to help me during the speaking but we didn’t have time for that because we started from questions. But I want to try it sometime!

After the videos Färhad asked few questions from me. I told what kind of magazines I read and do I like reading. Also we discuss mobile phones and its side effects to human. Färhad showed me one picture about phone which is changed to prison. It really made me think my answer. If you want to see the picture you can google it by “banksy modern prison”. I didn’t want to put the picture here because the copyrights. I think my speaking English was little bit better what it was last time. I had a lot more courage to speak it and I think my weekend helped me a lot with that. I had riding lessons in English so I had to used it!

Then we started to have a conversation in Finnish. Färhad wanted to know how to order food at the restaurant or fast food restaurant. These sentences and words were easier to explain if I had to explain something. Also it was really nice to notice how much Färhad knows already Finnish words. It is nice to teach the language when he have some familiar words where to link the new ones! Next time we will see at Tampere city centre.

First meeting at TAMK

Our first meeting was at TAMK’s library. We thought it would be the best place to start this course and the meetings. At the start we plan little bit our meetings more before we started our conversations.

We started to speak Finnish by reading two conversations out loud. Färhad had those conversations in Finnish from other course. In the other conversation was talked about where are you living and in the other one was talked about eating and they decided to go to eat pizza. Those small conversations were spoken Finnish. Also Färhad wrote some Finnish questions down and asked them from me and I answered in Finnish. Questions was for example “mitä kuuluu”, “missä asut” and “milloin olet muuttanut Tampereelle”. Teaching was fun! But some things were hard to explain in English. For example it was hard to explain why question “milloin olet muuttanut Tampereelle” is better than “milloin olet tullut Tampereelle” in that case you have been living in Tampere a long time. I think my skills to teach and explain things will get better during the meetings.

After speaking Finnish was my time to speak English. Before the first meeting I was really afraid about that how it’s going to go. I don’t like to speak English in the places where somebody can hear you. But it wasn’t that bad what I had imagine. Färhad asked me general questions about my hometown, family and studies etc. It was hard to answer fluently to some of those questions (for example studies) because I didn’t remember all vocabulary. But it went pretty well for the first meeting and it was easy to answer questions which was familiar to me. I will be better!

First meeting was great and useful. I’m really excited about these meetings! Before we finished our first meeting we planned when and where to meet next time.