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2nd meeting

Originally our 2nd meeting had to happen at the Kaleva´s swimminghall, but i cot the flu. So we changed our plan and meet at the TAMK´s libary again. It´s good place to meet specially for my persia, because Mirwais writes and shows me Persian writing. At this meeting we learned ways to say hi and my name is… In the end i try to write my own name in persia. It was fun, but hard again 😀

Finnish lesson we spend studding Mirwais course plan. I correct some grammatical errors and I explained why we say so. However, I noticed that I do not know very well Finnish grammar. For the next time, I need to dig up a high school language book and study the Finnish grammar 🙂 Then I asked a few questions about Mirwais studying and living in Finland. We considered together the correct formulation of the answers.

Next time we meet after winter holidays!

Firts meeting

We met at the TAMK´s library at our first meeting. First thing we would do, was plan our future meeting´s and expectation´s. Mirwaisi knows finish much more than I know Persia. So, he has to start for the basic´s whit me. While my teaching is more about conversation and correcingt his grammar.



First Mirwaisi taught with me Persian alphabets. We star learning by turning my name Anna to Persian alphabets. And some other words e.g. my daughter’s name Maija and Afganistan, which is Mirwaisi´s home country. I learn about that there are as much Persian speaking people as German speakers. So the language area is quite big. I learn also that people in Afganistan speak Dari and the Tadžikistan´s speak tadžik and the Iranians speak Persia, but they all understand each other’s. In the end Mirwaisi shows me some internet links where I can discover more about the language.



At the end we talk in finish about our free time and our hobby´s. Turned out that we both like to do sport. Mirwaisi go to the gym very often and I like to move outdoors by running or bike. We ended up planning our next meetings. How we going to go playing some different sport. Next time we will go to the swimming hall toghether.