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Animals and coffee!

And the 10th and last post for me has arrived…Today we decided to go to Neea´s flat in order to have some coffe and talk and learn some Finnish and Spanish words. Today´s topic was animals. The three of us really like animals and we wanted to know the names of them in other languaje. Talking about this topic was really fun because we discover the meaning of some films or cars that we always heard but never knew it was an animal name in other langauje. Also we thought about how interesting is that there are a lot of words that are very similar in Finnish and Spanish considering the big distance beetween both countries.

This is the list of animales we learnt:

  • Kissa-gato-cat
  • Koira-perro-dog
  • Pupu-conejo-rabbit
  • Marsu-cobaya-guinea pig
  • Delfiini-delfín-dolphin
  • Lehmä-vaca-cow
  • Hevonen-caballo-horse
  • Lammas-oveja-sheep
  • Sika-cerdo-pig
  • Possu-cerdito-little pig
  • Tipu-pollito-chick
  • Kukko-gallo-cock
  • Lintu-pájaro-bird
  • Karhu-oso-beard
  • Perhonen-mariposa-butterfly
  • Kettu-zorro-fox
  • Susi-lobo-wolf
  • Lepakko-murciélago-bat
  • Norsu-elefante-elephant
  • Leijona-leon-lion
  • Apina-mono-monkey
  • suklaa-chocolate
  • Suklaamuna-huevo de chocolate- chocolate egg


This is my last post, altough Maris, Neea and I will keep meeting and learning about our cultures and having fun. I´ve really enjoyed this each one teach one course as it´s a big opportunity to learn finnish culture and people!


Tallipiha: puoti, sheeps and chocolate!

After the dark and cold winter…we finally managed to meet the three of us! Maris decided to go to Tallipiha to learn a little about the history and to visit a new place in Tampere. Tallipiha is a place situated at 5 minutes from the city center, and it was a stable for horses in the past. Nowadays,  it is an area where different events are held like the Christmas market, activities for children or concerts in summer.

First, we had a lovely coffee in a lovely cafeteria in Tallipha and then we decided to see the different puoti or little shops from the area. We fell in love with these little shops as everything was handmade but very expensive for a student´s budget 🙁 After going to the shops, we found a lovely surprise when we discovered that in the stables there were very lovely sheeps and bunnies that you could give love to. Finally, we left the best thing for the end: chocolate. There was a puoti about chocolate and my eyes couldn´t believe what I was seeing. There was chocolate with unimaginable flavors and with a delicious impression. Only one thing…they were again so expensive, but we couldn’t resist so we decided to buy some incredible chocolates. For my self, I bought vanilla, apple, lemon and strawberry flavor.  THEY WERE AMAZING, probably the best chocolate I´ve never had.

During this visit, we also talked about  Finnish words and traditions related to Easter and the differences between Spain and Finland. While in Finland, the tradition is to eat chocolate eggs, In Spain is a religious tradition.

Of course, we took thousands of photos to post them here. I totally recommend to all of you to go to this little cute place!!

See you soon!!!





















Reunion after years!

Hello again! The last meeting was amazing! Maris, Neea and I had a meeting after since last year so Neea invited us to her new home and catch up with our lives after the Christmas break. We bought pizzas for Neea and me, while Maris decided to eat a healthier lunch hahaha. We decided to make a culture learning meeting so we talked about differences between Finland and Spain in food, weather, people, we also talked about traveling, about what it means to us and future plans for the summer. Finañlly we play some typical Finnish games. One of them I played before, it was about finding the diamond in Africa and it was born in Finland but the other one I had no idea about it and it was fun although it´s not a Finnish game.

We really hope we can meet more often and we are planning to go skating some day or to some museums.


See you soon! BTW I leave here some photos of the lovely afternoon 🙂

Learning about vaatteet

Today Maris and I met to talk about vaatteet that means clothes, and we made this huge list of vocabulary:

  • t-paita: t-shirt
  • neulepaita: jersey
  • huppari: hoodie
  • huppu: hood
  • takki: coat
  • pipo: winter hat
  • kaulahuivi: scarf
  • pitkähihanen. long sleeve
  • rintaliivit: bra
  • farkut: jeans
  • housut: trousers
  • vyö: belt
  • hanskat: gloves
  • tumput: mitten
  • sukat: shocks
  • villasukat: winter shocks
  • kengät: shoes
  • saappaat: boots
  • korkokengät: high heels
  • sandaalit: sandals
  • varvassandalit: flip-flops
  • collegehousut: sport trousers
  • alushousut: underwear
  • vimapuku: swimsuit
  • puvuntakki: suit
  • hame: skirt
  • mekko: dress
  • tuulipuku: windsuit
  • reppu: backpack
  • laukku: bag
  • olkalaukku: handbag
  • kaulakoru: necklace
  • sormus: ring
  • korvakorut: earings
  • rannekoru: bracelets
  • silmälasit: glasses
  • aurinkolasit: sunglasses

Food day!

Today Maris and I meet to have lunch and learn more vocabulary about food. It was a very short meeting because she had to work earlier but we enjoyed the time together.

Here is the list of words I learnt:

  • banaani: banana
  • omena: apple
  • appelsiini: orange
  • ananas: pineapple
  • persikka: peach
  • luumu: plum
  • kirsikka: cherry
  • viinirypäleet: grapes
  • aprikoosi: apricot
  • nektariini: nectarine
  • greippi: grapefruit
  • vesimelooni: watermelon
  • kiivi: kiwi
  • kookos: coconut
  • lime: lime
  • mandariini: tangerine
  • pähkinä: nuts
  • mansikka: strawberry
  • vadelma: raspberry
  • mustikka: blueberry
  • sitruuna: lemon
  • Tomaatti: tomato
  • luumu tomaatti: medium tomato
  • kirsikka tomaatii: cherries tomato
  • munakoiso: aubergine
  • kesäkurpitsa: courgette
  • paprika: pepper
  • salaatti: lettuce


Finnish and Spanish traditions

Maris and I had a meeting in Tamk´s caferia to talk about Finnish and Spanish traditions  and special days during the year. We talked about uusi vuosi  and uuden vuoden aatto (new year and new year´s eve); Jouluaatto (christmas day); pääsiäinen (holy week); vappu in the first of May; junannus in the middle of the summer and the independent day on the 6th of December. I also told her the most important days during a spanish year like carnaval, Semana Santa o San Fermín, explaining what they consist about and also my opinion about them.

After thi we talked about food traditions in each special day and also the times when spanish and finnish people have lunch and dinner which are very different.

We also learnt the days of the week, the months of the year and the four seasons:

  • Maanantai: Monday
  • Tiistai: Tuesday
  • Keskiviikko: Wednesday
  • Torstai: Thursday
  • Perjantai: Friday
  • Lavantai: Saturday
  • Sunnuntai: Sunday


  • Tammiku: January
  • Helmikuu: February
  • Maaliskuu: March
  • Huhtikuu: April
  • Toukokuu: May
  • Kesäkuu: June
  • Heinakuu: July
  • Elokuu: August
  • Syyskuu: September
  • Lokakuu: October
  • Marraskuu: November
  • Joulukuu: December


  • Kevät: spring
  • Kesä: summer
  • syksy: autum
  • Talvi: winter

Finally, we used the last  30 minutes to listen to a Finnish ans Spanish song. Maris showed me Juna by Spekti and I showed her Princesas by Pereza. I think be both liked the songs and we enjoyed listen to them and understanding the lyrics.


See you in the next post!


Waffles and chill


After a long time without seing each other because we couldn´t find any suitable day for Maris, Neea and I, we decided to meet in pairs. So yesterday, Neea and I went to the best waffles place in Tampere. After catching up on our lives and enjoying our lovely waffles and coffee, we start writing all the words we wanted to learn, as well as useful sentences and basic colours:

  • Maitokahvi soijamaidolla: coffee with soia milk
  • Kahvila: coffee place
  • Kahvilla: drinking coffe
  • Sokeri: sugar
  • Ruskea sokeri: brown sugar
  • Punainen: red
  • nainen: women
  • sininen: blue
  • vihrea: green
  • keltainen: yellow
  • violetti: purple
  • oranssi: orange
  • valkoinen: white
  • musta: black
  • vaaleanpunainen: pink (light red)
  • tummansininen: dark blue
  • lumi: snow
  • lumiukko: snowman
  • lumienkeli: snow angel
  • En puhu suomea: I don´t speak Finnish
  • Anteeksi mutta en ymmärrä: Sorry, but I don´t understand
  • Aamu: morning
  • Aamupäivä:  mid-morning
  • Päivä: noon
  • Iltapäivä: afternoon
  • ilta: evening
  • yö: night
  • Hyvää huomenta: good morning
  • Hyvää iltapäivä: good alternoon
  • Hyvää yötä: goodnighti
  • hyvää päivän jatkoa: have a good day
  • nähdään: see you

After this mix of vocabulary and expressions, we also talked about winter in Finland and how to deal with it. She showed me the word: kaamosväsymys, which means dark time of the year and tiredness.  This pretty much explains why I´m so tired all the time and now I understand why Finnish people are always drinking so much coffee and tea.

Finally, here I leave you the wonderful waffles we ate 🙂

NÄHDÄÄN !!!!!!

Excursion to IKEA

Our last meeting was in IKEA. Maris had to work but Neea wanted to go to IKEA because she is moving to a new flat so we decided to go there together and learn some new vocabulary in IKEA.

We met at TAMK and then we went by bus to Neea´s home. It´s funny because the day before I had a Finnish Society and Culture class where they told us that finnish people never invite others to their home. She showed me her house, with the typical sauna and also her cutes dogs. She also showed me the film area where we will go someday to watch a Finnish or Spanish film.  After this we went by car to IKEA  and she bought the things she needed at the same time we learn some new words:

Mikä tämä on suomeksi? How do you say this in Finnish?

Ostos karry. Shopping trolly.

Paljonko tämä maksaa? How much does it cost?

Uutuus. Something new.

Lautanen. Plate.

Lusikka. Spoon.

Haatukka. Fork.

Veitsi. Knife.

Lasi. Glass.

Muki. Cup

Kylpyhuone. Bathroom.

Roskakori. Bin.

Peitto. Quilt.

Tyyny. Pillow.

Aluslakana. Sheet.

Kukkaruukku.  Flower pot. (Kukka. Flower)

Kenkälusikka. Shoehorn.

Kynttilä. Candle.

Käsipyyhe. Hand tower.

Ulos. Exit.

Kassat. Checker.

The day was really fun, and we also learn, by guessing how to write the words, that Spanish words never have the letter K, always C, while in Finnish it´s the opposite thing, in fact almost every word has the letter K. Finland seems to love that letter!

Small talk and songs time!


Neea, Maris and I had our second meeting for dinner at TAMK. For them was dinner but for my spanish timetable was coffe time. We decided to divide our evening in three parts: finnish teaching, spanish teaching and songs time. Neea and Maris starting teaching me some small talk sentences and questions about personal life, whether or time.  Finally we ended up mixing both languajes and teaching at the same time because we were all the time asking questions to each other.

Here I leave some of the thing I learnt:

  • Mitä kuuluu? How are you?
  • Hyvää kiitos. Entä sinuelle? Good thank you, and you?
  • Mukava tavata/hauska tutustua. Nice to meet you.
  • Kuinka vanha olet? How old are you?
  • Mistä olet kotoisin? Where are you from?
  • Koti. Home
  • Olen Espanjasta. I´m Spanish.
  • Ole hyvä. Here you are.
  • On pilvista/aurinkoista/tuulista. It´s  cloudy/ sunny/windy.
  • On kylmä/ kuuma. It´s cold/ hot
  • Tuulee.  Wind.
  • Pilvi/pilvet. Cloud/clouds.
  • Aurinko. Sun.
  • Sataa. It´s raining.
  • Sataa lunta. It´s snowing.
  • Mitä kello on? Kello on… What time is it? It´s…

After the teaching we did the song part. Last time we met we talk about taking to each meeting a Finnish and Spanish song so in this meeting I took the song “Me rehuso”, because they asked me to bring a famous pop song from today, while they brought the song “Söpö”, that means cute. First we listened the spanish song and we translated together and then the same process but with the finnish song. Neea and Maris found easy to translate beasue they alredy know some basic Spanish, however for me was imposible to translate it by my self, although I really liked the song!

I really enjoyed this last activity because it was really fun to translate the songs and finding out some lyrics didn´t make any sense even in the lenguaje that they are written!

Here I leave some photos of us 🙂


First meeting with Neea and Maris!

Neea, Maris and I had our first meeting together! We met at TAMK´s cafeteria to have a coffee and talk about what we want to learn during this course. Nea and Maris already know some basic Spanish so I will teach them more vocabulary and verbs for having everyday conversations.

On the other hand, they will teach me Finnish from the very beginning. To start with they taught me how to write in a second hand Facebook group Hei, olisko kellään talvitakkia koossa M? (Hi, would anyone have a winter coat size M?) A really useful thing because winter is coming.

It was a wonderful first meeting because we got to know each other, we talked about our different cultures and finally we did a brain storming of ideas for things to do and all of them were great and fun. We also talked about taking to every meeting a Finnish and a Spanish song with printed lyrics so we can learn vocabulary and new songs as we are all music lovers!