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Halloween, Catalan tradition!!


This meeting was very fun, we decided that we were going to cook, and since it was Halloween, what better than to cook a typical dessert of Catalonia at this time.

The dessert is called Panellets, they are a kind of marzipan made with potato, almond and sugar. The way to make them is very simple, first the potatoes are cooked, then the skin is removed and crushed, then the ground almonds and sugar are thrown. Then put the dough a little in the fridge, then make balls and decorate with pine nuts, chocolate or coconut. To finish they put in the oven and ready to eat.

I loved cooking this dessert since Nusca had tasted it, it was very tasty and easy to make. We had a great time doing it and laughed a lot.


Movie time!!

I was waiting for the day of this meeting, the other day was movie day. Watching movies is one of the things I like to do the most and I loved doing it with my classmates.

We met at Anni’s house, we prepared popcorn and chips to watch the movie, but as always, we ate almost everything before the movie haha ​​started. We had some other problem to find the movie in Spanish with subtitles in English, but after a while we got to see it.

The movie we chose was Coco, it’s a cartoon movie about a Mexican boy who wants to be a musician, but his family hates music and they forbid it. As a result of that, a series of very funny and beautiful things happen that I recommend you to see. (I do not want to reveal anything)

Due to the lack of time and how long it took us to start, we could not finish seeing it. Even so, I have seen it and I recommend it to everyone. It has helped us to know a little more about the Mexican culture, something that interests us also because in the group there is a Mexican girl.

Learning vocabulary with songs!

The other day, we met again at TAMK as we wanted to repeat the study day and learn new interesting words. This time we decided to do it in a more fun way.

We chose a song in Finnish first, we listened to it whole and then we listened to it again, but this time we stopped it and at the same time Anni explained the meaning of the words. We decided to do it with children’s songs since it seemed easier to us. Then we did the same but with a song in Spanish.

The truth that I thought was a great idea and was a very fun afternoon because it was funny to know the literal meaning of the words of the songs.

In the end we ended up showing different kinds of ridiculous songs that were in each of the countries, it was a very fun moment because we could not stop laughing. Every time I am happier to have chosen this course, we always learn new things and we had a really good time.

                                                Käy muumilaaksoon                                                                             Susanita tiene un ratón 

Study day!!!!

The other day my classmates and I decided to do an afternoon of study, we met at TAMK and we started deciding what we wanted to learn.

First we learned how to introduce ourselves, then we found it useful to learn the days of the week and the first ten numbers. To finish we made a list with the letters of the alphabet and next we wrote a word that started with the corresponding letter, in Spanish and Finnish, and with the meaning in English.

I thought it was a very interesting afternoon and I think that with this type of meetings we learn a lot. We all liked it a lot and I think we will repeat day of study !!!

Learning at the Supermarket!

At our second meeting we decided to go to the supermarket, a very good way to learn the names of foods in Finnish. We meet at Prisma as it is one of the largest supermarkets in Tampere.
While we were taking the food we needed, we were saying the names in Spanish and in Finnish. Anni also told us some of the traditions they have with some foods.
One of those traditions is every Thursdays,  restaurants all over Finland serve pea soup for lunch, with oven-baked pancakes for dessert.
I found this meeting very interesting and very useful, since when making the purchase you always have difficulties to know the name of some foods.

First meeting at the cafee!


Our first meeting was at Cafe Poem, a very cozy place where we could talk and have a good time. In this first meeting we decided what would be the things that we would do in the next meetings, like going to the supermarket, having a picnic in the lake, staying for cooking, watching a movie, going to the sauna etc.

We also talk about the different celebrations and traditions of the different countries from which we come. We learned how the Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico, Finland and Spain.

I’m excited about this subject, and very eager to do all the plans we have planned. It seems to me a very good way to learn about other cultures.