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Little pre- christmas

This time Hanna invited us to come to her place. She prepared something to eat for us and we spent a nice evening together in a cozy atmosphere.  As we are know already studying the other language quite a while, we decided to give our language skills a try and introduced ourselves in Finnish and German, which went pretty well.

It´s really interesting to see how easier it gets time after time, even though it´s still a long way to really know a language. I noticed that we learned a lot more than we think, throughout this language exchange.

As it´s soon Christmas, we talked about christmas markets and had good conversations. I will definitely miss this, when the exchange is over.



Learning by Playing

This time our group met at Café Europa. As there are various games, we decided to play ALIAS in two groups, Antero and Hanna in one team and Cindy and I in one team. Of course, it would have been a bit challenging for us to play it with the original rules (as the game was in Finnish), so we just choose the word from the card, we already knew.

Cindy and I explained the word in German and the others had to guess what it is. Antero and Hanna explained the word in Finnish and we had to guess what it could be. Of course, we all just said our guesses in English, if we had no clue what it is in the other language. I was really happy as I noticed how much we all are already able to understand in the other language. There were also some answers I knew in Finnish. After over three months it´s interesting to see, how we got used to the language, which confused me the first time. Now after a while, it´s getting easier to understand what people could talk about, as there are always some words I know. Therefore the idea with the game was perfect, as we all could see how we improved our language skills.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle alias game

It was a funny evening and we all had a good time together. Looking forward to  our next time together! 🙂

Moomin Movie night

After we had a couple of meetings at TAMK and focused on studying, it was time for a change of location. We met at Cindy`s place and had a movie night in a cozy atmosphere. As we wanted to watch something in german and in finnish, the best was to choose an episode of a series, so that we could watch the same in every language. And while we are in Finland, what could be more typical than watching the Moomins? 😀 Unfortunately the German version didn´t include subtitles. Even though the speaking part is not that difficult or complex, but without subtitles it wasn´t easy for the others to understand it. We were lucky, because after we watched the episode in German, we tried the same one in Finnish, where we of course already got the story and it had English subtitles too, which made it for us much easier. I think especially with these kind of films (of course with subtitles, if available) it´s a good way to get into a language. At least you get used to the language, while you hear it. I think it was a good idea to do something different and as we all had a long day it was quite relaxing and funny too. Especially when you watch the same episode in two different languages.  It was really weird to hear them speaking German, I prefer the original Version, although I don´t understand that much so far.

I´m Looking forward to our next meeting, because it´s really nice to spend time together.

one more time at TAMK

After the holiday break we had a little chat about the week and what we have done. As Hanna worked during this week on a cruise, she prepared some phrases used on a cruise or at any place tourists are. Together we translated them into German, as they are as well useful abroad or wherever German is spoken. This time we mainly focussed on useful phrases, so we learned some phrases in Finnish, we might need. For example, asking in which direction something is, asking to upload the buscard and so on. I will try to use these phrases in daily life. I think we all learned many new words, as we studied the last times also at TAMK. Sometimes it has become difficult to explain the used words or the meanings in German, because not everything can be explained that easy. Maybe I simply don´t know how to explain it, as it´s common for me and I just know it, as it´s my mother tongue. I guess this goes with every language, as some things are just the way they are without any plausible explanation. That´s why I think it was really helpful to study more intense, to get into the language easier.

Indeed, we need to do something different too, that´s why we arranged a nice evening together and I´m looking forward to it.

Funny study time

The time goes by so fast and next week is already the holiday break or Independent study week. Especially for us Exchange students, this is a good opportunity  to travel around and explore Finland. Therefor we decided to meet this week twice and to continue after the week off. As the day before, we met again at TAMK, it´s a good place to study or just to talk. Mainly we continued with the verb list and added some new verbs, both in German and in Finnish. My notebook is getting fuller and fuller with finnish phrases, verbs and so on – I´ll use the week off to memorize them or even better to use them in daily life.

Especially on the bus stop for example, as the last few times some people asked me which bus goes where or when and I give my best to give the correct answer. We talked about our experiences and I told them about mine. One time I gave the answer – Bussi kuusi (Bus Nr. 6), which is basically correct but our finnish colleagues explained me the right pronounciation and explained me a similiar word which I can easily mix up. In this case it would confuse others, but it was quite funny when we talked about it. 😀

There´s everytime something new to learn, so I`m Looking forward to the next meeting. Have a good week off! 🙂


Study afternoon

This week we decided to meet at TAMK, as most of us were anyway here. As we agreed to learn more actively it´s a good decision to stay at TAMK as we have enough space to study some new words.

We splitted the time, so that all of us could learn and teach. This exchange is really good, as it gets frustrated after a while, when I don´t have any idea what the words could mean. After Cindy and I taught Antero and Hanna some german verbs, they started to conjugate them. They are doing a really great Job ! 🙂

After all, it was our turn to conjugate some finnish Verbs. At first I had some difficulties to get started, but I suddenly began to remember the processes and was happy when I was correct with some conjugations. 🙂 I realized that it takes some time, but also that I should learn more to achieve better language skills.

Pidämme hauskua – We are having a nice time

This time we met at the traditional finnish Café Siilinkari. After catching up and enjoying some snacks we focused especially on learning finnish. It´s quit good to meet once a week, as it´s also a good possibility to repeat the words and phrases I learned in the language Course, Basics of Finnish. This time we could learn a lot of new phrases in finnish and new words which are helpful in everyday situations. Starting with questions like “May I have a cup of coffee? to “How was your weekend” – we tried to repeat and memorize them.

After this meeting I have a lot of new words and phrases I can learn and it´s good that our finnish teachers check if we write the words correctly – that´s really helpful.

As we focused this time on finnish, we will continue next time with daily phrases in german. I´m  always happy to extend my language skills, so that I can start to speak finnish with others, which is the best opportunity through Each One Teach One. 🙂

Pella´s Café

This time our group met in Pella´s Café at Keskustori. We found a nice table where we could talk and learn Finnish and German. It was the first time we all met together. This afternoon we mainly focused on the German language. As we decided to prepare some vocabulary lists, Antero had a really good list prepared. During our meeting Cindy and I helped Hanna and Antero with the translation into German. They did it quite well, as there are some words which are similiar to English, for example the hand- die Hand.

For me it is really a good way to learn an other language, when I have lists or papers where I can note down everything. I think it is a good idea that we all prepare some lists and talk about the things we want to learn in the other language. Also for me with teaching German it is easier when I know where to start or what to teach.  I can learn the finnish words as well, so all parties learn the same words, expressions- I hope I can memorize them easier. Of course we had time for Smalltalk too as was a good atmosphere and we met for the first time with all four of us. 🙂

Studying at the library

As we all have different schedules and things to do, it´s not always easy to find a date, which fits for everyone. Right after the first meeting we all agreed with meeting each other regularly. Last week Hanna was very busy, but Antero and I decided to meet in the library, for a special reason. We have a new member in our Each One Teach One – group! 🙂

Cindy extended our group, so we are now two finnish and two german teacher/learner. Before our meeting we exchanged messages and all agreed to meet at the library to repeat the experiences from the last meetings, so that Cindy knows what we have done so far and what our expectations are and of course we talked about her thoughts too.

As we found out that it is difficult to really memorize the new learned vocabulary and phrases which we learn during our meetings, we want to make vocabulary lists and lists with daily phrases or whatever seems important to us. At the library we talked about it and could learn a lot more words. I think after this meeting I really started to memorize the used words, especially because Hanna and Antero teached them already and with repeating them or writing them down it helps me to get to know the language easier.

We teach and learn at the same time, which makes it a lot more fun as we find out that there are always some similarities between the two languages (Alphabet for example).

I`m really Looking forward to the next meeting, where all four of us come together. Even if it was just an expectation that we met without Hanna, the next meetings should be as a whole group.


The second time we met, Hanna, Antero and I decided to go to the Shopping Center Ratina. We picked out a nice Restaurant where we had good conversations. Although it was just our second Meeting it felt like hanging out with Friends. While spending time in the restaurant we automatically talk about “how to order a meal in finnish and in german language”. As I have already noticed that it´s common in finnish restaurants and bars to order at the counter, I had the chance to ask the others, where it is common and where the waiter or waitress comes to the table to take the order. This insights in the finnish culture are interesting as it makes it for me easier to learn a other language, when I know how life is in this country. The longer I am in Finland, the more I get to know about the country, the language and the Finns.

While exchanging our culture and the language we trained the Alphabet, the pronunciation both in finnish and in german. It´s quit interesting how difficult it is for me with the letters “Ä” and the “Y” as they are rarely used in german. On the other side it can be  difficult for the others to pronounce “Sch”.

To improve our language skills and to learn longlasting we all agreed that we start to write some phrases and vocabularies for each one on a sheet, so that we can learn better and memorize the new learned words easier.

If you see a word how it is written, it is much easier to remember it – same goes with a meal, if you see how it looks like it makes you remember how hungry you are 😀

Hyvää ruokahalua / Guten Appetit! 🙂