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CHI-GER | New Words and too many numbers | #2

8 October 2019: Second meeting at TAMK´s Campus

Our groups second meeting was dedicated to learning more advanced words and start to learn our first numbers. We exchanged important phrases like “You’re welcome” and more. The numbers gave us hard time differently, but on both sides we found some easier than others. We hope to become more confident in them and learn more and more in each next meeting.
For now, we look forward to strength our learned skills.

CHI-GER | Good stats with Burgers | #1

5 October 2019: First meeting at “Friends and Burger”

你好 (Ni hao),
我的名字是 菲利克斯 (my name is Felix).

Our groups first meeting was held in Tampere´s downtown to eat dinner we, as two Chinese and one german, all can relate to. Here we found the opportunity the disuse more about our goals for the course and plan out the next meetings as well as get to know each other more.

We decided to exchange phrases right at the first meeting to use and most of all to improve our language skills in every next meeting. Therefore, in addition to a greeting, we teached and learned to introduce ourselves. 

Based on that we found it very interesting to point out differences and similarities in our differences in our languages, cultures and traditions and we’ll find more in the near future.
We were able to leave the restaurant with a better understanding of each others and our first learned words, which felt like a great start. 

Starting with the impressions of this first meeting I look forward to continue this course and I am confident in the success of upcoming meetings as well as in the knowledge we exchange and the joy we can share.