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10th Meeting Romania-Russia

Bună! Privet!

So this was our last meeting by video chat which was kinda sad but this doesn’t mean we can’t call each other in the future to see how we are doing. And Yulia also told us that she really wants to visit Romania one day as well as us, we want to visit Russia and maybe her city one day. In our last meeting we repeated everything that we learned in 9 meetings and discussed our future plans for the next years that will come. I really enjoyed learning some Russian and teaching Romanian. Where I realized that our countries have a lot of similarities and even if they are kinda far away the similarities makes everything look like it’s one country. Our meetings were funny even the last ones online, video calling in that way we saw some things from Yulia’s point of view and her home also some little bit of the city. So in the end it was not that bad that she had to go back home. It was sad that we didn’t have the opportunity to show her on a video call just a little bit of our city  but we will call each other in the future and show her also show her some traditional dishes made by my mom. I found out lots of things about Russia and it’s similarities with Romania. These things I will never forget. This semester this course was a little bit different because of the pandemic but i did enjoy a lot the time that I had to spend with Yulia at TAMK and at our place as well as her place.  I can’t wait for Yulia to visit Romania and come to my city Bucharest which is the capital. When she will do that I will show her the most interesting things I know and make her the best food. Also I would like to invite her to my country side to see how it is the real Romanian lifestyle. It was my pleasure to teach Yulia Romanian and to learn a little bit of Russian. It is a hard language to learn but not impossible and with a lot of work maybe someday I will be able to speak it.

9th Meeting Romania-Russia

Bună! Privet!

Me Ramona and Yulia had a video call again to talk about some Russian traditional dessert. As much as I wish this face face to face and not meeting I only had the chance to see the pancakes she made only in the videocall. It was really hard because they looked really delicious. The pancakes look like normal pancakes that we make at home but the only difference is that they put as  filling condensed milk which I never tried on pancakes or salty ones like mushrooms, fish or caviar also never tried.  But the other ones like jam, berries and cottage cheese I have tried, and it is really delicious.

I have learned that this dessert in Russian is called “blini”  which appeared before the IX century.   They also have a holiday and that is the time when they eat this dessert the name it’s  Shrovetide in Russian “Maslenitsa” which lasts a week.

Yulia gave us a list of things that they are doing in this holiday which looks really interesting to me.

  • On the first day of the week, Monday, called “Meeting”. Women begin to bake pancakes and a Scarecrow is installed like a symbol of the past winter.
  • On the second day of Tuesday people go to each other’s houses, tasting the most important dish of the holiday – ruddy, fragrant and hearty pancakes with a variety of fillings.
  • The third day is Wednesday. On this day, the tables on the street and at home were supposed to be full of treats, it was believed that the more people ate pancakes for the whole day, the better!
  • Thursday was supposed to ride in horses, fistfights, various games and of course the increased eating of the main dish-delicious pancakes.
  • Friday – “Mother-in-law’s day”, mothers-in-law bake their most delicious pancakes for guests and their favorite son-in-law.
  • Saturday – girls gathered for fun girls ‘ gatherings or went to visit relatives, again treated to soft, ruddy, incredibly satisfying and delicious pancakes.
  • Sunday is “Forgiven day”, burned an effigy of winter, asked each other for forgiveness for all offenses, meeting a new spring life and celebrating its arrival, having fun and of course eating in huge quantities the main festive dish-Russian pancakes.

Well from what i have read it is a really fun and interesting holiday as you have something to do everyday in that week. And i find it really interesting that they have to eat so many pancakes. Like everyday they have to eat lots of them which i think after this holiday maybe people put some more kg. Sounds funny to me.

In Romania we have something similar to this where we have to eat kinda like a dessert. You can find it in various forms. For example like something baked or like a soup. It looks like an eight (8) or like the infinit sign.

8th Meeting Romania-Russia

Bună! Privet!

Me and Ramona called Yulia again to talk about some words in Romanian related to the Summer as it is on it’s way to us. Those are some of the words we talked about. Was funny to realize that again some words are exactly the same in Russian and Romanian for example June and July.

Summer – leto ( Vară in RO )

Flowers – tsvety ( Flori )

Ice cream – мороженое ( Inghețată )

Sea- More ( Mare)

Traveling – puteshestviya ( Călătorie )

Sun – solntse ( Soare )

Swimming – plavaniye ( Înot )

January- Iyanvar’ (Ianuarie)

February-fevral’ (Februarie)

March-Mart (Martie)

April-Aprel’ (Aprilie)

May-May (Mai)

June-Iyun’ (Iunie)

July-Iyul’ (Iulie)

August-Avgust (August)

September-Sentyabr’ (Septembrie)

October-Oktyabr’ (Octombrie)

November-Noyabr’ (Noiembrie)

December-Dekabr’ (Decembrie)

And again lots of words are really similar to each other.

7th meeting Romania Russia

Bună! Privet!

Me and Ramona called Yulia today so she could show us how she makes a soup, more exactly all of her ingredients. It was really funny to realize that it looks and it has the same ingredients just like the Romanian soup that we use to eat back home.  She gave us the list also:

  • Beef – govyadina
  • Cabbage – kapusta
  • 3 potatoes – kartofel’ ( In Romanian it’s similar “cartof” )
  • 1 onion – luk
  • 2 tomatoes – pomidory
  • 1 carrot – morkov’ ( In Romanian it’s “morcov” )
  • 2 garlic cloves – chesnok
  • Dill – ukrop
  • Sour Cream – smetana ( In Romanian it’s “smântână”)

And it is exactly like ours. We talked about this and it was interesting to see that we have the same dish just with a different name. In Romanian it is “Ciorbă de varză în stil Rusesc”. Which kinda translates to Cabbage soup in Russian style.

6th meeting Romania and Russia

Privet! Salut!

So unfortunately because of the current state with the pandemic Yulia is no longer in Tampere, she is back to Russia. But this didn’t stop us from doing meetings. We called her video in a sunny day here in Tampere and as well in Russia. She told us that in that day it was weirdly hot which never happens in her city. Even if we are still here in Tampere we will go home soon in Romania, so we couldn’t show Yulia a little bit from our city. But she showed us just a little bit of her city. It looked sunny and beautiful. I wish someday I will be able to visit her in Russia.

5th meeting Romania-Russia

We decided this time to meet again at our place and invite Yulia. We talked again about our countries and the similarities that we have which surprisingly every time we talk about something related to our countries we find lost of them. We didn’t know exactly what to make but in the end we decided to make delicious brownies with chocolate which our moms make sometimes. It was very delicious and we used Finnish chocolate which gave a really sweet taste to it. Also we had to recap things we learned before so we can see what we remembered.

4th meeting Romania-Russia

Privet vsem!

For our 4th meeting, we decided to invite  Yulia to visit our home  so we can cook Romanian traditional food for her, in that way she would experience the taste of our country. We cooked for her some mamaliga, which is a dish made of corn flour . She told us that they have mamaliga in Russia too , but is not as popular as is it in our country.  My Romanian friend’s mother sent us some tradiitonal food made home by her.

Me and Ramona  prepared them for Yulia. We were very happy to see that Yulia enjoyed our food and that she was very excited about it.

We had the chance to talk more about our countires and our cultures and little by little we find out that Romania and Russia have some similar things.

First meeting Romania-Russia


Yesterday, on the 4th of February me and my Romanian friend   had our first meeting where we got to know our “student” which is Yulia an Russian student, we got to know each other much better and share our experience about being a student in Finland. Me and Ramona had the chance to teach Yulia some basic greetings in Romanian, and she taught us the basic greetings in Russian. It’s a nice opportunity to learn Russian, also to know more about each country. We found out that we have a lot of similar foods for example borș which is something you put in the soup to make it more sour and  delicious, and that we have a few similar words such as: yes = Da, mother = mama.

Romania-Spain Third meeting

Participants: Sara Campos, Cristina-Maria Dumitru, Ramona-Andreea Ion

On our third meeting due to our tight schedule we decided to meet at the university and have our teaching class there. We found a sounds proof mini room where we stayed there and it was very cozy. Also it was great because we didn’t hear the students outside so we could concentrate on learning and teaching. We gave Sara Romanian money so that whenever she feels like she wants to remember something about Romania or about our meetings in Erasmus she could look at them.

Romania-Spain first meeting

Participans: Sara Campos, Cristina-Maria Dumitru, Ramona-Andreea Ion

On our first meeting we decided we should meet for the first time in our university campus and start studying Spanish/Romanian. We prepared paper sheets with how you read Romanian and Sara taught us the same for Spanish. We stayed there over 2  hours.