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First meeting Romania-Russia


Yesterday, on the 4th of February me and my Romanian friend   had our first meeting where we got to know our “student” which is Yulia an Russian student, we got to know each other much better and share our experience about being a student in Finland. Me and Ramona had the chance to teach Yulia some basic greetings in Romanian, and she taught us the basic greetings in Russian. It’s a nice opportunity to learn Russian, also to know more about each country. We found out that we have a lot of similar foods for example borș which is something you put in the soup to make it more sour and  delicious, and that we have a few similar words such as: yes = Da, mother = mama.

Romania-Spain Third meeting

Participants: Sara Campos, Cristina-Maria Dumitru, Ramona-Andreea Ion

On our third meeting due to our tight schedule we decided to meet at the university and have our teaching class there. We found a sounds proof mini room where we stayed there and it was very cozy. Also it was great because we didn’t hear the students outside so we could concentrate on learning and teaching. We gave Sara Romanian money so that whenever she feels like she wants to remember something about Romania or about our meetings in Erasmus she could look at them.

Romania-Spain first meeting

Participans: Sara Campos, Cristina-Maria Dumitru, Ramona-Andreea Ion

On our first meeting we decided we should meet for the first time in our university campus and start studying Spanish/Romanian. We prepared paper sheets with how you read Romanian and Sara taught us the same for Spanish. We stayed there over 2  hours.



Romania-Spain second meeting

Participants: Sara Campos, Cristina-Maria Dumitru, Ramona-Andreea Ion

We decided we should have our second meeting at a coffee shop were we have never been in the city center. We learned family members, weekdays, months of the year, colors, etc. Sara taught us the accent in Spanish and how to read the words correctly. We taught her the same in Romanian.  We drank coffee and talked about how things are in Spain also the same for Romania.

Spain-Romania Fifth meeting

We decided that this time we will meet at Sara’s place because she wanted to cook for us some traditional Spanish food : huevos rotos con chistorra and torrijas which is fried eggs with chips and pork also Spanish sausage plus fried toast. I was really surprised to see that this is what they eat at lunch on a saturday because it is exactly what we eat in Romania. I had the chance to try Spanish sausage which was very delicious. Actually everything was delicious and i enjoyed it very much. In the same time as we were eating we talked about things for example what are our plans here in Finland until we will go home because the time is going and we are almost in December, when we have to go home.

Fourth meeting Spain-Romania

Participants: Sara, Cristina and Ramona; date: 24.10.2019

We invited Sara at our place to make her some delicious traditional Romanian food. It was interesting because it was the first time for us to make some original Romanian food. We made mămăligă with yogurt, eggs and feta cheese. We didn’t had many expectations as it was our first  time but as it’s an easy dish to do it was really delicious and had the same taste as you can find it in a Romanian restaurant.

After we ate we made hot chocolate and talked about how is our life in Finland so far, what things we like and what we don’t. Also more about our private life and how different is Finland from our native countries.