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CHI-GER 5th Meeting

On this day of meeting, we are working on the third and final trigger. We had decide to be working on the “open trigger” and the topic chosen are transportation. We are required to collect at least 50 words which are a little bit overwhelmed at first but sooner and later it gets better and easier.

Here are some of the word and phrases I had learn in German:

My bus is late. Mein Bus ist verspätet.
I bought a ticket. Ich kaufte ein Ticket.
I have a suitecase and a backpack. Ich habe einen Koffer und einen Rücksack.
My Bus/xx goes at 11:00 Mein Bus/xx fährt um 11:00 (los).
My flight takes 3 hours. Mein Flug dauert 3 Stunden.


CHI-GER 4th Meeting

16 November 2019

We met at Pella’s Cafe around lunch time in order to work on the second trigger for this course. It was fun-filled and exciting. In this day I had gained and obtained many knowledge.

Each of us order something from the cafe to eat as snacks before we start working on the triggers. Some of the phrases I had learned is that “I paid x,xx €” and “I spent x,xx €”.

Here are some photos of the food and notes:


CHI-GER Third Meeting

25 October 2019

On this day we met at a German Restaurant nearby Finlayson Area. The name of the restaurant were Plevna. We had some German Pretzel as snack while we work on the first triggers.

It’s pretty fun and challenging to learn the phrases cause it was very different and could be hard to pronounce and remember but somehow I am able to accomplished it.

Here are some pictures of the pretzel and notes of what we had learned on this day:


CHI-GER Second meeting

8 October 2019

We were meeting at TAMK as for the second meeting.

In this day, we learned more about each other’s language such as simple greetings and numbers. Personally I found the numbers in German were quite easy to remember. However, the pronunciation were quite challenging but with the help of my group mate I had manage to learn it eventually. We had also learned to how to say our age in proper sentence since we already know numbers.

Besides that, here are some of the simple phrases of greetings I learned:

Entschuldigung = Sorry

Danke/Dankeschön = Thank you/Thank you very much


First Meeting (CHN-GER): Burgers and Joy

5 October 2019: First meeting at “Friends and Burger” ( Hämeenkatu 17, 33200 Tampere)


Our group consists of one German(Felix) and two Chinese(Menglin and Man Seng). Through planning , we had decided to have our official meet-up at a particular restaurant for dinner and discussion sessions about this course “each one teach one”.

Upon arrival, we chose a place in the restaurant to settle down. Then, we went to place orders of the scrumptious burger. While waiting for the burger, we did a small introduction of ourselves in English then in German and Chinese. We discuss and chat about our experience so far in Finland, our own culture and traditions, our traditional cuisine and more. There were similarities and also differences between the language, culture and traditions between German and Chinese which makes everything much more fun and interesting to learn and know about.

Here is some basic German that I learned that day:

  • Guten Tag = Good Day
  • Auf wiedersehen = Bye
  • Mein Name ist = My name is
  • Ich bin = I am

Although it’s only the first meeting but  I think this module are precisely useful to me. This is due to the reason that it would definitely help me to improve my communication skills through all the meetings and meetup. I believe this skill is one of the most important skills that a person needed to have in today’s employ-ability market. Language are fun to learn  but I still had to put in more effort in order to fully absorb the knowledge and the basics of a whole new language.

I’m excited for the next meeting and I strongly believe that it’s going to be interesting and fun-filled.