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Second Meeting AT-DE-ES

Second Meeting AT-DE-ES

The second meeting was again a food preparing session. This time we baked an original Austrian Apfelstrudel at Janas place. To improve not only our cooking skills but also our language skills and our feeling for language, everyone of us presented typical music of their nations and we taught each other the lyrics and their translations. Since we have different Spanish speaking levels we also tried to teach Jana the basics to start a small talk conversation.

In this meeting I also refreshed some vocabulary basics and had a nice lunch. Because I had to leave a bit earlier to play football, I agreed with Guillermo to continue the session in the evening while cooking paella, where we met some other Spanish people and ate with them. Now we are able to name some furniture.

At the next meeting we will start with the triggers.

First Meeting of our Spanish, Austrian and German Group

Our first Each one teach one meeting was a success. We met at Guillermos place to cook together. At the begin we just tried to get to know each other and talked in English. After a small introduction with the first Spanish/German phrases, we started cooking. We made a Spanish Omelette and German Frikadellen. While we prepared the typical dishes we had a lot of fun and taught each other the names of the ingredients. The best part of the meeting was the tasting. For that, a Peruvian and Hungarian girl joint us and we experienced some differences between proper Spanish and South American Spanish.

In conclusion I can say that I learnt how to cook a Spanish Omelette and refreshed some vocabulary at this meeting. But the most important thing is, that I met really nice people, with whom it will be a pleasure to meet more often!