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6th Meeting- Chinese- English


On our 6th online meeting, we tried to do something different than the other meetings we had. So we decided to play some games with words to help our Chinese friend Zonghang Song to improve his English level while having fun as well. So we played the game ”Hangman” with various categories such as animals, plants, colours and sports. Finally, we enjoyed the game because it was a little challenging, we had good cooperation and we won several times.

5th meeting Chinese- English


Yesterday we made our fifth meeting, which was an online meeting and we did some conversation in English about movies and series we watched recently. Each one of us told and explain the story and the content of the series or movie that he watched recently and we made a discussion about them. Furthermore, we proceed with an application in English to help our Chinese friend with speaking English in order to improve his level. Finally, it was a great chance to talk about something else except the most popular issue of the planet which is the Covid -19.

Hope all of you stay healthy and safe!!!


4th meeting- Chinese-English lessons

Yesterday, in 23/3/20, we had our 4th online meeting through a Zoom video with our Chinese friend. He teaches us how to introduce and how to tell basic information about ourselves in Chinese and we helped him practising English to improve his level. Furthermore, we learned to ask questions and how to make small conversation with a client in a hospitality department like a restaurant or a hotel. Adding to this, we had the opportunity to practise and apply our knowledge by discussing with our Chinese friend and making an imaginary case of a Chinese customer in Cyprus and we were the assistants in the restaurant. Taking everything into consideration, it was a very interesting meeting because it helps us for our future career by giving us the basic knowledge for future conversations.

12/3- Third Meeting- LIDL supermarket



Today, we had our third meeting at Lidl supermarket, and we teach English and learn Chinese at the same time. First, we saw the bakery products, fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products and other products and ingredients that can be frequently used in every house. Furthermore, we tried to say the words in Chinese that weren’t easy enough and was a bit challenging. Also, we have the opportunity to help our Chinese friend to improve his English level by speaking that help him to pronounce some words better and learn some new words that he didn’t know before. From my point of view, it was a good experience because we teach and learn while having fun that helps a lot rather be taught from a book that some of us find less interesting.

Second meeting-11/2 Chinese alphabet,numbers, basic conversation phrases


Well yesterday, we had our second meeting at Tamk library, and we focus more on learning Chinese. Firstly, we have learned the alphabet, how to pronounce each letter and some words which I find a little difficult to understand them at the beginning but as I continue to repeat them was easier. Also, I have learned some basic conversation phrases, some ingredients and foods, family members, numbers and how to make a complete sentence. From my point of view, the most difficult thing in Chinese is to write the words in Chinese which I will try to learn it. However, it was a great experience because I didn’t expect to learn easily because Chinese look difficult but as they say  don’t judge a book by its cover.

First meeting-10/2 Chinese and Cypriot Culture


Two days ago, we had our first meeting at Tamk cafeteria. First, we talked about Chinese a popular festival like the Spring Festival and about Chinese foods. We asked about some rumors about foods like dogs and cats which are not eaten by everyone as we knew. Furthermore, we had a small introduction to the Chinese alphabet, and we learn about various religions across China, different cultures which have some small differences depending to the region. Finally, we talked about our country, Cyprus, our traditional foods and beverages. Then we showed our archeological sites and places such as landscapes and crystal-clear beaches which made them want to visit our country.