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Last meeting (Finnish-Spanish)

20.10.2019    Fifth meeting

Time: 17:00-20:00, three hours 

For our last meeting, me and my boyfriend cooked dinner for Paula and her boyfriend who is also now studying in Finland.

Food turned out to be a bit of on disaster, but the night was really nice. We talked a lot about Finnish and Spanish cultures, sports, politics, studying etc. We also learned/taught different foods in Spanish and Finnish.

The time passed really fast and we mainly just focused on enjoying the night together. Because the night was more about learning to cook, host a dinner and to learning about the Spain, I messaged Paula afterwards about the food vocabulary. She taught me some basic words like breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner and for example how to ask/ tell about food allergies and how to say that someone is a vegetarian. She also thought me how to ask what the other person wants to eat and how to say that the food is good, spicy, sweet, salty or sour.

I forgot to take any pictures in middle of the whole food chaos but here are few random pictures I managed to take.


I’m sad the course is over. I really enjoyed all of the meetings and I learned so much during them. I’m so happy I decided to do this course!


Café Aitoleipä

10.10.2019      Fourth meeting

Time: 9:30-11:30, two hours 

We went to have a coffee in Café Aitoleipä (Keskustori). This was our fourth meeting.

It was nice to see each other again after few weeks. Today we studied professions. How to ask what do you do for living and how to answer to that. I think I have learned a lot during these four meetings. I really like this way of studying. I can try to make my own sentences and then Paula can correct me if I say something wrong. I can also ask Paula how to say whatever sentences I would like to know how to say. This way of learning is also super exciting and fun! I can’t wait until the next meeting.


Nightlife of Tampere

28.9.2019      Third meeting

Time: 22:00-1:00, three hours 

For our third meeting we thought it would be nice to go to see nightlife of Tampere. We met in Ranta. During our night out we talked about Spanish and Finnish drinking cultures. I learned how to order drinks and to ask how much somethings costs in Spanish.


It was nice to meet each other in a different kind of social setting. The morning after could have been better but it was all worth it because we had a really nice night!



28.9.2019      Second meeting

Time: 10:00-12:00, two hours 

For our second meeting we wanted to meet at Suolijärvi which is a really nice lake in Hervanta. The weather was really good today so it was nice to spend the day outside and enjoy the last sunny days before the rainy and dark autumn comes.

While walking around the lake I asked how to say different things in Spanish. Later when we got home Paula sent me all these things, she taught me in a message so that I could study them again at home.


Here is picture of my notes that I wrote when I got back home. I learned for example to introduce myself and to talk about my interests and feelings.


I recommend everyone who hasn’t visited Suolijärvi yet, to go to walk around it. It’s amazing how there can be place like this so close to the center of Hervanta. 🙂

Pantumaca and coffee in my place

18.9.2019  First Meeting

Aim: To get started with learning Spanish as well as to get to know each other better

Time: 10:00-12:00, two hours 

I invited my pair Paula to come to my home. We met at s-market where we did some basic grocery shopping. Then we went to my place where Paula cooked pantumaca which is a Spanish dish.

We talked about Finnish and Spanish education and about the differences that we have in our countries. I learned many new words and verbs in Spanish and taught some Finnish to Paula.

Our first meeting was good. Time went really fast and I was able to learn a lot.