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4th Online Chinese and Cypriot Meeting


We changed our class online because of the unnormal situation in this Monday. It’s a new and funny way to study languages. I can share my screen and type some Chinese characters and pinyin, which is easy for me because I’m not good at handwriting although I studied Chinese characters from primary school. I taught them several basic sentences like “I am…”, ” My name is…”, “Nice to meet you.”. I think something I didn’t talk clearly and it should be improved. It’s an interesting experience in general.

3rd Meeting- LIDL supermarket -Chinese and English


We had our third class in Ratina at 5 p.m. last Thursday. First, we talked about skiing holidays. I learned that they went to Berlin on skiing holidays. When we arrived, I began to teach them the Chinese words of bread and vegetables. I thought it would be very easy, but I found that I was wrong. Because I seldom buy food and bread in China, I couldn’t name different vegetables and bread. At the same time, I learned the English words of different vegetables and bread. Then I taught them the words of meat and dairy products. I found that it is not easy for them to pronounce the Chinese words correctly. overall, I think it’s a good experience because It’s a direct way that I can learn English words according to the objects rather than Chinese words.

First meeting- Chinese culture and Cypriot culture


Yesterday afternoon we met at TAMK. I invited my two Chinese friends to join this meeting. In the beginning, we introduced ourselves so that we can know each other better and they learned some information about my major. Then we talked about Chinese traditional festivals and Chinese food. They really wanted to try Chinese seafood and some food cannot accept. After that, they introduced Cypriot food and scenery. They also showed some landscapes that I never saw, so we’d like to travel to Cyprus.