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1st Meeting Chinese-English

Our first meeting took place on 22nd of February in Espresso House Cafe.

At the beginning of the meeting, Siyuan Peng and Hao Xi taught me the basic rules for pronouncing correctly the numbers. Based on the rules, we spend about one hour learning how to write, pronounce and spell the Numbers from 1-999 in Chinese. In the process of learning the numbers, the boys taught me the four different tones of Chinese  in order to pronounce them more accurately.

Moreover, I teached the boys some daily spoken English slang expressions.


10th Meeting Chinese-English (Final)

Our final meeting took place online on the 9th of May.

In our final meeting, we have introduced the culture, beauty and food of our hometown to each other through the video we found on YouTube. During this meeting, we seemed to have travelled to two different cities at the same time in just 2 hours.

All in all, it was a nice last meeting, as we talked about a lot of different stuff and things that were on our minds.

9th Meeting Chinese-English

Our 9th meeting was held online on the 8th of May. Me and Siyuan continued restoring the scene where we were shopping together in the supermarket on our zoom meeting, but this time we focused on the vegetables and meat.

Just like we learned the names of fruits, we also found as many photos of vegetables and meat as possible, after we worked out all those names and expressions, we found that learning with pictures is really a good way to help us remember both their name and their appearance.


8th Meeting Chinese-English

Our 8th meeting was held on the 2nd of May online.  Me and Siyuan tried to restore the scene where we were shopping together in the supermarket on our zoom meeting. In this meeting, we found as many pictures of fruits as possible in life and then wrote down both their Chinese and English names so we could easily put them into categories.

At this meeting we learned almost all the fruits  we could think of in English and Chinese and had a lot of fun!

7th Meeting Chinese-English

Our 7th meeting took place on the 25th of April online. Me and Siyuan continued teaching to each other phrases used in the hotel or restaurant, this time with the more complex ones. As they were difficult Siyuan helped me by  splitting up each expression into many single words and then use examples in order to make me understand the meaning of every detached part. Finally, we worked out all the expressions.

6th Meeting Chinese-English

Our 6th meeting was online with Zoom on the 18th of April. Me and Siyuan talked about the phrases that may be used in a hotel or a restaurant as my studies are about hospitality management and tourism. As there are many phrases that can be used in a restaurant we decided to start with the simplest ones. Throughout learning those phrases we realised with Siyuan that some phrases used in Europe are not being used in China and vice versa.  Siyuan learnt some new phrases that can be used in a restaurant as well.

All in all it was another intellectual meeting.


5th Meeting Chinese-English

The 5th meeting took place online on the 5th of April.  Me and Siyuan continued talking about 10 most common verbs in Chinese and discussed the difference kinds of banks that exist in China and Europe.

After Siyuan explained to me the rest of common verbs in Chinese, we began to discuss the similarities and differences between banks in various countries, especially in China and Europe. First of all, in China, as long as the money is deposited into the account, the bank will pay interest to the user, but in Europe, the bank does not have such treatment, on the contrary, the user will be charged a monthly or annual service fee. What is more, due to the popularity of mobile payment in China, people tend to store their money on third-party platforms such as Alipay. WeChat and other platforms get higher interest while gaining convenience, but there is no such platform in Europe.

To summarize, it was once again an amazing meeting and I had great fun teaching Siyuan and learning a lot of funny information as well.

4th Meeting Chinese-English

Our 4th meeting was on 22 of March. It was held online due to the coronavirus epidemic. Consequently in our 4th meeting, Siyuan and me talked about the 10 most common verbs in Chinese and the name of different kinds of western food like Check pea, Black Olives, Halloumi and so on.

The meeting started with Chinese. Siyuan listed the  10 simplest and most common verbs  which can be used in almost all conversations. He explained them to me clearly and gave me as many examples as possible to help me understand them better.

After that, I introduced him to the most common foods in my country and what ingredients and steps are needed to make them. Also, we discussed some slangs in English like ”you guys rock” which means well done, which was really interesting for Siyuan to learn.

All in all we ended up sharing useful knowledges to each other.

3rd Meeting Chinese-English

Our 3rd meeting took place in Cafe Europa on the 14th of March. Me and Siyuan talked about the pronounciation of the  years , various colours and family members in Chinese. Moreover, we discussed in English about the different kinds of western festivals that exist and talked about the situation of coronavirus in Tampere and how to protect ourselves.

The meeting started with Chinese. Siyuan listed all of the colours and found a way to link them in order for me to be easier to learn them.  He guided me to discover the rules and connections behind it so that I can better understand and master them. I learnt how to say the years in Chinese and learnt all the names of family members in Chinese.

After that, I tried to describe to him some most typical and popular western festivals for me, like Karnavalia Festival, Easter Holidays and Orthodox Christians Festival. During the process I told him when are these festivals, why do people celebrate them and how do they celebrate them.

In conclusion, it was a very intellectual meeting.

2nd Meeting Chinese-English

Our second meeting was on the 7th of March. Me, Siyuan Peng and Katerina Pagoni met at Europa Cafe. Firstly, we talked about some daily dialogue in different situations and we shared some funny things about Greece and Cyprus to Siyuan.

The meeting started with the Chinese Language. Siyuan taught us how to read and write weekdays and months in Chinese as well as we learnt to summarize a rule which helped us to remember those words more easily.

The meeting continued with me and Katerina  discussing with Siyuan some amazing things  about the most sought-after celebrities, songs and some must-try food in Greece and Cyprus. In addition, we taught him how to greet people  in Greece and Cyprus, like ‘yia su’ means ‘hello’; ‘efxaristo’ means ‘thank you’. We actually, ended up combining English with Greek, while explaining in English everything.

All in all, it is an amazing opportunity meeting with people from different countries and learning new things.