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Fourth meeting: Time for study

This time we decided to concentrate fully on studying and started triggering. I mean those EOTO -course triggers, of course. We played some games and discussed about languages, accents etc. Also I was inspired to teach something I know about Fenno-Ugric languages and basics of finnish way of forming numbers – kaksi –> kaksikymmentä, for example.

No pictures this time, I was so concentrated to studying I forgot we need to write a report about it.

Winter is coming! (third meeting)


Autumn in Finland is mostly dark, cold and wet, so when temperature dropped below zero we decided to go for a walk in a forest. We started our walk after 4 p.m. when the sun was setting and after a while we were in total darkness. This was ‘just another day’ for me and I was a bit surprised how calmly our foreign guests took it. Well done, there is a potential to be finnish in you!

Still smiling!

Nobody got cold, lost, or injured, so I’ll declare this success.


Playing & discussing at Kumma, FIN-ENG

Our second meeting of Finnish-English group was held at Kumma bar & lounge with an intention to play some board games. There is a nice selection of different games on shelf to choose and after short discussion we chose Alias – a game where the objective of the players is to explain words to each other. Our version of the game was the original Finnish version, so we used Google Translator to translate words to English. Playing was actually very funny to be played in foreign language, and same time also very educational. It was a bit challenging to describe some word without saying out that actual word or part of it, especially when playing against clock and doing it fast.

We didn’t know it beforehand, but bartender told me that Kumma was part of NamuAppro. So after sitting there about an hour, lots of students started to walk in in overalls to eat small snacks, so I eat something also. Those overalls led our discussion to student life and social status in different countries. As an conclusion I would say this meeting was very fruitful.

Tampere city tour with English-Finnish group

First meeting with our English-Finnish group was a city tour in Tampere. Weather was like Finnish autumn was expected to be; cold wind and occasional rain, but we were prepared for that with. We started our trip at Koskipuisto, which is a nice park in the city centre, very famialiar for Finnish students. I was surprised to see flowers there still blooming despite cold nights!

While crossing a bridge over the Tammerkoski, we saw pieces of history of an industrial Tampere, old red-tile buildings of Tampella and Finlayson. This is Finland – promised land of Engineers.

Our main target was Kauppahalli, a market hall founded in 1901. We spent there a while looking and naming items and discussing mostly about food. New words for me, for example, was ‘yeast’ and ‘perch’.

My personal goal for these meetings is to learn to speak and understand spoken English better, and to get comfortable with it. This meeting worked fine for that purpose, only short silent moment was when we were eating pastries we bought from Kauppahalli.