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Second Meeting

Hallo! Hei!

For our second meeting, we decided to go to Le Momento in Ratina. Our plan for this day was to talk about food in Germany and in Finland. But before we got to order our own food Tessa and I had to face the difficulty of a Finnish menu. We already knew view dishes in Finnish and Ninni helped us with the rest.

We talked about the differences in restaurants. For example, self-service is very common in Finland whereas in Germany it is used only in cheaper places. Also, that water is free in restaurants was new to Tessa and me.

After having finished our meals we went (like real fins would do it) for ice cream. Tessa and I were quite surprised by the big selection. But after Ninni told us that Fins are eating the most ice cream of all European countries it does not seem so surprising anymore!

For our next meeting, we want to play Monopoly. Let’s see maybe what we can learn from this!

Tschüß!Hei Hei!




First Meeting (Spanish-Finnish Group)

Hola! Moi!

Our first meeting started out with a great immersion into Spanish and Finnish. It felt wonderful to be able to already learn quite a bit of both languages in the first session. We went over the days of the week in both languages as well as some colors and parts of the body. As Spanish is a very universal language I am very excited to be able to travel somewhere and practice.

Our group has decided to meet every week on Monday in different locations. In the end our group is hoping to do some traditional Spanish and Finnish food while we learn.

Until next time!

Adios, hei hei!

Jasmine Petersen

First meeting

Hallo! Hei!

Tessa, Ninni and me (Christina) decided to teach each other Finnish and German. Tessa and I are going to teach German to Ninni and she is going to teach us bits and pieces of Finnish. For us, it is not important to perfectly learn the language but rather to get in touch with it and the culture coming with it.

Tessa, Ninni and me decided to go the Fazer Caffe for our first meeting. Our initial and very ambitious plan was for Tessa and me to order in Finnish and teach Ninni how the same order would look like in German.

Once we arrived at the café the courage to actually speak finish left Tessa and me and we had to order in English. Ninni taught us how we have to order our coffee the next time and we practised how to say it properly.

“yks kahvi – kiitos “

However, the real difficulty in ordering is as we figured out later how to respond to any surprising questions of the cashier. So, for our next meeting, we are going to order the coffee in finish but have Ninni as our backup in case for surprising questions about bills, customer loyalty cards, type of milk etc.

We learned that in general when ordering a coffee, the contact with the cashier is held to a minimum. Whereas we taught Ninni that in Germany it is considered rather rude to keep it that short and straight forward.

Image result for fazer cafe tampere



Second Meeting Finnish-German

Hey there!

As we already agreed on at our first meeting, we wanted to go to a restaurant together for the second time. We decided to meet up at Le Momento at Ratina. Ninni helped us in translating the menu as there was only a Finnish one available – luckily… 🙂

We already knew some of the names because of our Finnish class, others were new and some were also quite easy to figure out because they come from german/english language.. still it is always good to see, that you make progress and actually do not need someone anymore to completely help out when you are ordering something!

Every time we go to a restaurant, and in the majority cafes, we always recognise  that it is different to Germany. Only in more expensive restaurants in Finland a waiter comes to your table to order, usually you have to go to the counter. In Germany, no matter where you go to, you will always be served at the table… Minor stuff, but something we still are confused about from time to time!

Next meeting time is not yet settled, but we know we are going to play Ninni’s new board game – Monopoly – together.

Hei Hei ja Nähdään!

When in China

On Monday 10th of February, we had the opportunity of getting to know China from its people. We had our First meeting at the TAMK cafeteria with our group, and our Chinese friend Zonghang, and we discuss their culture as much as ours.

We talked about their festivals, and especially their Spring Festival that is the most popular one, and how the calendar changes according the position of the moon every year. China is divided in 56 different regions and their culture might differ in some things. They told us that as tourists we have to visit Beijing, the culture center, Shanghai, the economic center, Xi an where we can see ancient architecture, and Cheng du where we can eat traditional food and huoguo(hotpot). Also, they inform us that some people believe in Budhism but most population of China do not believe in something.

Then we talked about the food that are eating and we could not hesitate in asking if the rumors of eating animals like dogs and cats are true. They told us that a very small group in South China might eat them, but in general nobody eats them. They told us that they eat a lot of rice, and the only thing that it might be weird that sometimes people eat is cicada ( a type of bug). They also showed us some photos of their daily foods.

After that, we got the chance of introducing them our country, Cyprus, our traditions, our culture and the top destinations for tourism. We showed them some of our traditional savory foods and desserts and we told them that we will arrange a dinner so they can taste them.

Second meeting-11/2 Chinese alphabet,numbers, basic conversation phrases


Well yesterday, we had our second meeting at Tamk library, and we focus more on learning Chinese. Firstly, we have learned the alphabet, how to pronounce each letter and some words which I find a little difficult to understand them at the beginning but as I continue to repeat them was easier. Also, I have learned some basic conversation phrases, some ingredients and foods, family members, numbers and how to make a complete sentence. From my point of view, the most difficult thing in Chinese is to write the words in Chinese which I will try to learn it. However, it was a great experience because I didn’t expect to learn easily because Chinese look difficult but as they say  don’t judge a book by its cover.

First meeting-10/2 Chinese and Cypriot Culture


Two days ago, we had our first meeting at Tamk cafeteria. First, we talked about Chinese a popular festival like the Spring Festival and about Chinese foods. We asked about some rumors about foods like dogs and cats which are not eaten by everyone as we knew. Furthermore, we had a small introduction to the Chinese alphabet, and we learn about various religions across China, different cultures which have some small differences depending to the region. Finally, we talked about our country, Cyprus, our traditional foods and beverages. Then we showed our archeological sites and places such as landscapes and crystal-clear beaches which made them want to visit our country.

First meeting- Chinese culture and Cypriot culture


Yesterday afternoon we met at TAMK. I invited my two Chinese friends to join this meeting. In the beginning, we introduced ourselves so that we can know each other better and they learned some information about my major. Then we talked about Chinese traditional festivals and Chinese food. They really wanted to try Chinese seafood and some food cannot accept. After that, they introduced Cypriot food and scenery. They also showed some landscapes that I never saw, so we’d like to travel to Cyprus.

Third meeting and our visiting Mini teacher Spanish-Finnish

Hola !

This morning we met at ABC for coffee and some breakfast. We were missing two group members this morning but it didn’t affect us because Fabian brought his son Diego to join our meeting and help us to teach Spanish.  I think this was the best study session we had because of Diego. Today’s session we went through the body parts, colors and weekdays again with also some new words Diego taught us! Diego also taught us the Piñata song, which made us come up with an idea for our last meeting! We will make our own Piñata so that way we will learn new words again!

Pictures from this morning!

First meeting Finnish-German


For our first meeting we decided to go to a café – of course a Finnish one! In the beginning we tried to find out at which level we are in the language we would like to learn and how confident we are to actually use it. Christina and me are living in Finland now for 1 1/2 years and still order in English when we go somewhere – so first thing we learned: Yks kahvi – kiitos! Definitely not too difficult, now we just have to work on our courage… We told Ninni, how to do that in German and figured out that there is a slight difference. In Germany you have to be a bit more polite and therefore use appropriate courtesy formulas, which actually should be done in many more situations.

For the next time we will see, we agreed on going somewhere to have lunch and discuss more about food, simple everyday expressions in German and Finnish as well as cultural aspects in general!