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EST-GER// A walk in the nature

We met in the morning to do a small nature trail to school. We decided to walk around a lake called Iidesjärvi. There was a bird watching tower near the lake. Since we saw a couple of birds, I revised bird names in German, for example swan is Schwan. We also talked about different trees in our language. I’ve struggled with the German “r” letter, so I also got to repeat that multiple times. The walk lasted almost 2 hours and was very refreshing and allowed us to talk about our interests and future plans.

When we arrived to school we ate lunch together and talked about driving in Germany. I didn’t know that there is no speed limit in driving on the Autobahn. I had also heard that if you miss a turning point in driving on the Autobahn, you’d have to find the next exit and it could make you waste many hours. However, my language partner contradicted the myth and said that you’d find your way back to the Autobahn fairly quickly. I also never knew that Germans don’t mark their cars if they are beginners.

This was our last meeting, since we have already met 5 times (plus the introduction, so six). I feel like I learnt a lot about Germany and their culture. Now, when I meet a German, I actually know what they mean, when they say where in Germany they come from. My German is still not that fluent, however I gained confidence in understanding and speaking.

EST – GER, The 3rd meeting

For this meeting we decided to meet up at a local coffee place and decided to go to one of the Espresso Houses in the city centre. Firstly, we just talked a lot about our lifes and travels we’ve made in the past. We then completed another trigger for her in which ten sentences had to translated into German and my partner actually already did a really good job at speaking and writing German, so I really had to focus at sometimes to be able to still improve her sentences.

In this meeting I already tried to only speak German and it worked out pretty well as it was a great training for my partner. Furthermore, I learned how to introduce myself in Estonian. Luckily, I already know a few Finnish words and Estonian has got a few similarities.

I had a great meeting and lots of fun!

EST – GER, The 2nd meeting

Today we decided to cook together. Therefore, we met at my place and she introduced me and my flatmates to some typical Estonian foods. While she was preparing the main course, I prepared a cappuccino with coffee beans that I brought from a coffee roast house in Germany. We even had some Estonian sweets that also tasted really good. Whilst cooking we listened to a lot of different music from both our countries. Because both my flatmates are German as well she was able to practice a lot of German, although everyone of us spoke English to help sometimes as well. We also practiced some basic phrases and numbers in Estonian and will continue practicing those on the following meetings. After a rather long meetup we planned what to do next and agreed to change roles next time. So, I’ll be at her place cooking some traditional German food.

Second Meeting AT-DE-ES

Second Meeting AT-DE-ES

The second meeting was again a food preparing session. This time we baked an original Austrian Apfelstrudel at Janas place. To improve not only our cooking skills but also our language skills and our feeling for language, everyone of us presented typical music of their nations and we taught each other the lyrics and their translations. Since we have different Spanish speaking levels we also tried to teach Jana the basics to start a small talk conversation.

In this meeting I also refreshed some vocabulary basics and had a nice lunch. Because I had to leave a bit earlier to play football, I agreed with Guillermo to continue the session in the evening while cooking paella, where we met some other Spanish people and ate with them. Now we are able to name some furniture.

At the next meeting we will start with the triggers.

Playing & discussing at Kumma, FIN-ENG

Our second meeting of Finnish-English group was held at Kumma bar & lounge with an intention to play some board games. There is a nice selection of different games on shelf to choose and after short discussion we chose Alias – a game where the objective of the players is to explain words to each other. Our version of the game was the original Finnish version, so we used Google Translator to translate words to English. Playing was actually very funny to be played in foreign language, and same time also very educational. It was a bit challenging to describe some word without saying out that actual word or part of it, especially when playing against clock and doing it fast.

We didn’t know it beforehand, but bartender told me that Kumma was part of NamuAppro. So after sitting there about an hour, lots of students started to walk in in overalls to eat small snacks, so I eat something also. Those overalls led our discussion to student life and social status in different countries. As an conclusion I would say this meeting was very fruitful.

EST – GER, The 1st meeting

On our first meeting we sat down in the cafeteria of the TAMK and got to know each other. We introduced ourselves and talked a lot about experiences in Finland that we made so far. I told her everything that I did know so far about Estonia and she told me everything she knew so far about Germany. We also discussed our expectations for the future meet ups and how to achieve it. It turns out that she is already able to speak a few words in German and understands nearly everything. From then on we agreed that I will only try to talk German to her so she can improve her language skills. We also came up with the idea to watch a movie on one of the next meetings that she already knows but that got translated into German and I could help her if she is missing a few words. This is a great opportunity since there is nearly everything synchronized in Germany. At the end we compared our schedules to find a new opportunity for the next meetups and talked about what we could do.

First Meeting (CHN-GER): Burgers and Joy

5 October 2019: First meeting at “Friends and Burger” ( Hämeenkatu 17, 33200 Tampere)


Our group consists of one German(Felix) and two Chinese(Menglin and Man Seng). Through planning , we had decided to have our official meet-up at a particular restaurant for dinner and discussion sessions about this course “each one teach one”.

Upon arrival, we chose a place in the restaurant to settle down. Then, we went to place orders of the scrumptious burger. While waiting for the burger, we did a small introduction of ourselves in English then in German and Chinese. We discuss and chat about our experience so far in Finland, our own culture and traditions, our traditional cuisine and more. There were similarities and also differences between the language, culture and traditions between German and Chinese which makes everything much more fun and interesting to learn and know about.

Here is some basic German that I learned that day:

  • Guten Tag = Good Day
  • Auf wiedersehen = Bye
  • Mein Name ist = My name is
  • Ich bin = I am

Although it’s only the first meeting but  I think this module are precisely useful to me. This is due to the reason that it would definitely help me to improve my communication skills through all the meetings and meetup. I believe this skill is one of the most important skills that a person needed to have in today’s employ-ability market. Language are fun to learn  but I still had to put in more effort in order to fully absorb the knowledge and the basics of a whole new language.

I’m excited for the next meeting and I strongly believe that it’s going to be interesting and fun-filled.


EST-GER// Library meet-up

This time we decided to do a proper study at the library. We both took our computers with and opened a couple of triggers that seemed interesting to us. My language partner chose a trigger about work life. So we talked about what are the most common jobs in both of our countries and in what fields do our families work in. My language partner also learnt to pronounce certain words that would be handy in working in Estonia. We also talked about words that are similar in Estonian and German. For example “car” in Estonian is “auto”, as is in German.

I, however, opened a trigger about literature. I did my best to talk in German about my favourite childhood book. I stumbled upon some words, however I learnt a new word and how to say it in the past tense (entscheiden – to decide). I was also reminded again of some grammar rules I had forgotten. I hope to improve even more in my German next time.

2nd meeting FIN-ENG: Playing games at Kumma

Wednesday 2nd of October – Second meeting – Chilling and playing games at Kumma

On this rainy afternoon we decided to go to Kumma, a very nice bar in the city center where you can also play all kinds of board games. On our first meeting we talked about playing ‘Alias’, and it was there so we could play it. It’s basically a game where you have to describe words to each other, without saying the word that is on the card. The player who has to guess the words has to get as many correct answers as possible in 30 seconds. Hollie and I used the google translate app on our phones to translate the Finish words on the cards and then we tried to describe them. So we learned some really interesting new words, like ‘luuranko’ (skeleton) ‘morsian’ (bride), joki (river), musta (black), vastaus (answer). At the previous meeting I experienced that it’s hard to recognize words in Finnish because they are so unique. The only word that I recognized on the card without using the translation app was lentoasema (airport). Talking about words, Matti told us about a really long Finish word: lento-kone-suihku-turbiini-moottori-apu-mekaanikko-ali-upseeri-oppilas, which means something like plane gas turbine motor junior mechanic non-commissioned officer in training. I don’t think there is any other language I know that has words this long. I learned that Finnish is a language where you can easily make compound words by putting smaller words together until they stick to each other, forming one larger word.

1st meeting FIN-ENG: City tour + market hall

Thursday 19th of September – First meeting – City tour and visiting Kauppahalli

After school we met at Koskipuisto. And there we have our first Finnish word: puisto (park). We started off with a city walk and because Matti has been living here for 8 years, he knows a lot about the city and its history. He told about the old factory buildings, for example the Tampella building where they used to make heavy industry machines like locomotives. When we were walking we could already see some leaves that were turning yellow and red, and in Finnish there is a word for this: Ruska.

After this we went to the Kauppahalli (market hall). We strolled through the market and looked at the products in the stalls. We saw stalls that had liha (meat) and kala (fish) and we had a look at all the fresh fruits and vegetables. They sold some small Finnish omenat (apples), Matti told us that a lot of people have their own fruit tree in their garden, but because there’s so much fruit coming from these trees, people sometimes put a bucket of apples at their house so people can take some if they want.

Matti was talking to the woman behind the counter from the fruit and vegetable stand and when we we’re leaving she said ‘kiitti!’. Apparently this means ‘thanks’, a little bit more casual than ‘kiitos’. Matti then also taught us the translation for ‘you’re welcome’ which is ‘ole hyvä’. These were some basic words that I wanted to learn, so It’s nice that I can start using these. I also found out that pronunciation is often not very hard because it’s pronounced exactly as it’s written. But remembering all these new words will be challenging. Finnish is very different from Dutch and there are very few similarities. Other languages from this area like Swedish and Norwegian are often easier to understand because it has some similarities. However, Finnish is apparently a very logical language but I think I first have to learn more about it to see the logic in it.

We bought some pastries at one of the many bakeries and sat down. We talked about some differences that Hollie and I experienced while staying in Finland. For example, how popular the summer cottages are in Finland and that almost every family one owns. How convenient the drying racks above the sink are, and about the overalls that the students wear. Apparently when two people are in a relationship, they both cut of one of the legs of the overall and then sew it to the overall from the other person.

We then continued our walk through the city but unfortunately it started raining. But it was nice exploring the city today and learn some new Finnish words.