Chinese cuisine for the each one teach one group members

When it comes to the fourth meeting of chinese and dutch group,we held this meeting with chiese and finnish group together and the chinese cuisine is the main topic. We have tried to make the chinese speciality but in fact,it is more like the the chinese daily meal due to lack of the chinese featured ingredients,luckly,they all like the food we cooked and enjoy it except one which too spicy for fin and dutch.

What are the food contain on this meeting?It include the fried chicken with chinese red pepper,brocoli with garlic sauce(chinese style),spice diced pork with lettuce,tufu with tomato,home made sausage,dumplings,pancke,and beers.we talked everything that we interested and knew the crazy dog stories from the fin,(her dog).Anyway, that is a nice meeting and i am looking for the next meeting for dutch food.

Stereotypes and numbers: meeting 1 (Dutch-Chinese group)

15 Febuary, 2019

During the first meeting we started by choosing the topic which we would take about, which became stereotypes. Jiaqi, Huaichen and Changling actually mentioned for me the most expected stereotypical aspects, which are sex and weed. Me and Merlin than explained that these are actually pretty normal as both sex(prostitution) is very much allowed and drugs such as weed are widely tolerated, however, the stereotypical view most of the time exaggerates the actual situation. We then explained some of the other typical things such as clogs (wooden shoes), windmills and flowers which are associated with the Netherlands.

When it came to Chinese stereotypes I actually had a little difficulty thinking of what is stereotypical for China. The things eventually named were eating dogs and that Chinese people are fairly short. We then received some explanation on these topics as was told that eating dogs is not common anymore and very few people still do it. They also explained that Chinese people are getting taller due to more nuitrional food.

Besides stereotypes we also tried to teach each other to count from 1 to 10 in Dutch and Chinese. And to be fair the Chinese were better at it then we were as pronouncing a word wrong in Chinese gives it a different meaning, while in Dutch if its pronounced wrong people will still know what you are saying.

English: one-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten

Dutch: een-twee-drie-vier-vijf-zes-zeven-acht-negen-tien

Chinese: yi-er-san-si-wu-liu-qi-ba-jiu-shi

Muumimuseo (FIN/RUS)

Today was our fifth meeting. We have been talking about going to Muumimuseo  since the second meeting but it was closed when we wanted to go. This time we finally succeed to meet there. We didn’t study languages much, just concentrated to the museum. There are machines from which you can listen piece of stories in Finnish, Swedish, Japanese, Russian and English. One story we listened both in Finnish and Russian.  I had my kids with me, so I also had to look after them, so there was not too much time for conversation. The museum was nice and it had beautiful statues and pictures. Unfortunately taking photos was forbidden.

3rd Meeting JAP-CHI

This time, we met at TUT and watched Japanese movie again and then we talked about our culture regarding work life and education.

We watched 言の葉の庭 which means 言叶之庭 in Chinese and ‘The Garden of Words’ in English. This movie is directed by Makoto Shinkai who made ‘Your Name’ and it is one of his masterpieces. This movie is full of visual beauty like how beautiful nature is and also truly depicts scenery of Tokyo. In this movie, there are a lot of the scene which it is raining. This beauty touched my heart. His works give a description of cityscape so we can get much information easily about life in Japan and talked about that.


Additionally, a traditional Japanese poem of thirty-one syllables plays an essential role in this movie. I taught the rule of it to him. People, a long time ago, used to make this poem and write the letters to tell their feeling especially to lovers. And also they used to make it for expressing beauty of nature and record it. We study these kinds of poem in school and refine our tastes feeling and expecting others. This is the good chance to remind our culture and it makes my mind to be at ease.

In that day, I thought that teaching my culture is understanding it deeply and recognizing the good aspect again.

“How to not get lost?” – Second French-Finnish meeting


I met today (13th March) with Joona for our second meeting. We decided to meet up in TAMK and our meeting lasted about an hour. It was pretty short this time but we were both busy this week and decided to meet for a shorter time instead of not meeting at all J I started as French teacher and then Finnish learner.


– For the learning session, I wanted to focus on directions. It is something really important and I could not remember it so this was the perfect opportunity to re-learn it again! It was great to learn with Joona because he gave me some typical sentences (like “I go to the store” or “turn left”) that will be easier to remember. He also taught me the official written way of saying it as well as the spoken language which is exactly what I want to learn during this Each One Teach One course. In addition, he showed me a video of a Finish-English vocabulary rap music (Paleface: Hip Hoppi Englanti)!

– For the teaching session, as Joona wants to learn something useful during a trip to Paris, we continued our trip to France by studying the directions and personal pronouns. It was nice to speak French again with him, he is pretty good at French language and I am really impressed by his pronunciation!

At the end of our session, we were both pleased with the learning and teaching outcomes! It was a great session and I am looking forward to the next one! 😀

Second meeting ( 18.2. 2019) Korean – Finnish

We had our second meeting in a finnish coffee shop called café Puusti at 18th February. Because we heard that café has got really good Finnish cinnamon bread. So I tried one cinnamon bread and cappuccino. Honestly, I am not the big fan of cinnamon flavor (I like the smell of cinnamon though) so it was not that bad, not that good at the same time. After that we meet another finnish friend(yoyi) who is actually studying in Korea as exchange student. I was so surprised that he was pretty good at speaking Korean and also he was passionate to learn more Korean. After that we went to pub to hang out more and in that place we could learn more finnish word

Juon = Drink / Kaljaa = beer / Mina ollen = I am / anteeksi = sorry

huone on kylmä , Kuuma = room is cold / hot

tämä on pieni, iso = this is small / big

teacher = opettaja


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First meeting ( Korean – Finnish)

First meeting (2.2 2019)

We had first meeting 2/2 Saturday. Me and another Korean member in our group went to Hervanta where Kiia’s house is. Because I never been to that area so at first, it was pretty interesting to see a different view of that area. Our group went to Kiia’s house which was surprisingly good and cozy like home considering the fact that the house is also provided by Toas like my apartment. We watched Korean TV show called ‘welcome, is it the first time to come to Korea?’ Personally, I am not a big fan of Korean TV show at the moment, but that show is pretty popular in Korea and it’s normally about introducing Korean culture, food to the foreigner who has never been to Korea before. In this program, one foreigner who actually is living in Korea invites his friends to Korean and makes his friends experience, travel by themselves without help at first. And Finnish people tried some Korea traditional meal which served tons of different side dishes and various vegetables.

I think it’s quite interesting to see foreigner do some different experience in terms of food, activities, etc. And after that, we also went to the dumpling festival in TUT university for celebrating Chinese/Korean new year. It’s quite a memorable experience to try to make, cook hand-made dumpling with lots of foreigners.

Third meeting Party culture

On 7th of March ,we had a third meeting about party culture. Frankly speaking , as a Chinese we do not have so-called party culture, so we talked about our other relaxed way in our high school. In our high school , we spent most of time studying, even in the weekend, but we still have some entertainment, like have a BBQ and hotpot. go to the net bar to play the computer games……

Merlinde and Ryan told us lots of  party culture, they love to go to the bar and party. After their high school graduation, the have a party week in the summer. The Netherlands also have a lots of music festivals and great DJ, they are proud of it and enjoy it.

Second Meeting (Chinese- Dutch group)

We had the second meeting at the café next to the y-kampus on the 19th of February. The topic of the meeting is our own country ‘s history.

Ryan showed the history of Netherlands by  slides, he gave us a presentation  about the Dutch history from middle ages to nowdays. It was ruled by Holy Roman Empire and Spain, finally it became independent. After the industrial revolution, Dutch started to have many  colony .

We introduced history of China by a youtube video  Changes in Chinese territory. With the video we talked about a general history of China like different dynasties , famous kings.

worst food ever

Today we meet at Pispala Cafe,
It´s a really friendly area and the Café has a lovely charm. The café has special serving times so, be prepared if you go there.

In this meeting I explained the girls how some words are built one new one. Like Handschuh, Hand means hand and Schuh means shoes and Handschuh is the shoe for the hand. So Handschuh means Gloves. There exists many of those words.

And we talked about, what makes German women different from Russian women. Mostly I recordnise Russian in a way they are moving, which is kind of more cautiously. And they have ha typical kind of face shape.

Then it was time to order… We all ordered the cheapest stuff we could get. It was spring rolls.
They were served which a small salad and a sauce. By far it was the unflavoured food that I have ever eaten. And the sauce was definitely not in my thing. When you think now with a salat, there is now way that it could taste that wrong. So, the salat was even worse than the spring rolls. But in this moment, we were so hungry, that we ate everything.

All in all, we had fun. And the area there is worth it to see, but I suggest don´t try the spring rolls. Maybe they will do something different when you are there maybe not, maybe you will be stronger than we were at this meal. So, I wish you luck with this 😉