Our eighth meeting took a place at Christmas market in the center of city. It is nearly Christmas time so we thought that raising some xmas spirit was on the place. We taught some Christmas vocabulary to each others at the same time.

Christmas – Joulu – Weihnachten

Santa Claus- Joulupukki – Nikolaus

snow – lumi – Schnee

christmas tree – joulukuusi – Weihnachtsbaum  (Christbaum)

candle – kynttilä – Kerze

decoration – koriste – Dekoration

star – tähti – Stern

peace – rauha – Frieden

family – perhe – Familie

reindeer – poro – Rentier

snowman – lumiukko – Schneemann

present – lahja – Geschenk

candy – karkki – Süßigkeiten

chocolate – suklaa – Schokolade

(and German also have these special cookies we bake during chrismas time they are called ”Plätzchen” in my dialect)


In overall market was nice but we really missed snow. I hope we get white Christmas this year.

Christmas Shopping

What can be better than Christmas shopping 😉 And therefore, I asked Jan-Henrik if we should go for our last meeting to the shopping mall. Because I still want to bring some typical finish things to my parents and sister at home. I thought probably Jan-Henrik has some good ideas since he is finish.

While we were walking through the mall we said some things in german or finish and taught each other some words. But since this is our last meeting we decided to just have a great talk and not focus that much on vocabulary.

We talked about to whom we bring Christmas gifts, and also what kind of ideas for Christmas presents we have this year, If we have some wishes for us or about what we would be happy to get.

We also decided to have one last meeting in the middle of December again, because than Hazma is back and we wanted to finish this course with our entire group. So I am really looking forward to go together to the Christmas market and enjoy the time there. 🙂

My last days at TAMK..

It is really sad, but my semester here in Tampere is already finished. Because of that we decided to have lunch at the university together; and also because it was one of my last days I had class at TAMK.

Today we also talked about food. He taught me some words like haarukka, veitsi, levy, muki. So all the things you need to eat. And also some ingredients we had in this dish. I also taught him these words in german.

After we learned some new words we talked about the food in the cafeteria in general. Ho that differs from the cafeteria we have at my home university. It is really nice how the systems differ, but still, both are working. And we also where talking about how cafeterias would work in Pakistan, since Hazma is from Pakistan. But unfortunately he could not participate in this meeting since he is for a visit back in Pakistan. But I think I will ask him when he is back in Tampere, because I think this is more different than the systems we have here in Finland or Germany.

The time before Christmas

For our eight meeting, we went to the little Christmas market in Tampere. Well, I expected a bit more from that, but it was nice with all the lights and the vibes. We had some glögi and talked about Christmas.

While we talked about how we celebrate Christmas in our homes, I figured out that it is not a big difference between Germany and Finland. For both countrys the family is very important during Christmas time. We like it to be with our family and friends together, enjoy the time, and of course have good food.

We learned new words like Christmas tree, present, making fire, snow, skiing, advent… and also some typical food for Christmastimes. So.. just a few weeks till Christmas and I am already so excited about this time. 🙂

Culture things.. :)

For the last meeting we also met at the campus café at the university. And again, because it is really present for me right now, we talked about job interviews. I told him about my last job interview. How it went and what weird questions they asked me. We laughed a lot about that and we both are curious about what is behind these questions.

And we also talked about my last weekend. I experienced the finish nature even more. I went with my friends to a cottage in the nature. We talked about Finish nature in general and he taught me also some words from the finish culture.

After this, I don’t know how we got to this topic, but we talked about the Octoberfest in Munich. I told him some typical things from the Octoberfest. Since he wants to go to Munich, I think it is really nice for him to have some tips or recommendations beforehand.

Следи за собой (FIN-RUS)

We wanted to meet easily at school so we decided to eat lunch together.  Yulia brought her friend to the meeting and it was really interesting and fun. She is also Russian and it was nice to hear whenever they discussed together in Russian.

We didn’t have the books with us but we discussed topics such as music and travelling. We talked about Kino – the legendary Russian band. Everyone at the table loved Kino and Viktor Tsoi. My all time favorite from Kino is Следи за собой which means “take care of yourself”. I told Maksim and Yulia that I would like to take a tattoo related to that song.

I learned a lot of new useful sayings in Russian. We had a great time together, laughing and discussing… It is sometimes even strange how similar are we though we are totally different and have different backgrounds.

Our sixth meeting

This time we met at Pella’s Café in the center of the town. Our topic today was Body. So we thought each other words like hair, eyes, nose, ears, neck, mouth, leg and so on… But these words are really hard for me to remember. I think it was the most demanding teaching/learning topic we had. But still it is nice to know the parts of your body in finish.

After that we talked about our working experience and about job interviews. We came up with this topic, because I am looking right now for a internship in Germany after I am going back to Germany. We figured out, that Jan-Henrik has really good team in the company he is working at.

After our meeting I had the Little-Christmas SitSit. So we also talked about that Little Christmas thing here in Finland and that is quite important or at least really common here. Companies and also friend groups like to arrange those parties. So I was really excited to go to my first Little-Christmas party here in Finland

Do you know the way?

For the fifth meeting we had a coffee at the Cafeteria at TAMK main campus. At first Jan-Henrik helped me with putting online a sales ad for a weekender. I wanted to sell a bag I bought at a page that was just in finish. And even I learned some finish it was not possible for me to read all that, or even write a text in finish about that bag. So Jan-Henrik helped me to do that, so I could upload that on the page.

After that I thought Jan-Henrik some German again. And as Jan-Henrik wants to go to Munich to do a double degree there and he is new there we talked about words he can use for asking for a way or in a university. Rechts, Links, Gerade, Zurück, wissen/kennen Sie den Weg?, Treppen, Aufzug, Professor… This meeting he really learned a lot of new words which are really useful. Sometimes I even knew the words in Finish, so I was really proud of myself 😉

Spoken and written language!

When we were thinking where we should meet, we said that we are motivated for a beer and it was jus 4pm. So we decided to meet at the Public Corner. As it was quite a long time ago that we met the last time (because we were all very busy with school stuff) we started talking about how we are doing and what we did the last days.

Then our conversation was about working in Germany and Finland, because Hazma is searching for a Job in Helsinki when he finished his Bachelor Thesis. As we had a really nice talk we continued talking about languages. Jan-Henrik told us that the finish language has some similarities with the Estonian language. And after that I told them that also the Swiss and Austrian language are basically the same as the German language, it is just the dialect that differs. Also I have a strong dialect because I am from the very southern part of Germany.

Unfortunately we did not teach or learn new words during this meeting because we had such a nice conversation, and then decided to continue in our next meeting with the teaching.

Sehr gut Schinkenkuchen!

Last time we met was at Hanna’s place in Kaleva, Tampere. She had cooked some delicious ham pie! This time we tried to make a little introductions of ourselves in foreign language. It went quite well!

“Hallo, ich heiße Antero und ich komme aus Finnland. Ich wohne in Tesoma, es ist ein Stadtviertel in Tampere. Ich bin siebenunddreizig Jahre alt. Ich wohne mit meine Zwillingstöchter. Sie sind 10 jahre alt. Wir haben viel spaß und wir lieben einander, ich möchte win guter Vater sein.

Ich habe elf Jahre LKW gefahrt und fünf Jahre Taxi gefahrt. Jetzt studiere ich Intelligent Maschinen in der Fachhochschule in Tampere. Es ist sehr interessant! Ich habe also ein bißchen Deutsch studiert. Ich mag das!”

Okay okay, that was not the actual introduction what I said. I’m a bit shy and even I had that previous speech in my mind, I only said those first two sentences. 😛 But after all it was a nice meeting (again) and I’m sure I’m going to maintain my German skills for the rest of my life. Thank you for this experience!