Study Day-Day 2

So after our first study day, the girls and I met again last monday to continue with our basic vocabulary and greeting.

We spend the first half of the “class” going over what we learned last time to refresh a bit and to see what could we do next. We went over days of the week, numbers, greetings and added colours and months to the ist. After that we thought that we could try to learn in a momre dynamic way. We come up with the idea to try to translate simple songs into each others languages, so Anni choose a Finnish lullaby for us, and we showed her a traditional spanish kids song.

This was Annis choice:

And we showed her Susanita tiene un ratón (which means Susanita has a mouse):

We moved on to some other music and kid shows like the Moomins, to end up sharing mutual songs but in different languajes such as Hakuna Matata from The Lion King. It was son funny to listen to songs we already knew in a complete different languaje.

Over all, I think this day was more of a relaxed study day but also interesting because we could see each others culture based of the music we listen to as kids. I realized that it’s easier for me to learn a languaje if I listen to music and try to translate the lyrics than trying to memorize all the vocabulary. So I think I’ll keep doing some research on my own about Finnish music to help myself with the pronunciation and vocabulary.

Funny study time

The time goes by so fast and next week is already the holiday break or Independent study week. Especially for us Exchange students, this is a good opportunity  to travel around and explore Finland. Therefor we decided to meet this week twice and to continue after the week off. As the day before, we met again at TAMK, it´s a good place to study or just to talk. Mainly we continued with the verb list and added some new verbs, both in German and in Finnish. My notebook is getting fuller and fuller with finnish phrases, verbs and so on – I´ll use the week off to memorize them or even better to use them in daily life.

Especially on the bus stop for example, as the last few times some people asked me which bus goes where or when and I give my best to give the correct answer. We talked about our experiences and I told them about mine. One time I gave the answer – Bussi kuusi (Bus Nr. 6), which is basically correct but our finnish colleagues explained me the right pronounciation and explained me a similiar word which I can easily mix up. In this case it would confuse others, but it was quite funny when we talked about it. 😀

There´s everytime something new to learn, so I`m Looking forward to the next meeting. Have a good week off! 🙂


Second meeting

Last Sunday(October 7th), we went to the Pyynikki observation tower. The reason why we chose there to meet is that I really wanted to eat the famous donuts of the cafe on the side of the tower! We enjoyed the very sweet donuts and a cup of coffee.

Also, we talked about each other country’s education. I was very surprised to hear that Chinese students go to school early in the morning and go back home at 12am!

Then, we had a great view of Tampere from top of the tower. But it’s so cold, so we couldn’t stay there so long.

Spanish-German 4th meeting

Meeting this time was a little bit spontaneous because next week there are holidays, so we will be busy. The weather was not good; therefore, we arranged a meeting at Sam’s house. First of all, Jose, Emilio and Sam played PS4 while Leslie and I thought about what we could learn and made a list of things.

We thought that another important aspect of a language is food. Actually we all love food! So a list of things was made in our WhatsApp group and then we translated it into German and Spanish. What I realized again was that the Spanish from Mexico and from Spain differed in many words. For example in Spain to say peach we use the word melocotón, while in Mexico they use durazno; to say peanut we use cacahuete and in Mexico cacahuate; and a funny difference I found out was that Mexicans use “jitomate” to name a big usual tomato and “tomate” to name smaller one. In Spain no difference is made.

We then read all the words aloud and tried to learn different German pronunciation aspects. We laughed a lot because some words were very tricky for us. We also found the need of start learning the articles to later on being able to decline each word and article depending on its gender and case.

Here is a screenshot of our WhatsApp group with all the words we learnt and another one in which we enjoyed typical nachos with spicy Mexican sauce:


Today we have decided to meet at TAMK, as both of us we had today an exam we though that this place will be the best to meet.

We meet at 13:30 to take the lunch and after that we start teaching and learning new vocabulary.

Firstly, I taught Jeong the Spanish alphabet and I realised that is really difficult for people to learn how to pronounce the double “rr” which is a very typical letter in Spain. Nonetheless, after rehearsing it some many times finally he achieved to  pronounce it correctly, so it was amazing!!!

After this, we started speaking about football, I explained to him which was my favorite team in Spain (Athletic Club) and that only Basque players could play in this football team.

Then, I took the role of student and I started learning Korean alphabet. As I told in the last post, it is really difficult as all the letters look similar but I really find interesting this language.

In addition to this, we spoke about different kinds of themes such us our future master, our next trips in Finland and so on. We have planned to do a trip together in the next weeks so in this way we could learn more easily new things about each of us cultures, languages and so on.

Leire Zubizarreta Barrenetxea

Study afternoon

This week we decided to meet at TAMK, as most of us were anyway here. As we agreed to learn more actively it´s a good decision to stay at TAMK as we have enough space to study some new words.

We splitted the time, so that all of us could learn and teach. This exchange is really good, as it gets frustrated after a while, when I don´t have any idea what the words could mean. After Cindy and I taught Antero and Hanna some german verbs, they started to conjugate them. They are doing a really great Job ! 🙂

After all, it was our turn to conjugate some finnish Verbs. At first I had some difficulties to get started, but I suddenly began to remember the processes and was happy when I was correct with some conjugations. 🙂 I realized that it takes some time, but also that I should learn more to achieve better language skills.

Ratina’s Shopping center: dinner and hot chocolate

For our fourth meeting we went for a dinner to a restaurant in Ratina’s shopping center called Tratto. There we ate dinner, Junhyeok had pasta, Gayeon had risotto and I had a pizza. I also ordered some bread for us all, that was some kind of oily bread. Gayeon had cold, so I was worried about her slightly.

The restaurant was nice and had minimalistic feeling. We talked a bit about some cultural rules around eating, and there is not so much difference between Finnish and Korean manners around dinner, for example can your elbows be on the table (it does not matter in both cultures). In Finland it is usual to pay while on the table, but in Korea I heard they pay privately.

After eating we went to a different place, not far away from the restaurant, to drink some coffee (or I had hot chocolate) and to study. That was a good idea. I had prepared some words around food and restaurant. This time I remembered to take a copy of the material that I was teaching to myself also! Gayeon and Junhyeok are starting to pronounce Finnish words quite well already, and I was proud of them. This time I emphasized the letter “L” and how short it is in a word.

In my teaching I like to make sure that all the words are pronounced to the letter, because it is rather important in Finnish language, because the meaning of the word can change fairly quickly. I tried to prepare a bit less material to teach to Junhyeok and Gayeon than the last times, so that it would be less tiring and there would be less new words to learn. Also I would not be so tired to learn some Korean afterwards. I may need to be more careful on how I explain words or parts of the words, so that I will not confuse with my teaching.

Junhyeok took the lead in teaching me this time. I had not had time to practice Korean since I had exam that Friday, and I had exams also yesterday and today. It was good that he had prepared some revision, so I had good time learning, even though I did not remember much Korean that day for some reason.

Junhyeok taught me well, and I also copied words in Korean from Gayeons translations. It was fun even though I probably pronounced Korean very interestingly.  Writing Korean is a bit like drawing, and the letters are written in blocks. In the picture above you can see how to combine Korean letters! I think I will not be able to write Korean fluently easily.

At the end of our meeting I gave Gayeon and Junhyeok reflectors, because it is going to get dark and everybody in Finland have reflectors (or should have them) during winter. For our next meeting I will try to memorize the Korean letters and also how to pronounce them, and I am looking forwards seeing Gayeon and Junhyeok after two weeks.


The Prestigious Rodeo Bar in Tampere (German – Spanish)

For our third meeting, we decided to head to Tampere’s Rodeo Bar (in the Finlayson building). Rodeo Bar has a main attraction: they serve beers for 1 euro between 21.00 and 23.00 on Fridays and Saturdays. Otherwise, the best way I can describe the interior design of Rodeo is a very tacky western saloon mixed with random space themes on LSD.

We used the occasion to practice the matching lingo: nightlife. We began with practising some useful subjects that can be used in a bar or a restaurant, such as ordering a drink and asking for a small or large beverage. We looked at some phrases that are used when introducing oneself (even as far as asking for a number, which of course was a practice for numbers again). After that, we also learned the colours, as we had not spoken about these before and it is a quite basic and useful part of the language.

So, here is a potential dialogue I might have in the future when I visit a Spanish speaking country: Hola, quiero pedir una cerveza grande por favor. Además, ¿podría decirme dónde está el baño? Bajo el signo rojo? ¡Gracias!

It was also the firs time I actually had heard a complete list of the different colours in Spanish, with some words I had never heard before, while some others sounded similar to the counterparts in English or German.

I felt that the learning and teaching experience went very well, even for the circumstances we were in (loud music and drinking, very social). We spent a large amount of time focusing solely on the phrases and used our WhatsApp group to exchange notes we had made during the meeting.

I was able to learn and complete some vocabulary that I had previously used before on visits to Mallorca, where I had ordered drinks and food.

Our group in Rodeo, with about 3 euros worth of beer on the table:

A Wonderful Study Day

Last Sunday, Moe and me go to the tower next to the amusement park, and we have a great seeview that time.(Although it`s a litte cold, Moe and me all became freezing after we get off the top of tower  😀

We also try the donuts there!!! It`s sweet!!! I also really enjoyed the cafe there.

And that day we learnt some cosmetic brand or companies from her country.*Such like Shiseido, Sony

Also some other brands from other countries.*Mac

And some citys from our countries.It`s very interesting that we have “Bei jing”,”Xijing”,”Nanjing”(north, west, south), but the east is in her country——”TOKYO”,  in my language is “Dongjing” (east). What an amazing thing!!

Have a sightseeing!

Last time we went to the Pyynikki Observation Tower(1.10.2018) and it was surrounded with forest.I didn’t know this beautiful palace if Jenny didn’t told me.And it was a tower which has a long time history,we can choose to climb the stairs or use the lift to the peak.At first time ,we chose the former way,but we chose the latter way when we got to the tower again.Of course,you can see the whole sightseeing of Tampere which was the same as the tower in Tampere amusement park.

We also went around the tower in the forest and some places had many rocks .And we can see the see the scenery in the distance when stood on that rocks.By the way,we took the photo at one of the places of rocks.We also found some mushrooms whether we didn’t they was poisonous or not. We picked them by bags not by hand.Jenny said that this season was suitable to pick mushrooms in the forest but we can’t distinguish them between good and bad.

At the end of our meeting,Jenny taught us some words in Finnish  which were often used in autumn ,such as fallen leaves,tree,trunk and so on.We decided to meet at Sokos next time to learn something new.