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Body’s parts – Italian and German girls’ diary pt.6

Hi to everyone,

last sunday Marta, Anna and I met at Anna’s place to learn body’s parts.

It was very funny and I realized that Italian language is very difficult also to teach and there are a lot of exceptions that are not easy to remember. But a lot of German words are the same in English so it wasn’t so difficult this time to learn (just this time ahahah).

This is what I learned in German about body’s parts:

  • Head=Kopf
  • Face=Gesicht
  • Hair=Haare
  • Ear=Ohr
  • Eye=Auge
  • Nose=Nase
  • Mouth=Mund
  • Neck=Hals
  • Arm=Arm
  • Hand=Hand
  • Finger=Finger
  • Leg=Bein
  • Foot=Fuß

And this is my funny (and a little bit ugly version of me) draw about body’s parts in Italian language:20170331_164809

See you next time with a very tasty surprise!

My 6th meeting


I post about my sixth meeting. On November 12, we chose Mari’s apartment as the meeting place. It was near from my apartment to Mari’s apartment, but it was very cold on that day so I felt serious hard. Today, I learned Finnish all time.


This photograph is when Mali and Joonas wrote a notebook eagerly to teach Finnish clearly.


Firstly, I learned about a direction. It is to be useful when I ask someone a course.I widely learned about a direction from basic words like “Right = oikea” or “Left = vasen” to “To the right = oikealle” or “To the left = vasemmalle” and so on.


Walk ahead and then turn left = Kävele eteenpäin ja sitten käänny vasemmalle

Walk ahead 100m and then turn left = Kävele sata metriäeteenpäin ja sitten käänny vasemmalle


And also I learned the sentence that put them together!



Secondly, I learned the word of part of body.

Because it is useful for me if I know and be abele to say these words, for example, when suddenly I have a headache or stomachache and so on. Today, I learned many words, so I’d like not to forget them!

Kiitos 🙂