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Our first meeting at Oma Cafe – Italian and German girls´ diary pt.1

Hello! I am Melissa and I am an Erasmus nursing student from the city of Padua (Italy).

I will spend here in Tampere just three months so i decided to enroll in this course in order to learn as much things as possible and also to meet new friends and spend good time with them. I decided to start to learn German because in my country I have already studied Spanish and French and I am really interesting in learning also this difficult language. For this reason, my Italian friend Marta and I, met the German girl Anna the 2nd of February at Oma Cafe. During this first meeting we talked about our own culture, country, field of study and also about ourselves in order to know better each other and to start to decided how to plan our “Each one teach one programme”. We went to Oma Cafe because is a very familiar location where you can taste very good cakes and drink a good Expresso (the first thing that we taught to Anna is the “Italian coffee break with Expresso”).

From this first meeting I learned that not all German people are serious and strict like they seem (maybe cause of their strong accent and pronunciation), because Anna is a very nice girl with a sweet voice also if she is speaking German. I also understand that German language is very difficult because is full of diphthong, consonant and strange sound, but it will never be more difficult than Finnish language, so I am very hopeful to learn the basics of German during this meetings.

It was a very nice evening and I am sure that the next meetings will be very interesting and full of fun!

See you next time, Auf Wiedersehen!









Chatting in Café Oma

Guten Tag Leute,

Unserem nächsten Treffen war im Café Oma @ Tuomiokirkonkatu… But let’s continue in English!

So… our next meeting was at Café Oma in the city centre of Tampere. It was a really cold and windy day, a perfect time to sit inside, drink a hot chocolate and enjoy the famous Finnish Munki =) Check below for an impression of our meeting…

Cafe Oma

Although Café Oma looks a bit posh, it is a very cosy place, perfect for a chat with your friends! While enjoying our drinks we told each other what we did during the last week (in German of course). Also, Michel asked us to describe anything you could see in the café in German, such as different sweets, interior, drinks etc. This was really helpful because we got to deal with really handy words to use in everyday life.

During this meeting I noticed that is already getting easier for me to speak German, especially when I hear Michel talk German during the whole meeting. It really helps!

Also, I just heard that I will do my internship from January – June in Stuttgart, Germany. This gives me even more reasons to improve my German!

Bis zum nächsten Mal =)