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Shopping for a chinese dish

One of the many good things of other cultures is their food! This is why we decided to cook a chines dish. But of course, if we want to eat something, we have to buy something first. This is why we met in the city for some shopping activity.

First station was the Asia-shop. There we could get the ingredients; a normal store here does not sell. For example, they have a large variety of soy sauces, rice noodles, chilies and some special vegetables. And there were many more things to discover, such as special cooking gear or Asian candies. We bought all the things we needed (rice noodles, soy sauce, choy sum chilies and some candy 😉 ) and continued to the next store.

It was the S-market we went next. There we found meat, egg-plant, garlic and chives.

With this, we are all set and looking forward to the cooking!

Here some easy vocabulary:

English                     Chinese                         German                       Spanish

Soy Sauce                酱油 (sheng chou)     Sojasauce                    Salsa de soja

Meat                           肉 (Rou)                          Fleish                             Carne

Pepper                      胡椒 (Hujiao)               Pfeffer                            Pimiento

Egg plant                  茄子 (Qie zi)                 Aubergine                    Berenjena

Garlic                          蒜 (suan)                       Knoblauch                   Ajo

Chili                             辣椒  (Lajiao)              Chillischote                  Chili

Noodles                     面 (mian)                      Nudeln                           Noodles

Vegetables                菜 (cai)                          Gemüse                          Verduras

Rice cracker              米糕 (mi guo)            Reiswaffel                     Toritas de arroz

Salt                               盐 (yan)                        Salz                                  Sal

Sugar                           糖 (tang)                      Zucker                            Azúcar

2nd meeting: billiards and pub evening

For our second meeting on the 18th of September we met in a bar called Mallashovi, somewhere close to the old Finlayson factory. Why did we choose to go there? -> student discount on beer and the possibility to play billiards! Although we turned out not to be very good at billiards, we had quite a lot of fun playing it. We played two rounds. During the game we named the billiard balls by both, color and number, in all three languages – Chinese, Spanish and German. Conclusion of comparing Spanish to Chinese: While the Spanish words are easy to read because you pronounce all the letters in the word, Chinese is impossible to read when it is not spelled out, but the words are quite simple and short.

Following the translations of the words:

Our First Meeting (20/09/2017)

  We have met each other on Wednesday!

(Sungin Yun,Min Song,Kaikai Ji,Xia Chu)

We met in the café and this was our first meeting for formal studying. Yun has already printed a table of vowel and consonant for us and the table clearly showed that how to combine them.And then,Yun taught us how to pronounce vowel,consonant,as well as the combination of them.She said this is foundation of learing Korean.Firstly,it’s a little difficult for us to pronounce them accurately cause there exists many differences between Korean and Chinese and our tongue was just like.. embarrased.But I do believed that we can overcome it with the skills which were taught by Yun!

What’s more,we were been taught some compression for daily use like :hello,bye,brother and sisiter(differ from different gender),I love you,welcome and so on.

Korean is really an interesting language and it’s pronounciation is very cute! Looking forward to the next meeting!


Our final trip to Lapland!

We decided to go to Lapland together as our final trip for our Each One Teach One course. It’s a little bit sad to say goodbye to each other, we really treasure the rest of time we had.


We took a train from Tampere passing by Oulu, the scenery along the way was beautiful, and the snow became thicker and thicker. Finally, we reached Rovaniemi. Then we headed to our cozy and warm cottage by bus. After having a short break, we went to the Santa Claus Village. We looked around the village and visited the reindeers and huskies. After that we decided to send some postcard to each other from the Santa Claus Post Office, and I also wrote to my Chinese friends with my best wishes.

Now I have already received the postcard!!! It’s cute with a reindeer stamper.


I really love the apartment that we rented, it’s very warm and comfortable. So, on our second day, we walked through the forest near our cottage, enjoyed the cold weather and did a reindeer sleigh ride! Then we went back to our little cottage and enjoy BBQ together!

It was an awesome experience to walk through thick snow, and saw the sunrise and sunset in a short time. It was soooo beautiful!

img_1565  img_1567  img_1562

It was a wonderful trip, we really had a great time together. I will stay in Tampere for two semesters, but Khassy will leave before Christmas. But we promised to visit each other in the future, maybe I go to Germany or Khassy come to China. Hope to see you soon, I have already miss you and I believe I will never forget the wonderful time with you guys together!!!

Baking Time!!! (17/12/2016)

This time we decided to go to the pre-Christmas event organized by Tamko, where we could bake the traditional Finnish pastries called Joulutorttu! (I’m not sure whether the spelling is right or not.) We met at Tamko and started our baking! Firstly, we shaped the materials into square and did them into windmill. Then we added the delicious jam, but for me it’s a little bit sour.

While waiting for baking, we talked a lot about the Christmas food in different countries. In China, we usually do not celebrate Christmas, so we don’t have traditional food. Because Christmas is not an official festival for us, and the Spring Festival is the most important one. And we also talked about karaoke, because we noticed that in Finland we didn’t see it. But we do like karaoke in festivals’ time. If we have chance, I really want to go there together with them!

img_1034   ebdad729433668f54d65089bd3d5a2cc

Then we learned about how to say months in both Chinese and German. It was an interesting time with friends!

English Chinese German
January 一月 Januar
February 二月 Februar
March 三月 März
April 四月 April
May 五月 Mai
June 六月 Juni
July 七月 July
August 八月 August
September 九月 September
October 十月 Oktober
November 十一月 November
December 十二月 Dezember

Leisure Time with Friends (16/12/2016)

After coming back to Tampere from Tallinn, I still a little bit tired because of walking too much. So, this time we decided just met at TAMK and learned something.

I learned how to call different persons:

English Chinese German
Family 家庭 Familie
Father 爸爸 Vater
Mother 妈妈 Mutter
Son 儿子 Sohn
Daughter 女儿 Tochter
Brother 兄弟 Bruder
Sister 姐妹 Schwester
Grandfather 爷爷(外公) Großvater
Grandmother 奶奶(外婆) Großmutter
Aunt 阿姨 Tante
Uncle 叔叔 Onkel
Teacher 老师 Lehrer/in
Classmate 同学 Klassenkamerad
Friend 朋友 Freund
Doctor 医生 Doktor/Arzt
Police 警察 Polizei
Driver 司机 Fahrer


We also learned about how to say weekdays in Chinese and German:

English Chinese German
Week Woche
Monday 周一 Montag
Tuesday 周二 Dienstag
Wednesday 周三 Mittwoch
Thursday 周四 Donnerstag
Friday 周五 Freitag
Saturday 周六 Samstag
Sunday 周天 Sonntag

And about weekday, Chinese is easier than both English and German, because after you have already learned the number of 1-7, you can know how to say the weekday in Chinese.

Tallinn – Here we are! (14/12/2016)

Sooo, we decided to go to Tallinn together. I heard Tallinn is a very beautiful place in Estonia, I’m really looking forward of our trip.

It was a crazy experience. We met at 4o’clock in the morning, took the Onnibus to Helsinki, and then went to Tallinn by ferry. The time of ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn is about 3 hours. It’s a new experience for me, because previously, I usually traveled by bus, train or flight. And a few times I had to took ferry were all short trip just about 10 or 20 minutes. So, this time 3 hours is quite long journey for me, I’m a little bit seasick. The most exciting moment is that we cannot find the right way to ferry station. We almost missed our ferry but thankfully we met some nice people that helped us so much. The craziest part was to run to catch the ferry, the road before boarding is sooooo long! We cannot stop running and got the ferry on the last minute!

After we arrived Tallinn, we headed to the old town. The weather is not quite good, but the scenery is beautiful. Then we decided to eat something at a burger restaurant that looked like bar with a lot of glass bottles. The food was so good and we liked the place so much, we stayed here for a long time. After lunch, we continue to walk around the old town, we all bought some souvenirs for family. There are many street artists, one of them can play a special instrument, although I don’t know the English name of this instrument but it looks very cool.

img_1375  img_1424  img_1420img_1425  img_1350  img_1426

We came back to Tampere at 1 o’clock at night, it’s a little bit tired but I really treasure this unforgettable trip with my friends!




Cooking German Food Together! (02/12/2016)

Our fifth meeting, we decided to cook German food together. We met at Khassy’s place again like last time we cook Chinese food. And Khassy invited her German friend Laura, to help us cook together. We cook meat balls by mixing meat, eggs and bread, and I tried the step of making those stuffs into ball although I’m not good at it. Then we cooked mashed potatoes with milk. I really love the taste of this kind of potatoes.

While eating, we talked about some words in Chinese and German with weird pronunciation. That’s so funny because some words in German I really cannot pronounce. And I also asked Khassy something in Germany, like some famous places to visit, some famous delicious food and drinks. I know the sausage and beer are famous in Germany. So, I am looking forward to travel to Germany in the future.


I really enjoyed eating and cooking with them! I hope next time we can have chance to eat local traditional German food together!

Photo Time! (20/11/2016)

img_9140This time we met at Mediapolis, Khassy has her interesting homework to make photos of different tongues. So Xulei and I decided to ”provide” our own tongues to be ”models” of her photography. That sounds a little bit weird but we really had the wonderful time together. Khassy looks very professional to use those photographic facilities, she took a lot of photos with different lighting intensity to make shadow. And I’m also interested in photographing so I asked Khassy to teach me how to use those stuffs. Then after finishing her homework, they became my models to let me take photos for them.

Khassy brought some German Christmas sweets like chocolate, cookies and cake. I really love sweets, they are very delicious. We also talked about different sweets in our countries, like KINDER chocolates in Germany, BIG WHITE RABBIT in China. I still remember I love eating Kinder eggs when I was a child, because there are little toys in the egg.

2fdda3cc7cd98d107b5fc040263fb80e7bec903c  6f061d950a7b0208ee448ec96bd9f2d3572cc80d

Those snacks are very delicious, For me, it was a great experience to be a photographer.

Learning to say colors! (02/11/2016)

So, this time we decided to meet at the main campus, because all of us choose the course called Basic of Finnish, then we just have our EOTO course before Finnish class.

There are so many people in library, at last we find a quiet place and firstly chat for a while. Before Khassy came, I was watching a Chinese drama, then we talk about this good drama called Nirvana in Fire. This is a costume drama, so we also talked about a little bit history, I really recommend Khassy to watch it because it is so wonderful.


The place we stay in has a big colorful toy, so we began to learn colors in Chinese and German. The pronunciation of the colors in Chinese were very difficult, while the German colors name easier because of their resemblance to English.

English Chinese German
Red 红色 Rot
Blue 蓝色 Blau
Black 黑色 Schwarz
White 白色 Weiss
Yellow 黄色 Gelb
Green 绿色 Grün
Orange 橙色 Orange
Pink 粉色 Pink
Rose 玫红色 Rosa
Brown 棕色 Braun
Gray 灰色 Grau
Purple 紫色 Lila