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EPISODE 6: You, your legs and the city.

This day we met in a cafe called “Arthouse Cinema Niagara”. We were ready to spend the whole afternoon talking about our city. Where can you see modern art, the most beautiful museums, the most iconic and historical buildings, where to eat with your friends or where to have dinner with a girl. The last topics were easy, (the dinner one was easier for me 😏) but when we started talking about the historical buildings… well we knew that they were important and that they were there, but why?. Shame on us.

But with a little of help of Mr. Google and a map, we found out all the history of our city. This session was a clear win-win, while we were trying to find all the information about our cities to teach it to the other one we discovered new things about our own city and feeling closer to it.

Google satellite taking pictures for Google Maps.

One of the things that I’m more proud about this session is that I’ve created some kind of interest inside Pablo. I’ve been 4 times in Barcelona, as I have friends there. So I’ve visited most of the touristic places with them and with my parents, but Pablo has never been in Madrid, because as he said “it’s not that interesting”, but after a long chat, a few pictures and some stories, I convinced Pablo to come to Madrid. After this session we became such an experts in Barcelona and Madrid, that we could walk along their streets with the eyes closed.

After this session I realized how much I was missing Madrid, its streets, the loudy and crowded streets, the sun… but at the same time Erasmus was finishing, one year of friendship and freedom was reaching the end. What a bittersweet feeling.

7th meeting:our cities and favourite places

Our 7th meeting was at the 22th of November and we discussed our cities and favourite places.

We met at evening and it was already too dark for good photos but we tried:)

So,Martina lives in Brno. She likes it  because its quite big but not capital city.There are everything like in Prague, good restaurants, good bars, shops, cafés, lot of interesting places and also its called “student city” because there are lot of students.Her house is few minutes near “Vila tugendhat”(it is unesco building). It has very modern architecture. Her favourite place is “Petrov”, it is a hill with church and there is lot of restaurants and  restaurant called “Piazza” in main square “náměstí Svobody” and they cook italian meals, pizza and lot of fish. She think that  Brno should be important city for future, because it is technology center in Czech republic and lot of companies are opening their offices rather in Brno than Prague.

And Jenny is from Hong Kong and she show us her city.


It is really different, a lot of huge buildings with glass and modern architecture.  In Saint-Petersburg city center no buildings with modern architecture and higher than 6 floors, because city government has got politics that city center should be historical.

This meeting was interesting for me because I never have been in Brno or Hong Kong and it is nice to see how citizens saw their cities.