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Lunch at School (Fin-Rus)

We were planning to have lunch at school together for a long time and finally, we did it 🙂 I again asked my friend to join us, so we had a long conversation about music, travellings and hobbies. It was interesting to know that Maksim listens to Russian music band Kino, which I like as well and Viktor Tsoi is a legend in Russia.

We discussed countries as well because it was a cyber Monday and me and my friend got really cheap tickets to Amsterdam! we were excited that moment that couldn’t talk about something else 😀

After all, my friend said that she really found the idea of this course super cool because it’s not only the opportunity to learn the new language, but also a chance to meet new friends 🙂

Our First Meeting (20/09/2017)

  We have met each other on Wednesday!

(Sungin Yun,Min Song,Kaikai Ji,Xia Chu)

We met in the café and this was our first meeting for formal studying. Yun has already printed a table of vowel and consonant for us and the table clearly showed that how to combine them.And then,Yun taught us how to pronounce vowel,consonant,as well as the combination of them.She said this is foundation of learing Korean.Firstly,it’s a little difficult for us to pronounce them accurately cause there exists many differences between Korean and Chinese and our tongue was just like.. embarrased.But I do believed that we can overcome it with the skills which were taught by Yun!

What’s more,we were been taught some compression for daily use like :hello,bye,brother and sisiter(differ from different gender),I love you,welcome and so on.

Korean is really an interesting language and it’s pronounciation is very cute! Looking forward to the next meeting!


Summary of performance “Painomustetta”- “Print ink”


It was the story of four persons who were in an orphanage when they were yang. During their life happen mystery. Mysteries present some story about enigmatic disappearance mailman and murder. The case hadn’t been solved for years and those four people become adults and you could see glimpses of their adult lives.

All in all, it was kind of just an accident.
During our meeting №10, we discuss Leila playing. I was asking about the meaning of words what I noted during play, as well I try to explain to Leila what I understand from the performance. More or less I understand some of the ideas, but in general, it was nice to listening explanation what it’s really mean and compeer with imagination what you had.
Our second topic was celebrations. We were talking about 1th of May, Vappu traditions.
In Russia, they also have the celebration at that day, but it’s a bit different. For Tampere people it very important time. They take white chaps and hang out everywhere during the day and night, make barbecue. Much important for yang students during this time are immersed into the river.
The last topic what we catch it was about food and Working, repeating hard sound and letters like: ч, ц, ж, ш, щ, ch, c, z; correcting pronunciation.
I introduce some main fruits, vegetables, and another word what could be useful for the beginning (and not only). Leila makes notes and tries to read. She was really good and very fast catch the sound of words only a few of them make difficulties. It was a great job.
Есть- eat
Я ем, ты ешь, он/она/ оно ест, мы едим, они едят, вы едите.
(мы едим…)
Пить- drink
Я пью, ты пьёшь, Он/Она/Оно- пьёт, мы- пьём, вы- пьёте, Они пьют.

Вода water
Кофе- coffee,
Чай- tea,
Молоко- milk
Пиво- beer
Вино- wine
Масло- butter
Яйцо/яйца- egg/s
Курица- chicken
Рыба- fish
Колбаса- sausage
Мясо- meet
Хлеб- bread
Булка- bun
Торт- cake
Мороженоe- ice-cream
Шоколад- chocolate
Картофель- potato
Морковь- carrot
Огурец- cucumber
Помидор- tomato
Капуста- cabbage
Горох- peas
Лук- onion
Чеснок- garlic
Грибы- mushrooms
Яблоко/и – apple/s
Груша- pear
Клубника- strawberry
Слива- plum
Виноград- grape
Лимон- lemon
Апельсин- orange
Банан- banana
Корица- cinnamon



First we decided to meet at Cafe Aitoleipä 12.00. I was there one hour before (because of the Easter someone needed to find out is it open, because internet didn’t tell). At 11.45 I went there again, but it was full. I had time, so I tried to find a better place for us (place where we can at least sit). Just 200 meters from Cafe Aitoleipä there is Pyynikin munkkikahvila, and it was not full. I sent a message to every one and we decided to go to Pyynikin munkkikahvila. < —–There you can get Tampere’s best doughnuts by the way 😉

I went inside to wait others, because NYSSE (Tampere’s public buss) was late again. When everyone arrived we started to test our learning by using Quizzlet. We went through all our previous meetings and tried to remember words what we should have learned. I can tell you that mine were bit lost…

Diego did same thing (but of course he tried to remember Finnish words) and he was pretty good. Great job Diego and thank you for our learning 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-17 at 13.17.38

-Minttu <3

Exam time! – Italian and German girls’diary pt.10

Here we are! After 3 months, this was our last meeting of “Each one teach one”. We met Monday 10th April in Mallashovi after dinner and after a beer we start our “ORAL EXAM”😱. We decided to do it in this way because write all the sentences in the correct way was too difficult also to remember, so we just check each other if we were able to remember how to pronunce the things that we learned during these 10 meetings. It was funny because my German pronunciation is not so good to hear and sometimes I made some mistakes but at the end I remembered more or less all the things that Anna thaugh us. We made questions about grammar, numbers, day and months, useful sentences, culture and uses  (also how to do pizza and all the typical festivities) and the thing that we better remembered was how to cook our typical dishes😅. Also Anna was very good because she learned very well what we thaugh her and I am very proud of her because Italian language is not so easy because of the grammar and all the exceptions, but she was able to learn a lot in so short time so I am very happy for her.

I will miss do our meetings because I really enjoyed them and everytime we did something different so it was also a good way to spend time having fun and learn new things. I will keep this experience in my mind forever because it was very useful and I am very happy to have met Anna. I hope to have been a good teacher for her because she has been with us, especially with me because Marta studied German in the highschool so she already knew something, but with me was harder because I have never studied it and I know that it hasn’t been easy. Thank you so much Anna and thank you for this wonderful experience!

Goodbye to everyone! Auf Wiedersehen!😘

Tea and Apfelstrudel for us! – Italian and German girls’diary pt.8

Tuesday 4th April, Me and Marta went to Anna’s place to cook the typical Viennese sweet (but very common also in Germany) “Apfelstrudel”. I was very happy because is one of my favourite sweets and I use to eat it everytime that I travel to Germany, Austria or Trentino (an Italian region in the north of Italy where is common find typical food from Germany or Austria because they are very close).  Anna was very nice because she gave to us the original receipe so I will try to do it also at home for my mum because it’s also her favourite sweet. We started reading all the ingredients and try to pronounce them also in german:

  Strudel dough: 250g plain flour, 2g salt, 50g eggs, 100g lukewarm water, 20g oil.   Buttered breadcrumbs: 100g breadcrumbs, 50g butter.                                                                      Cinnamon sugar: 140g fine crystal sugar, 10g cinnamon.                                                 Filling: 150g breadcrumbs, 150g cinnamon sugar, 170g raisins, 10g lemon juice, 1kg peeled-cored-sliced apples, one shot of rum.

Me and Marta took care of cut the apple and fill our delicious strudel and Anna made the dough and closed the strudel after that we filled it because is a little bit difficult and like for Pizza, you should know how to do it to make it good! I really enjoyed do the strudel because I like cook, especially sweets, with my friends because is a good moment to share our traditions and show our cooking skills.  While we were waiting that the strudel got ready, we talked about our experience here in Tampere and we are all happy about it because is an amazing city full of things to do like go to the forest tu run or just for a walk, skate or ski on the frozen lake, do shopping in the main street, practice cross-country skiing (so difficult for me because I use to practice  down-hill skiing), meet with your friends for a coffee or a tea and a sweet, go to the disco for parties and a lot of other things.

When the strudel started to become golden-brown, we removed it from the oven and put it to rest a little bit before to eat it. Meanwhile Anna prepared a tea to drink with our delicious and tasty strudel. I really liked it also because we did it with our own hands. I will certainly try to reproduce it in my home country! Thank you Anna for your precious advices and for giving us the original receipe, I will keep it with me for all my life.

Keep in touch, see you! Ciao ciao 🙂


Last meeting with Ryoko / 19.12.2016

On this day I just arrived from Helsinki where I had spent the weekend with my friend. I went pretty much straight from the rail station to Ryoko’s place in Hervanta. 😀

Again, we had a more relaxed meeting with just chatting about various things. We talked about our plans for the holidays and then about love and relationships in both Finland and Japan and what differences there are.

We both agreed that Japanese guys are much more strict about their girlfriends having male friends. I used to be with a Japanese guy and that was a difficult thing for me to understand then. :p

It’s also more clear and somewhat official when people start dating in Japan. In Finland, on the other hand, it’s much more vague – you can’t sometimes really tell if two people are just friends or if they’re actually dating. This is also because there’s not much skinship between friends in Japan. 

Difficult to believe that this was already our last meeting! I was so glad I could do this EOTO project with Ryoko. I’m so happy to have someone I can speak Japanese with and I’m glad we got to know each other more through this course. I’m sure we will be meeting lots even after this course ends 😉

9th meeting with Ryoko / 15.12.2016

 Third meeting in a row! I couldn’t stay for too long on the previous day but still wanted to help Ryoko more so we met again the next day to finish up what we started earlier. Ryoko came to my place this time. 

After some serious studying, I asked Ryoko for some Japanese TV program recommendations. I previously finished watching this drama called いつかこの恋を思い出してきっと泣いてしまう (Love that Makes You Cry) and wanted something new. Ryoko recommended me a drama she watched called せいせいするほど、愛してる (For the Romantic) and one that got really popular thanks to its theme song. The song is 恋 (Koi) by 星野源(Hoshino Gen) and the drama is called 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ (We married as a Job!). I will definitely start watching these two. 😀

This is the kind of stuff Ryoko is studying in her Finnish course. Advanced level already! 😀


This is the drama’s theme song that got so popular in Japan. I wanted to share it because it’s so nice and cheerful 😀

7th meeting with Ryoko / 13.12.2016

Last week before the Christmas holidays! This day I went to Ryoko’s place after taking an exam at school. We were mostly just chatting in Japanese and Finnish.

I told Ryoko about the JLPT exam that I had just taken. To be honest, I’m not sure at all if I will pass or not. Some parts were easier than I expected but the listening part was definitely harder than I thought it would be! I will only be getting the results in February/March, so the wait is kind of long… When I get the results, I’ll either start studying for the hardest level (N1) or try to retake N2 in case I didn’t pass this time. Ryoko will be of great help to me again then 😉

Other than that, we somehow ended up talking about refugees and foreigners in Finland. 

I learnt some new words as well!

移民 (いみん)immigrant (which has a somewhat negative sound to it)

難民 (なんみん)refugee

偏見のない人 (へんけんのないひと)open-minded

10/ Christmas Market

Four our last appointment, we decided to go to the little Christmas Market. In fact, to see each other in another meeting will be complicated because we all have exam, trip and go back home in different dates.

So we met each other in front of the Fazer coffee with 4 of us and a Russian friend of Tanja and Magdalena. We went to the chocolate shop and after to the coffee shop. We decided to not learn vocabulary because we preferred learned culture by talking. And I’m happy that we were thinking in the same way.

So we discuss food, Christmas, and our daily life in our home country. This time we also talked about Russia because the German girls and me went in Saint Petersburg so we were asking the Russian girl about language or her daily life here.


To make an overview of our semester just in a word I will say : surprised. In fact, I didn’t know what can I expected from this course. I wanted something cultural but not learning or teaching in a way to organized because I was afraid to be born. But I had the perfect member that is to say in a same way of thinking. We made a preliminary plan with some ideas that we did as the cooking event, the coffee meeting but also other things and every time something new. We learned vocabulary but also the recipe, talked about the prejudices and compared it with the reality so the culture in general and the quotidian life of every member and I think this important because there is some part of the culture that is general but not something that we did. So I liked it because now I can imagine a day of each member.
I was afraid to teach because it was my first time but it was easy because we all understand easily and even we different culture we were nit judging but totally in a way of learning and discovering.
The another part that I really liked is the fact that we also talked about the Finland and finish culture. But also compare our experience here so the things that we liked or not and things that surprised us for example.

Now I delete some prejudices that I had on the germans and discover a new country. Thanks to this course I wanna go to Germany to try some food and discover this country. Of course I want to return in Spain too, nd my door is open to be guide in Paris !