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7th meeting with Ryoko / 13.12.2016

Last week before the Christmas holidays! This day I went to Ryoko’s place after taking an exam at school. We were mostly just chatting in Japanese and Finnish.

I told Ryoko about the JLPT exam that I had just taken. To be honest, I’m not sure at all if I will pass or not. Some parts were easier than I expected but the listening part was definitely harder than I thought it would be! I will only be getting the results in February/March, so the wait is kind of long… When I get the results, I’ll either start studying for the hardest level (N1) or try to retake N2 in case I didn’t pass this time. Ryoko will be of great help to me again then 😉

Other than that, we somehow ended up talking about refugees and foreigners in Finland. 

I learnt some new words as well!

移民 (いみん)immigrant (which has a somewhat negative sound to it)

難民 (なんみん)refugee

偏見のない人 (へんけんのないひと)open-minded

10/ Christmas Market

Four our last appointment, we decided to go to the little Christmas Market. In fact, to see each other in another meeting will be complicated because we all have exam, trip and go back home in different dates.

So we met each other in front of the Fazer coffee with 4 of us and a Russian friend of Tanja and Magdalena. We went to the chocolate shop and after to the coffee shop. We decided to not learn vocabulary because we preferred learned culture by talking. And I’m happy that we were thinking in the same way.

So we discuss food, Christmas, and our daily life in our home country. This time we also talked about Russia because the German girls and me went in Saint Petersburg so we were asking the Russian girl about language or her daily life here.


To make an overview of our semester just in a word I will say : surprised. In fact, I didn’t know what can I expected from this course. I wanted something cultural but not learning or teaching in a way to organized because I was afraid to be born. But I had the perfect member that is to say in a same way of thinking. We made a preliminary plan with some ideas that we did as the cooking event, the coffee meeting but also other things and every time something new. We learned vocabulary but also the recipe, talked about the prejudices and compared it with the reality so the culture in general and the quotidian life of every member and I think this important because there is some part of the culture that is general but not something that we did. So I liked it because now I can imagine a day of each member.
I was afraid to teach because it was my first time but it was easy because we all understand easily and even we different culture we were nit judging but totally in a way of learning and discovering.
The another part that I really liked is the fact that we also talked about the Finland and finish culture. But also compare our experience here so the things that we liked or not and things that surprised us for example.

Now I delete some prejudices that I had on the germans and discover a new country. Thanks to this course I wanna go to Germany to try some food and discover this country. Of course I want to return in Spain too, nd my door is open to be guide in Paris !

Getting to know each other & basics of French/ German & Finnish

Our second meeting was on Tuesday the 15th and we meet in our kitchen again which is a pretty convenient place for both of us. Both of our schedules were pretty busy, so it took a bit to find a time that was good.

We talked again about ourselves and why we actually chose Finland. Guilio visited some friends on their exchange and liked it. That´s why he wanted to do it himself, but didn´t know where. First he thought about Canada, but a friend of him did his exchange here in Tampere and told him that it was great, so he decided to do it here as well. So far he enjoys it here a lot. We talked a bit about the experience for both of us so far and it was really interesting to hear about a different perspective because I´m a full degree student here and doing my bachelor.

We decided to just do some basics then like:

je suis = Ich bin = minä olen =  I am

tu es = Du bist = sinä olet = you are

il/elle/on est = Er/Sie/Es ist = hän on = he/she/it is

nous sommes = Wir sind = me olemme =  we are

vous êtes = Ihr seid = te olette = you are (plural)

ils/elles sont = Sie sind = he ovat = they are


merci = Danke = kiitos = thanks

salut = Hallo = hei/moi/terve = hello


I remembered something, but not all. It´s been quite a while since I learned some French and it was nice to try to speak it again.

Second meeting with Ryoko / 21.09.2016

Our second meeting with Ryoko took place at the Fazer Café. We decided to meet before going to school so we could have late breakfast at the café while studying together.

We put final touches to a task we did together. In the task we had to compare Finland and Japan and we actually discussed about that in general as well. We also checked what corrections we made to each other’s texts in our diary. Ryoko corrected some words in kanji that I had only written in hiragana. It was very useful for me. 🙂

Then we chatted about school stuff in general, our courses, classmates and so on. This both in Japanese and Finnish! It was fun to hear someone’s opinion who is in the same class and how they see things. 😀 

We still kept talking in Japanese when we took the bus together to school. People gave us quite surprised looks, which was funny to me. Well, I guess you don’t hear Japanese that much in Tampere…

whatsapp-image-2016-11-02-at-19-46-27  My breakfast @ Fazer Café 🙂

First meeting with Ryoko / 18.09.2016

It’s already been a while since this first meeting, actually so long that I feel somewhat embarrassed only posting about it now. Life hasn’t been all that kind to me for these past months but now I seem to be getting back on track with things…

I was so glad Ryoko asked me to join her in this Each One Teach One course since I haven’t had the opportunity to speak Japanese at all since I moved to Finland last year – therefore this is a great opportunity for me to brush up my language skills again! 

Anyway, to our actual first meeting!

I actually visited Turku on that weekend and I ended up going straight from there to Ryoko’s house. Ryoko and her boyfriend Lauri had prepared dinner which was really nice since I was starving after my trip. 

Ryoko made us okonomiyaki (お好み焼き), the so-called “Japanese pancake”. Usually it’s made with cabbage but Ryoko made it with leek instead. She said that Finnish cabbage is too hard or thick compared to the Japanese one, so leek works better in this case – and still tastes just as good!

Okonomiyaki is actually one of my favorite Japanese dishes and I have made it myself a few times before but I have to say that Ryoko’s one was much more delicious! Hehe.

For dessert, we had the Finnish pancake.. well, pannukakku. Pretty obvious one. We ate it with jam and whipped cream, and it was delicious as well. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it…

We discussed in a mix of English and Finnish while eating because Lauri was there as well. After that, we started our actual studying. We divided the time we had in half. The first half we did in Finnish and the second one in Japanese.

We had some basic discussion with Ryoko in Finnish and then she showed me the books she uses to study Finnish. I helped her with some exercises in the book and then some specific expressions to make her speech seem more native-like, so to say. I realized that there’s actually so many ways to say one thing in Finnish and it can get a bit confusing… 😀


I didn’t bring my books that time with me so we just discussed the rest of the time in Japanese. I told Ryoko that I would like to take part in the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, 日本語能力試験) in December. I passed N3 in 2015 and would like to try the second hardest level (N2) this time, and I asked Ryoko to help me especially with kanjis (Chinese characters). 🙂

We actually decided to start writing an exchange diary (交換日記) so that we could both improve our reading and writing in Finnish and Japanese. This way, I am also forced to learn more kanji, which is obviously a good thing. 😀

Okonomiyaki topped with mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes and seaweed flakes :)

Okonomiyaki topped with mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes and seaweed flakes. 🙂

True Finns – A comedic look at life in Finland

Yesterday a part of our group were at the True Finns show at O’Connell’s. True Finns is a live comedy show that explores Finnish culture and stereotypes in hopes to understandtruefinns what life in Finland is like for both Finns and Foreigners. One of the comedian was a Finn, the other one was an American.

At the beginning of the show the topic was Thanksgiving because the Americans celebrated that yesterday.  The comedians called some random guys of the audience on the stage and asked them what they know about this public holiday. Soon we, as non-americans, could imagine how this day is celebrated: Many people eat dimensions of food and talk about nonsense, and that for hours. After that the two comedians showed funny newspaper articles and made jokes about them.


After a short break the topic of the show was “pikkujoulut”, what means little christmas. Pikkujoulut are small celebrations before christmas (usually from companies or associations) where the people drink much alcohol. The comedians called one guy on the stage and asked them about pikkujoulut and that was really funny. He said that he usually not remembers anything and the word alcohol describes the thing the best. After that they showed us ten advices what you should not do at pikkujoulut like choosing wisely who to take home because you have to work with some persons the whole year.


In the last part of the show they searched on Twitter for hashtags which are related to pikkujoulut like #hangover or #adultery. The audience could choose the searched terms. The comedians and three others made an impro about these terms. It was really funny.

For me the evening at O’Connell’s was very funny and I learned much about Finnish and American culture. I was surprised that I understood everything, so my English knowledge increased a lot since I’m here in Finland.






The Last Time

The last time we met with Bryan was again in café Kahvilla. Which I still recommend to everyone. Great food and even greater guests. And drinks.

This last time we talked what we have learned and I had prepared this very fancy hand-written test to Bryan with questions concerning Finnish foods, words and ice-hockey. He even remembered Tappara when asked teams from Tampere. Well done!



Before going to my exchange (where I already am) I took this language test for Erasmus and I chose Dutch as I think my English will not get any better while here. And I didn’t do half bad:


To be honest, Dutch vocabulary is quite easy to guess if you have basics in German but not to pronounce. But it helped a lot to take this course before going for my exchange. I recommend to others to do that too if they don’t speak the needed language already.

Last meeting: Spanish food, Paella!

Before we made traditional Korean and Finnish food was time for Spanish food and I decided to make chicken paella for Haley.

First we met in my apartment in Lapinkaari and we practice Spanish the class was a vocabulary lesson, I explained to Haley how to pronounce different places in Spanish like Escuela (School), Bar (Bar), Biblioteca (library), Estación de tren (train station), Mercado (market), librería (book shop)…

The pronunciation of Haley was really good, she could understand all the Spanish sounds and pronounce them. Finally, she asked me all the questions that she had about Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

When we finish our Spanish class we started to prepare all the ingredients for the Paella and we went to the share kitchen in Lapinkaari. We made the chicken paella together, I explained to Haley that meat paella is originally from Valencia and my grandmother was from there, so in my family we use to cook this paella on Sunday.

Once the paella was ready we came back to my room and was time to eat it! Was delicious, the flavours were more or less the same as the paella that I cook at home and Haley said that was delicious so I was glad that she like it!

IMG_1283 IMG_1285 IMG_1287 IMG_1288

This is our last meeting for EOTO, because we don’t have more time, but we will try meet again before we will come back to our countries. Was a pleasure teach Spanish to Haley and also learn Korean and Finnish from all my EOTO members. Thanks to Essi, Yeaeun and Haley to be my partners in this course!

6th Meeting, Spanish vocabulary and culture class!

Haley and I went to the public library in Tampere to study Spanish. Haley said me that she want to go with her mother to Barcelona this summer, so I tried to teach her easy phrases and conversation, that could be many useful if she will travel to Barcelona.

  • How are you –> ¿Cómo estás?
  • Bien –> Fine
  • Nice to meet you –> Encantada (finish with a because is a girl, if not will be Encantado) de conocerte
  • Where are…? –> ¿Dónde está…?
  • Train station –> Estación Tren
  • Bus –>Bus
  • An other useful conversation words.

Once, we finished to practice all this phrases I show to her the different places that she can go in Barcelona and the food that can eat there. Like Tapas, Paella with seafood or meat, Churros, fruit juices…

Haley went to Barcelona ones, so she explain me the different thighs that she visited there and the food that tasted. I’m very glad that she likes Barcelona and our food and culture.

The next week my mother will come and she will bring the paella pan to make paella, so I want to make paella with Haley in our next Spanish meeting!

Spanish Class and Korean alphabet

Our second meeting was a Spanish/ Korean class with Haley.

First Haley and I went to dinner to the Italian restaurant, Napoli  in downtown of Tampere, in order to meet each other better. We were talking about our experience in Tampere, and also we decided the objectives that we will want to achieve in this Spanish lessons.

Went we finished the dinner we went to Haley’s resident, TOAS city, and there we started our Spanish class.

First of all, I tried to explain to Haley how to pronounce Spanish, I explained that my language only has 5 vowels (A, E, I, O, U) and the pronunciation of each one is always the same. Then I wrote different and easy sentences like Cómo estas? (How are you), Hola, me llamo Haley (Hello, My name is Haley)…  And I taught how to read Spanish sentences, because the sounds in Spanish are always the same ones, and are really easy to read them.

The most difficult part to teach was the conjugation of the verbs, because in Spanish we change the verb according with the time tens  (Future, present…)  and the person (first , second or thirst person and singular or plural) , so is not the same say  I read a book ( Yo leo un libro) than You read a book (Tu lees un libro).

Moreover, I taught to Haley the different between the verbs Estar and Ser, because in English both verbs have the  same meaning, verb TO BE. For example the verb Estar is related with the feelings and particular situations like Yo estoy cansado (I’m tired) or Yo estoy en la cocina (I’m in the kitchen) and we use the verb Ser when we talk about general or permanent situations like You soy alto (I’m tall) or Tu eres guapa (You are pretty).

Finally I explained how to count in Spanish, but was a little bit difficult to understand for Haley so we decided to do the numbers again in the future.

When we finish the Spanish class we start our Korean Class, Haley explain me the Korean alphabet, she wrote me all the alphabet and explain how to combine them. And the beginning was hard because this alphabet is completely different with English one, but finally I was able to make easy works and sentences, like our names.