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9/ French Cooking Evening

For our 3rd cooking meeting, it was my turn to teach a recipe. I asked my group what did they want to eat and ask me to make a : Quiche Lorraine.

So I bought the ingredients and print the recipe before to go to Tiilinkatu where the girls live. First, we decided to translate the recipe and discussed with a tea about our exchange because it’s almost the end and also about the Lapland because the German girls went there two weeks before our meeting and I was going there the week after.


at 7pm we decided to start to prepare so I saw how to prepare the mix and after to cook the meat etc.
15356965_10210412602062932_2105600330_nThis is a kind of remix because we didn’t have the right cake mould but the taste was the same !

I think that my teaching session was a success because everyone said that now, they can do the recipe easily so my anxiety disapper. I hope they enjoyed their plate and will do the recipe again for their firends !

6/ German Dish

Again this meeting took place in the house of Tanja and Magdalena, but this time we met for a German dish : “Semmelknödel” with a mushroom sauce.

The result of our homemade dish was successful.


It was really funny to do that recipe because to make the dough Tanja mixed all the ingredients with her hands even with the milk and the eggs !!


We learn the ingredients necessary for the receipe in the three languages :


Thanks to this class, I realized that it’s really difficult for me to learn the German language. It’s totally different form the French or even the Spanish. But I’m happy to learn this new culture that I don’t know by my own. In fact, I already know a lot about Spain and the Spanish culture and I think that it’s the best option to be in a group with more than just one culture to learn. That is to say that I can learn more about something that I already know but also completely discover something new.

Next cooking time, will be my turn and to be honest, I’m a little bit anxious !


4/ Spanish Dish

For our fourth meeting, we decide that we want to make a popular Spanish dish. The place for this new meeting was in the Tanja and Magdalena’s house. It’s a cute Finnish cottage, so this time again we learned about different cultures in a place that is representative of a country that no one known before this semester. So, Xavier decides to make a “Tortilla” : a Spanish omelet. I already ate that dish before, because I went much time in Spain but it was the first time that I make it by myself ! I’m not especially a cooker so it was funny for me to try to make it.

Vocabulary :

Tres patates                             Trois patates                              Drei Kartoffeln
Una cebolla                              Un oignon                                   Eine Zwiebel
Cinco huevos                           Cinq oeufs                                  Fünf Eier
Sal                                                Sel                                                  Salz
Aceite de oliva                        Huile d’olive                              Olivenöl
Una sartén                                Une poêle                                 Eine Pfanne
Una espátula                           Une spatule                             Ein Pfannenwend
Un batidor                                Un fouet                                    Eine Schneebesen
Una ensaladera                     Un saladier                               Eine Schössel


During the dinner, we talk about traditional dishes in each country or the things that we love to eat. For example, we talked about paellas and the different one according to the region of Spain but also the different ingredient that you can add in a tortilla because I already ate one with chorizo so I asked Xavier if it was something normal or just a strange tortilla created by a restaurant.

It was one of the meetings that I was really waiting for because the “cooking evening” is the only meeting that we were sure to make during this semester. By the way, I am not someone that cooks often so it was really funny for me !

After that the german girls shown us which dish they will be prepared for us !


First meeting with Ryoko / 18.09.2016

It’s already been a while since this first meeting, actually so long that I feel somewhat embarrassed only posting about it now. Life hasn’t been all that kind to me for these past months but now I seem to be getting back on track with things…

I was so glad Ryoko asked me to join her in this Each One Teach One course since I haven’t had the opportunity to speak Japanese at all since I moved to Finland last year – therefore this is a great opportunity for me to brush up my language skills again! 

Anyway, to our actual first meeting!

I actually visited Turku on that weekend and I ended up going straight from there to Ryoko’s house. Ryoko and her boyfriend Lauri had prepared dinner which was really nice since I was starving after my trip. 

Ryoko made us okonomiyaki (お好み焼き), the so-called “Japanese pancake”. Usually it’s made with cabbage but Ryoko made it with leek instead. She said that Finnish cabbage is too hard or thick compared to the Japanese one, so leek works better in this case – and still tastes just as good!

Okonomiyaki is actually one of my favorite Japanese dishes and I have made it myself a few times before but I have to say that Ryoko’s one was much more delicious! Hehe.

For dessert, we had the Finnish pancake.. well, pannukakku. Pretty obvious one. We ate it with jam and whipped cream, and it was delicious as well. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it…

We discussed in a mix of English and Finnish while eating because Lauri was there as well. After that, we started our actual studying. We divided the time we had in half. The first half we did in Finnish and the second one in Japanese.

We had some basic discussion with Ryoko in Finnish and then she showed me the books she uses to study Finnish. I helped her with some exercises in the book and then some specific expressions to make her speech seem more native-like, so to say. I realized that there’s actually so many ways to say one thing in Finnish and it can get a bit confusing… 😀


I didn’t bring my books that time with me so we just discussed the rest of the time in Japanese. I told Ryoko that I would like to take part in the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, 日本語能力試験) in December. I passed N3 in 2015 and would like to try the second hardest level (N2) this time, and I asked Ryoko to help me especially with kanjis (Chinese characters). 🙂

We actually decided to start writing an exchange diary (交換日記) so that we could both improve our reading and writing in Finnish and Japanese. This way, I am also forced to learn more kanji, which is obviously a good thing. 😀

Okonomiyaki topped with mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes and seaweed flakes :)

Okonomiyaki topped with mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes and seaweed flakes. 🙂

Cooking Korean food

Our second meeting, we cooked Korean food! We started with grocery store shopping, then we went to my home and began to cook! We made kimbap(Korean sushi) and kimchi. It was really fun and interesting! Jisoo taught me how to cook rice properly and I also learned the real way of making kimchi. Even though we didn’t have all the ingredients, it turned out really nice.
korean food
We also had time to study. I learned Korean numbers.
From one to ten: il, e, sam, sa, u, yoog, chil, pal, gu, sib!
Hundred, thousand, ten thousand: bag, chun, man.

And some sentences:
Sa lang he! -I love you.
Po ko sipu/siputsu! I miss/missed you.

Jisoo had birthdays earlier so we celebrated that as well. I learned how to wish happy birthday in Korean.
Saeng il chuck ha hae yo!

Meeting #10: Comida Mexicana… und deutscher Apfelkuchen

What is there better to explore another culture than to wander through the cooking books and search for some delicious sounding meals?

Considering that we wanted to do a cooking evening since the beginning, but until now we just managed to visit restaurants, we decided to finally just do it, because also our time is running out slowly but static. We met at Oscars places and searched for recipes, both of Mexican and German food. Since we all loved the fajitas at “Pancho Villa” we decided to pick it as our main dish, whereas our dessert should be a traditional German cake – Der Apfelkuchen (Apple pie). During our search we also learned some new vocabulary that we noted down, like:

Apple – manzana
Pie – pastel
Dough – pasteles
Salad – lechuga
Beans – frijoles
to bake – hornear
to cook – cocinar

On the other side we translated words from English into German. After that we went to shop the ingredients and after that started to cook. We talked about cooking and also eating culture in our countries. How important it is to have dinner with your family, at least on one day in the week – for instance in Germany. The dinner was very nice and the dessert formed a glorious finish to our senses of taste.

If I now look back to the learning outcomes for today and also the last sessions we had, I have to say that the most positive point out of it was probably the very free learning situation. We talked about the stuff we were interested in and also the exchange between our both cultures was very great and open minded. One thing that we maybe could concentrate more is grammar, but I think it is difficult to teach this properly in such a short time. But we should try to talk more about that, too.

Buenas noches!

PS: here is the pie recipe!
6 medium apples, peeled, cored and sliced
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 cup heavy cream
1 prepared pie crust

Press the pie crust into the bottom of a big pie plate. Crimp the edges (if you are feeling fancy) or simply smooth the edges until they are relatively smooth. Whisk together the dry ingredients and sprinkle over the apples in a large mixing bowl. Stir to coat all the pieces and then place the apples into the pie crust. Pour the cream over the apples and bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes. Reduce the heat to 350 degrees and bake for an additional 55-60 minutes. Cool completely before serving. Enjoy!

Raclette and Aurora – 1st meeting

On a chilly night October 8th our first EOTO meeting took place in Rauhaniemi, Tampere. Two of our group Fabian, from Switzerland, and Chen, from South-Korea, share an apartment so we decided to meet at their place.

The atmosphere was relaxed and free flowing conversation was at full throttle although our group had met only once at the kick-off at a TAMK auditorium. Fabian had saved original Swiss cheese for that night to make raclette, a Swiss dish. Originally raclette is served by melting the cheese and scraping off (racler) the melted part. Fabian’s version was made of boiled potatoes with a tons of cheese on top, heated up in the oven. The dish was served with sides such as pickles, asparagus and olives. After dinner it was time to check the Aurora light forecast online and what the magnitude was at the moment. Despite of the nearly freezing weather we headed to the shore of Pyhäjärvi among other Aurora observers to get a glimpse of the beautiful northern lights. Aurora was barely visible that night but the beautiful view at the shore with lights shining across the lake and starry sky made the trip worth making.

Our first meeting was a night of culinary experiences and culture exchange. I learned a lot about Swiss and South-Korean cuisine and we taught each other names of different dishes and foods in our own language. In addition our diverse conversation gave each other insight about culture and especially technology in our home countries.

Kässpätzle und Mohrenkopfkuchen

In our fifth meeting we cooked dishes which are typical for the southwest of Germany. The main dish was Kässpätzle and the dessert Mohrenkopfkuchen.

Here are the recipes:



The recipe from the Mohrenkopfkuchen is only available in German, so  translated it for you:

1 pt. chocolate marshmallows
250 g quark
1/2 lemons
1 cup of cream
3 packages of cream stabilizer
1 flan case (mixing dough)

Working time: about 20 minutes / Difficulty:. Simple
First seperate the wafers from the chocolate marshmallows. Then put the marshmallows in a bowl and press them small with a fork. Add 250 g quark and the juice of a half lemon and mix everything.
In another bowl, you whip the cream and cream stabilizer until stiff. Fold t
his in the other mass. Put the finished composition on a flan case. Then place the wafers as decoration.


Enjoy your meal!


Meeting #6

During our sixth meeting, we cooked Korean food at my apartment. I can’t recall the name of the spicy chicken Yeaeun cooked for us, but Haley made some pan-cooked bulgogi. Both were very delicious, and I even liked the chicken though I usually can’t handle spicy foods. It was interesting to get to try Korean food for a change! We also ended up talking about Japanese cuisine, and what our favourite foods are in each culture. I really hope to have time to taste some Spanish cooking too, if Mariona has time to make some.

After eating, we talked a bit about the previous vocabulary, but everyone was a bit tired during the meeting so it ended up being more about just relaxing and chatting.

Last meeting: Spanish food, Paella!

Before we made traditional Korean and Finnish food was time for Spanish food and I decided to make chicken paella for Haley.

First we met in my apartment in Lapinkaari and we practice Spanish the class was a vocabulary lesson, I explained to Haley how to pronounce different places in Spanish like Escuela (School), Bar (Bar), Biblioteca (library), Estación de tren (train station), Mercado (market), librería (book shop)…

The pronunciation of Haley was really good, she could understand all the Spanish sounds and pronounce them. Finally, she asked me all the questions that she had about Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

When we finish our Spanish class we started to prepare all the ingredients for the Paella and we went to the share kitchen in Lapinkaari. We made the chicken paella together, I explained to Haley that meat paella is originally from Valencia and my grandmother was from there, so in my family we use to cook this paella on Sunday.

Once the paella was ready we came back to my room and was time to eat it! Was delicious, the flavours were more or less the same as the paella that I cook at home and Haley said that was delicious so I was glad that she like it!

IMG_1283 IMG_1285 IMG_1287 IMG_1288

This is our last meeting for EOTO, because we don’t have more time, but we will try meet again before we will come back to our countries. Was a pleasure teach Spanish to Haley and also learn Korean and Finnish from all my EOTO members. Thanks to Essi, Yeaeun and Haley to be my partners in this course!