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9th meeting: Korean food and homemade cake!

Haley, Yeaeun Essi and I decided to make a traditional Korean Food together. We made Bulgogi which is sweet tasty pork with onions and mushrooms and Dak bukumtang which is made of chicken and it has spicy tasty, at the beginning I was a little bit scared about the spicy food, because I hear that the Korean food is really spicy, but at the end I could eat it perfectly!

Haley and Yeaeun bought all the ingredients before our meeting and once we arrived to Essis’s house we started to cook together. Essi bought a rice cooker when she went to Japan two years ago with her family, so the rice was perfectly cooked in the rice cooker automatically.

First, we started with the Dak bukumtang, because need more time to be ready, Yeaeun explain us how to make this Korean chicken spacy soup and we helped her to do it. Once the soup was in the pot, we started the Bulgogi, Haley explain us how to prepared this dish.

Once we finished to cook was time to eat! We prepared a rice bowl for each one and we ate those delicious foods. As I said before, the Dak bukumtang was spacy, but with the rice Essi and I could eat well.


After finished our meals we started baking a homemade chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. When the cake was in the oven, than needed more than 45 minutes to be done, we decided to go to the lake near Essi’s house to walk and enjoy the nature of Finland. The weather was really nice, was a sunny day!

IMG_1254 11185647_828142130609532_1425895613_n

Finally, we came back when the cake was ready, so we finished to make it, preparing the vanilla frosting and then was time to eat our delicious homemade cake, we ate all the cake!


Was one of our last meetings, I’m going to miss my each one teach one members and our meetings!

Let’s make Pulla!

Our thirst meeting Haley, Yeaeun and I went to Essi’s House to learn Finnish and make traditional Finnish sweet bread called Pulla.

Essi bought all the ingredients to prepare Pulla and also she checked the recipe in Internet, so went we arrived we only had to prepare this delicious sweet.

Before started to backing we took tea and coffee and learned the basic Finnish grammar like easy sentences and the different pronunciations. For example:

Hello Terve, Moi, hei…
Goodbye Hei hei, moi moi…
Yes Kyllä
Good Morning hyvää huomenta
Thanks you Kiitos

Once we learned this sentences was time to start baking! First we prepare the base of the Pulla and then we started to prepare the shapes of this bread to bake them in the oven after.

IMG_1198 IMG_1216 IMG_1233 IMG_1247 IMG_1269IMG_1271


During this meeting we learned, not only the Finnish languages, also  Essi explained us different issues about the Finnish culture and food. She explain us when and how they eat this traditional food and others ones like Karjalanpiirakka (rice pies) or Joulutorttu (Christmas tarts).

Finally, once the Pulla was ready was time to eat! I had never tried this kind of bread before, because in Spain we don’t have it, but was delicious!!


Our seventh meeting

We met on 26th March during the evening at Vanessa’s place. I have never visited that area of Tampere nor that kind of student dorm complex before so it was also an experience itself. We cooked some Germany-style summer food, also for other exchange students to have. We also had dessert (cookie and chocolate cake) made by Vanessa 🙂

Eating together
Eating together

Vanessa also gave me a gift, which was brought to Finland by her boyfriend during his visit here. It is a real German Kinder chocolate bar. I love it, because it is full of German text. I have been reading it again and again : D

Kinder chocolate from Germany
Kinder chocolate from Germany
Kinder chocolate from Germany
Kinder chocolate from Germany

We practiced some phrases together with Vanessa and talked a lot about Finnish and German culture. I think we got a lot out of this meeting and I got a new German language text to practice on (a real one!). 😀

9th meeting! Cooking some combo food + bad words!


This is our ninth meeting on 9th of December. We decided to yet again, to make some delicious food. During our earlier meetings, we really wanted to try out some Korean traditional food made from ddeok 떡 (boiled rice cakes). So this time we went to the asian market bought some ddeok. The original dish is called Tteokbokki (떡볶이) but we decided to make a variation of it with ramyun so it became RaBokki and it was sooo good. A sweet taste because all the bacon soaked the spices!

Yooree and Shinhyun also taught me new vocabulary:

씨발 짜증나.. fuck, so annoying..
뭐라고?! 너 지금 나한테 씨발이라고 했어?
What did you say?! Did you say ‘ssibal’ to me now?

존나 짜증나  fucking annoying

호갱 foolish customer/buyer (fool that gets easily ripped off by sellers)
호구 fool (worse than babo)

양파 좀 / 가져다 줘 bring me onion
그것 좀 줘 give me that

무임승차 good for nothing\ freerider
존나 무임승차 fucking freerider


Mexican dinner

This time we met up with another EOTO group, according to the motto: more participants more fun. Sophia and Jocelyne bought all the ingredients, for a nice Mexican taco dish, in advance. So we could start straight away after some instructions to prepare the tacos. It toke quit a bit to do all the cooking work, so that we had enough time to talk and have some drinks together. Short two hours later and with an additional guest we could finaly start do eat.

Korean cooking day

Hyejin and I cooked Korean noodles for Katri, since we had sweet German pudding. We can get those noodles from our home through the delivery service. The noodles are Chapagetii and Shin Ra Myun. The Chapagetii is not spicy one. It has black noodle. On the other hand, the Shin Ra Myun is hot and spicy. It has meat broth. I was eager to make her like it too.

제목 없음


It appeared that Katri liked both noodles, although I don’t know what she felt really. X)

Anyway, it is something real “Each one teach one”, since we made an exchange with food.


During cooking, Katri asked us last meeting studies as reviewing. I think it was very good activity because we can modify our strange German accent as well as remind the words.


After eating, we learned days of the week.

Montag – Monday

Dienstag – Tuesday

Mittwoch – Wednesday

Donnerstag – Thursday

Freitag – Friday

Samstag – Saturday

Sonntag – Sunday


Also, she told us the time expression.

Der Morgen is morning from 6-10.

Der Mittag is midday at 12.

Der Abend is evening at 18-22.

Die Nacht is night at 22-6.

Die Mitternaght is midnight at 24.

Vormiitag is a.m., before midday. And Nachmittag is p.m., after midday.

Surprisingly, there is midday break in German at 12-15. It is Die Mittagspause. Everyone should be silence in that time!


Dutch cooking evening

Mark and I started our eoto-journey a bit later than most of you but better late than never.

The theme of our first meeting was to cover some things about Dutch culture during a dinner meeting.

I was eager to taste a traditional Dutch dish called stamppot. There are many ingredients that you can make it with and we chose the ones that are easy to find from Finland: potato, carrot, onion and bacon.


The cooking part didn’t take much effort or time so we had an opportunity to also go through some useful knowledge about the Dutch food culture. I was happy to notice that I still remembered quite a few food-related words in dutch even though it has been a while since I last used or heard them anywhere. Kip is a chicken, worst is sausage, kaas is cheese, broodjes are little breads and so on. “Eet smakelijk” is one of the new things that I learned and it translates to something like “enjoy your meal”.

I also learned that the variety of deep-fried snacks is amazing, for example there are at least 12 different kinds of ”kroketten” and many more tasty delicasies. The Dutch kitchen basically consists of just a few dishes but the many many many different forms of those dishes make the variety larger.


cook and eat, what could be better

A week ago was our last meeting, so it was time to repeat what we have learned and to do/learn something new. For this time we had thought about to go shopping and to prepare us a delicious meal. After a very difficult decision what we want to cook, we decided to prepare a very challenging pasta dish and pancakes🙂

The shopping in lidl was used straight away to teach and learn each other the spanish and german translations of all the ingredients we had to buy. Also the way to Christopher‘s apartment was put to good use. So we shared useful phrases to be able to manage the local transport in a german or spanish speaking country.

Arrived in Christopher´s apartment it quickly turned out these will be the guys responsible to cook. That time between was also used to listen to various German and Spanish songs and to speak about the living in germany or mexico.

After a tasty lunch and a new list of vocabulary, it was time for a little power nap;)





Ramyun and gingerbread





Today we met in front of the Asian-market near railway station and went to buy some ingredients because today, we decided to cook! We first planned to make some Tteokbokki (떡볶이) together. It is made from soft rice cake and chili sauce. I was really looking foward to making the glorious white tteok together but once we arrived to the store, the saleslady told us that sadly all the tteok was already sold out and a new batch will arrive next week. while I was more or less heart-broken, Yooree suggested that  she could make some spicy ramyun. I haven’t had in a long time any korean-style spicy ramyun and we were all getting quite hungry so me and Shin hyun happily agreed. We bought some Shin Ramyun, tomatoes and then finally some gingerbread dough for the girls. I explained some facts about how finnish families spend their Xmas together and make gingerbread houses and eat a lot and receive presents. We also taked about halloween traditions and apparently koreans do not celebrate halloween in any way (except some random dance club halloween theme night). It is not popular in Korea and you wont see any Halloween decorations anywhere.

Later we arrived to Yooree’s place in Lapinkaari and had the shared kitchen for all ourselves. We baked, ate, talked and then baked, ate and talked some more. All in all, we spent time together today in total 5 hours and 40 minutes!

I had a blast today and ate so well! We already decided to make tteokbokki and maybe some sweet potatoes, not next, but the week after! awesome!



Kaiserschmarrn and other specialities

First the meeting point was again at a café in which it is just more relaxed and easier to have some real life conversation (as far as you can call it conversations).. We met in “Oma’s Café” which is located in the city centre.

So far we learned some basic sentences and colours, which we kept practicing during our meeting. Pointing things and in the surrounding and tell their coulours once in German and once in Spanish helped us to remember them easily.

We also started studying the weekdays..

Monday – lunes 
Tuesday – martes 
Wednesday – miercoles 
Thursday – jueves 
Friday – viernes 
Saturday – sabado 
Sunday – Domingo 

and the calandermonths..

January – Enero 
February – Febrero 
March – Marzo 
April – Abril 
May – Mayo 
June – Junio 
July – Julio 
August – Agosto 
September – Septiembre 
October – Octubre 
November – Noviembre 
December – Diciembre


To communicate the German, and even more, the Austrian culture and culinary delicacies, Susi cooked some real Austrian “Kaiserschmarrn” with Apfelmus and Puderzucker.

Yummi! :))