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Tampere is a lovely cityIMG_6746, I can understand this during our five meeting. Interesting architecture, specials place, museums, parks everything in the small city. Of course that in this list I couldn’t put another point of touristic places like cafe, restaurants, and shops. During our walking Leila was teaching me how to say directions in finish, we were talking about the weather and comparing how this sound in Russian, Finish, Ukrainian, Polish and Portuguese languages. Our day we finish in nice café Living room were was talking and trying to read book Russian and finish.


QUESTIONS:                                                                   DIRECTIONS: 

Miten since pääsee?                                                       Oikealla on the right
How do I get there?                                                         Suoraan straight
Onko see kaukana?                                                         Kääntyä vasemmalle to turn left
Is it far?                                                                                 Kadun yli across the street
Onko sinulla karttaa?                                                     Joen varrella by the river
Do you have a map?                                                        Tuolla there. Täällä here     


What’s the weather like today?Millainen sää tänään on?
Such a beautiful day!              Onpa kaunis päivä!
On huono ilma                           It’s a bad weather
Aurinkoinen                                Sunny
On aurinkoista                           It’s sunny
Kylmä                                             Cold
Windy and cloudy                     Tuulinen ja pilvinen
Rain and fog                                 Vesisade ja sumu
Snow and ice                               Lumi ja jää
Warm                                              Lämmin

A walk in the sun, the fourth meeting.

On March 17th we had planned to make a dinner together but the weather was so sunny and unexpectly warm, I suggested that we could take a walk instead. So we did.

We walked for over an hour around the city learning how to give directions in German and in Finnish. I was quite happy to learn that many names of the places are quite similar in German and in English. Also, giving basic directions was fairly easy to learn. We also named some things we saw on the way just to improve vocabulary once again.

In my opinion it is easier to learn when the weather is beautiful. As at least it has an impact on my mood and motivation.


On 17th of March we originally planned to cook dinner. Because of the beautiful weather (which I was told is not very common for this time of the year) we spontaneously decided to take a nice walk through the city instead. As we were walking we decided that it is a good opportunity to learn giving directions.

The most important ones:

left links vasmmalla
right rechts oikealla
straight gerade aus soura


Furthermore we had some fun to name random things that we saw during our walk.
tree- Baum – puu
car – Auto – auto
house – Haus – talo
fence- Zaun – aita