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Through the Woods with the Robber’s Daughter!

Ronia the Robber’s daughter – Ronja Rövardotter – Ronja Ryövärintytär­­


The Swedish movie evening. Svensk film kväll.

National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) arranges movie evenings once a week to this small movie theatre called Niagara.
The place is located in Kehräsaari, next to Koskikeskus.

I noticed they have my childhood’s favorite movie on their spring program. So I absolutely thought it would be great idea to have in our Each one – Teach one project.
And the movie happens to be very important to Emelie too.

The film is based on famous Swedish author’s, Astrid Lindgren’s children’s book.
The story is basically the same than Romeo and Juliet, but for children and it is taking place in the northern forests full of dangerous fairytale creatures.

I have to say, that watching that movie again now when I’m adult, takes it completely to another level. The story still feels just as wonderful as when I was a kid. It made me laugh and almost cry on the same parts. All thanks to the director, Tage Danielsson’s good taste and great vision.

The movie was played on a digital copy of old film reels, KAVI didn’t have a permission to take off the black parts which comes when the film reel is changed. The quality of the film copy wasn’t that good either, but I think it’s a part of an old movie’s charm that it looks a bit messy and scratchy.

The small theatre wasn’t that full of people, but there were adults, who wanted to see the film again now as grown-ups and there were adults who brought their own kids to see their childhood favorite film. The mood in the small theatre was so warm and nice. People lived through the film.

I’d like to recommend the movie to everyone of you. It doesn’t matter how old you are, the story is timeless. Although the movie is from the year 1984, the practical effects [the effects made on set during filming] look amazing.


Characters (swe —- fin/eng —- eng ‘83/’85)
Ronja – Ronja – Kristy/Ronia

Birk – Birk – Burl/Birk

Mattis – Matias – Matt

Lovis– Loviisa – Lena/Lovis

Skalle-Per – Kalju-Pietu/Bold-Pietu – Skinny-Pete/Noddle-Pete

Borka – Borka – Ranulf/Borka

Lill-Klippen – Pikku-Plootu/Little-Plootu – Snip/Little-Snip

Undis – Undis – Hanna/Undis

Sturkas – Rontti/Scoundrel – Bumper

Turre – Tuuri/Luck – Tapper

Tjorm – Räyhä/Ruffian – Tobbit/Torm

Knotas – Rähjä/Ragged – Knott

Labbas – Lorvi/Loiterer –


Film industry words:


director of photography (dop) – dop/kuvaaja – chefsfotograf (A-foto)

screenplay – käsikirjoitus – manus

scriptwriter – käsikirjoittaja – manusförfattare

role – rooli – roll

gaffer – valaisija/gaffer – chefselektriker

sound designer – äänisuunnittelija – ljuddesigner

boom operator – puomittaja – b-ljud

director – ohjaaja – regissör

assistant director – apulaisohjaaja – regiassistent

producer – tuottaja – producent

costumier – puvustaja – kostymör

scenographer – lavastaja – scenograf

staging – lavastus – scendekoration

property manager – rekvisitööri – rekvisitör

prop – rekvisiitta – rekvisita

actor – näyttelijä – skådespelare

runner – runneri – inspelningsassistent


Meeting at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

One cold evening, when the howling wind took off through the city of Tampere, a tall dark stranger went into the mysterious halls of Teerenpeli. In a basement down below, on a couch, the stranger waited, for fascinated people to come, eager to capture this amazing moments on a piece of paper. She dressed herself in blood-red satin letting her dark curls fall down over her shoulders. Now she was ready, prepared for taking the role as a live model at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School.

This story took place some weeks ago. As one of our meetings, we decided to go to a sketching event to practice drawing and getting to know each other better.

During the first session, like to warm up a bit, we had 1 minute for each pose, drawing basically the movement and the main characteristics. There were 10 different poses, also with some gadgets such as a skull, a cape and a crystal ball. It looked really nice and was fun to draw, as the gadgets gave some nice opportunities.

In the next session we got 2 minutes time for each pose, so that the drawings could go more into detail. After a little break we had another 2-min-session and some poses lasting 5 minutes. Within the 5 minutes there was an opportunity to also use some colour for the drawings. The model also changed her outfit a couple of times, one of them with a very characteristic hat with a feather on it.

The event was in Finnish, so Rosa translated what was said. After the last drawing session we stayed seated with some beer and talked about further meetings, similar to these kinds of events. I have never done anything like this in Sweden so it was a really cool experience. What can I say, art connects people right?


Event: Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School – “You will meet a tall dark stranger”


Word-List in English, Finnish and Swedish

to draw – piirtää – att rita/teckna

drawing – piirustus – teckning

drawing paper – piirustuspaperi – ritpapper

a pen – kynä – penna

a brush – sivellin – pensel

watercolour – vesiväri – vattenfärg

ink – muste – bläck

ballpoint pen – mustekynä – bläckpenna

charcoal – hiili (for drawing -> piirustushiili) – kolkrita (teckningskol)

sketch – luonnos – skiss

sketch book – luonnoskirja – skissbok

marker – tussi – tuschpenna

pencil case – penaali – pennskrin