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Penultimate Meeting! FR-ARG

After a loooong long long long xmas holiday, we finally found a time slot to meet each others. The easiest was to meet at TAMK so I had lunch and Emilce had a hot chocolate.

We first discussed the ways to celebrate XMAS in France and in Argentina, differencies and similarities.

Paris - France Champs-Elysées during Christmas time
Paris – France Champs-Elysées during Christmas time
Argentinian Christmas tradition
Argentinian Christmas tradition

Then we talked about the place music has in our cultures.

Emilce showed me a very impressive video from youtube showing how Argentinian fans are very commited. They know how to support artists when going to concerts. You should definitely check this video:

4th meeting Argentina – France

Salut Salut, Che !

This time we met in UTA’s cafeteria and had coffee and chocolate there 😀

We talked about Argentinian back ground:

  • Italian and Spanish food (because of immigrants from Italy, Spain and France and Germany to some extent)
  • changes in the original Spanish language to the “Argentinian” one in the 18th century

Pinche = Mexican, different meaning in different countries in Latin America

  • Dustin Luke’s Youtube Videos are very relevant. Argentinian accent is very hard to adopt especially for americans but he managed it. He speaks with the accent from Buenos Aires.

Then we had our first REAL french lesson.
I taught Emilce how to say Hello and Bye in french, both formal and informal ways. Before teaching her more french, we went through prononciation since from my point of view it is very challenging for a non-french-speaker to understand and get understood by others if no idea on how to pronounce words.So we saw:

  • AI, É, È, Ë, Ê = slightly different Finnish E sound
  • E, EU = pronounced same way as Finnish Ö
  • AN – EN = similar sound not existing in Finnish language but kind of “Awww” sound
  • ge, gi, gy = g as j sound
  • ga, go, gu = hard g sound

After seeing all this we went through some basic french sentences such as “What time is it?” “How much does this cost?” “Where is….?” “Where are…?”


Argentina – France

During our second meeting, right before the Fall Break,  Emilce and I had morning coffee at my place.
We spent most of the time watching videos on the internet about Argentinian accent, music and culture and French culture.

Argentinian accent is actually pretty funny and I really have issues to understand it. It is very different from the accent I learnt and heard. Also many words are said in different ways in Argentina.
We decided to make out of that issue our next meetings topic.

We had great time together!

One of the Videos: What to not do in France

Another one: Qué dificil es hablar español

Improving my -Argentinian- Spanish

Hey all of you,

So I am finally here to post my first article about my first meeting with Emilce, which actually was already sometime ago but I didn’t find time to write this before.

So during our first meeting we mainly talked about both Argentinian and French culture.
And moreover about necessity to speak Argentinian Spanish in Argentina and speak French in France (I think it is well known enough that French people usually are very bad in English).

We met at school and decided to have lunch together with Emilce.
We also learned to discover each other better, since it is a very important point when working together with somebody. Also about teaching and learning methods.

I got to know Emilce and her life in Argentina but also in Finland, better.






Here Emilce with her half Finnish, half Argentinian son.