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To Tabea and Tuuli,

One door is closed then the other one will be open!

Firstly, I decide to conclude what I have learnt for almost 3 months participating in this course:

  1. New friends and new perspectives on life.
  2. Going exchange to a different country is not a waste of time. Instead, it will be worthwhile experience.
  3. German language is like other languages, the ultimate goal is to communicate and understand each other. I will not be scared of learning any other language, including Finnish language.

Secondly, here are some words to my dear Tabea and Tuuli. Thank you for all the memories we have created for the past 3 months together. Thank you girls for coming to my life. I could not tell what would happen if I had not participated in this course, what I know certainly is that I am glad to be a part of this course with you two. We all have our own plans for the far away future ahead, let’s remain strong, brave and humble my two girls!

Thirdly, I want to send a message to my coach, Taru. I believe this is again another successful course. Thank you for partly implementing this course for us all. I hope that there would be more and more successful and memorable courses for exchange students as well as degree students like me.

Lastly, to some random readers, this is it!



4/ Spanish Dish

For our fourth meeting, we decide that we want to make a popular Spanish dish. The place for this new meeting was in the Tanja and Magdalena’s house. It’s a cute Finnish cottage, so this time again we learned about different cultures in a place that is representative of a country that no one known before this semester. So, Xavier decides to make a “Tortilla” : a Spanish omelet. I already ate that dish before, because I went much time in Spain but it was the first time that I make it by myself ! I’m not especially a cooker so it was funny for me to try to make it.

Vocabulary :

Tres patates                             Trois patates                              Drei Kartoffeln
Una cebolla                              Un oignon                                   Eine Zwiebel
Cinco huevos                           Cinq oeufs                                  Fünf Eier
Sal                                                Sel                                                  Salz
Aceite de oliva                        Huile d’olive                              Olivenöl
Una sartén                                Une poêle                                 Eine Pfanne
Una espátula                           Une spatule                             Ein Pfannenwend
Un batidor                                Un fouet                                    Eine Schneebesen
Una ensaladera                     Un saladier                               Eine Schössel


During the dinner, we talk about traditional dishes in each country or the things that we love to eat. For example, we talked about paellas and the different one according to the region of Spain but also the different ingredient that you can add in a tortilla because I already ate one with chorizo so I asked Xavier if it was something normal or just a strange tortilla created by a restaurant.

It was one of the meetings that I was really waiting for because the “cooking evening” is the only meeting that we were sure to make during this semester. By the way, I am not someone that cooks often so it was really funny for me !

After that the german girls shown us which dish they will be prepared for us !