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Cooking Japanese Food

On the 10th and last EOTO meeting with Yuki we cooked Japanese food at her place. The first plan was to cook Japanese rice curry but we also made some (instant :D) soup and drank Japanese ginger chai tea. Itadakimasu!

Curry rice was delicious!
Curry rice was delicious!

riisi = rice = gohan
curry = curry = karee
peruna = potato = jagaimo
porkkana = carrot = ninjin
sipuli = onion = tamanegi

Instant but tasty and handy (got six of these as a gift) :3
Instant (soup) but tasty and handy (got six of these as a gift) :3
Cute tea package! Need to find Lupicia shop in Japan. :D
Cute tea package! Need to find Lupicia shop in Japan. 😀

After our feast I helped Yuki to translate old Finnish exam.

The exam with some trick questions
The exam with some trick questions

I enjoyed our EOTO time with both Yuki and Marius. I learned much more Japanese and were able to teach some Finnish also. Our preliminary plan was quite pretentious so was not a surprise that we did not achieve all our goals. 😀 The best part of this course was to meet new awesome people!



The final exam

Today was my  final exam !

The exam was more like a recap of everything learned so far, I was really impressed by Georg level. After those 4 months I was really curious to see if I was able to understand a german exam. I think I did pretty well! You guys can check my copy right below. The hardest part for me wasn’t to answer the question but more to understand it!!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading our blog entries and that everyone of you had a pleasant time discovering new cultures! I will miss you guys, that has been an invaluable experience to meet, discuss and party with so many nationalities! See you soon I hope


#10 Exam Time

For our last meeting Ugo and I met at the TAMK library. Everybody had prepared a little exam, to test our knowledge and to find out what we have learned in our study seassions. Like i wrote in my last blog entry, i really appreciated this course. If u would stay for two semesters, i am sure to do this course again. Unfortunately I have to leave Tampere in five days. The time i have spent here was just amazing and the people i have met here will always have a special place in my heart!



Kiitos Suomi!
Merci la Finlande!
Danke Finnland