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The First Meeting

Hi you all, I’m Elli!

Yesterday I met my Each on Teach one pair for the first time. We went to Fazer café and kept on talking for up to three hours! We got to know each other and talked about our interests and just basically everything that came into our minds. Bit by bit we started to teach and learn our languages too, which are by the way Finnish and Swedish. I teach her Finnish and she teaches me Swedish, yay!

Mostly this meeting included chats about cultural things such as differences between Swedish-Swedish persons and Finnish-Swedish people. We did a little list about some café-related words too, so here it is:

  • Saucer – Asetti – Assiett
  • Teaspoon – Teelusikka – Tesked
  • Chocolate – Suklaa – Choklad
  • Soup – Soppa/Keitto – Soppa
  • Lamp – Lamppu – Lampa
  • Salad – Salaatti – Sallad
  • Coffee – Kahvi – Kaffe
  • Café – Kahvila – Café
  • Chicken – Kana – Kyckling
  • Waiter – Tarjoilija – Servitör

I should have probably known most of these words already, but I got to admit that I barely remembered even three of them. I didn’t realize to ask my pair whether she knew all these words in Finnish already or not, but I’m guessing she did!




This whole way of teaching/learning we have in Each one Teach one –course is super cool! Some grammar things or stuff like that might be easier to learn in a classroom with a teacher who’s used to explaining grammar rules, but the more important thing, communicating, is in my opinion way easier to learn with actually talking with someone.

We already have a lot of plans for our next meetings. Next Friday we’re going to go to explore Tampere a little bit since we’re both new here, and on the weekend we’ll play some board games! Then at some point we’re definitely going to go to get some deep-fried chocolate bars with ice cream (I know right!!!???!!!) and have a wine night too.  We decided that we’ll concentrate on Finnish in the board game meeting, but we haven’t decided yet when to concentrate on Swedish. Maybe on Friday already? I think we’ll plan the other teaching/learning parts and missions later when we get this party started!


Fazer Cafe Breakfast

Sixth meeting. Today we had breakfast together in Fazer Cafe. It was so crowded because of Sunday brunch, that we had to share our table with others. So not that ideal place for studying.. We just talked about what we have done lately, and also about Jisoos coming trip to Dublin, where she is leaving tomorrow! I taught her some Finnish words and pronunciation from Finnish texts we found from cafe.

After that we went to Koskikeskus to shop and enjoyed lovely spring weather!