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Our first meeting


My name is Maria and I am from Finland. I made my “Each one teach one” course with Kurumi (who is from Japan) and Eetu (who is from Finland). Our first meeting was in Lielahti’s Wayne’s Coffee because Kurumi and Eetu live in Tesoma and I live in Lentävänniemi.

We got to know each other better and I brought some Finnish sweets (Fazer’s chocolate and salty liquorice). Kurumi prefer chocolate but as she was brave she also tasted salty liquorice!

We also started to study (both Finnish and Japanese) and our first meeting lasted many hours. It was pretty challenging because Eetu was way better in Japanese than me. Anyway, we started from the basics because I knew only a few words in Japanese and Kurumi could only say “moi” in Finnish. We studied basic phrases and numbers.

We really enjoyed our first meeting!

With love,

Maria K


Fifth Meeting – Traveling Korea

Traveling Korea
time & place :
19th Febrary, 14:00 – 19:00 Fazer cafe

After lunch, we also had a long day. This was Daye’s day as she prepared presentations about regions in Korea 🙂 Presentations were nice as she put a lot of effort in it! Let’s see what we learned this time.

Traveling Korea
2.19 fazer
She introduced big cities in Korea, of course, the start was ‘Seoul’ which is our capital city. Just after seeing the pictures of Seoul, Soo and I said ” I miss those streets!” simultaenously, as we lived in Seoul. The global famous city, ‘Gangnam’ (Gangam Style), is full of entertainments, we missed those. Then, she introduced many places for visits, and I realized that I have been almost of them! It was nice to know that, and I could assist Daye to explain about them. However, I never visited ‘Daejeon’, which is quite… quiet city. It became  one of provinces as it’s the key spot of transportation. Almost every train and expressway passes through this city. But… It’s not fancy, so there are many people who wonders why it became a province! Anyway, he was also a great student this day:)

2.19 fazer1
During the lecture, I don’t remember the reason, but suddenly we were talking about poketmongo. He was an expert of poketmongo, so he explained many things like GPS controlling..haha Daye’s class took very long time, that she even couldn’t finish her lecture as the laptop battery went down. Thus, she sent us her presentation. Thanks Daye 🙂 because of you, I could recall a lot about my country, and also knew many new things!

Forth Meeting – Reviews

Review French!
time & place :
19th Febrary, 12:00 – 14:00, Fazer cafe in Tampere city

On this day, we also had so long meeting as we couldn’t meet for a long time. Soo, Daye, and I already visited Lapland, and the holiday were coming soon however, all of four traveled separately in different dates. Thus, we also made this meeting so long that it could cover two meetings! We arranged this meeting on Facebook, we talked a lot other things also. For example, he taught us simple greeting words in French :
Good morning = Bonjour Good evening = Bonsoir Good night = Bonne nuit
For me, it’s good to learn different greetings and hellos!

This day, we reviewed what we learned last meeting, and Daye presented about her lecture, traveling Korea.

Review with Brunch
 Guillaume and I had brunch together, doing some reviews. Those desserts were expensive, but they were good 🙂 I ordered only one pulla, so those pictures are Guillaume’s menu! He said that the croissant is different from that of France. Anyway, I forgot almost everything, so I had to recall before coming here 🙂 I succeded to remember numbers and the funny dialogue that he taught. Also, I remembered some weird chesses and Normandie! He was pleasant with my memory. Other Korean girls also remembered some, they remembered numbers which I couldn’t recall! We also asked him whether he remembers Korean words or not, he remembered a few of them, but I was quite satisfied 🙂
He mentioned the new song of Korean girl group, I was also surprised more. I thought he knows more than me about k-pop, as I’m the person not interested in songs and dramas. However, we have the common hobby, League of legend! I really want to play with him someday!